The Nobels

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The Nobel's, once a highly respected and praised family, are forced into exile. One decision, made by one of the family members many years ago bring about a dark curse. Now the Nobel's, with their sacred seal, try to live normal lives.

Katherine Nobel, the next inheritor of the Nobel's will, finds her life to be more stressful then she ever imagined possible. She struggles with the demands of being the heir, and with trying to find some she could love without hurting them.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Dream

Submitted: March 10, 2008

Reads: 179

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Submitted: March 10, 2008



"It was just a dream Katherine... a horrible dream" I had to keep telling myself. I was sitting up in my bed trying desperately to control breathing. After gaining some control, I peaked over at the wall to the right of where I sat. Seeing the mask framed so beautifully made me shudder and I had to look away as fresh tears streamed down my face. Why does it even matter, if it was just a dream…? Why am I still crying? I buried my eyes into my knees as I hugged them close to me. It felt so real… too real…

I stayed frozen in that position for a while as I fought to control my emotions. After finally feeling enough courage build-up, I looked back towards the wall to my right. There it was, the mask of the Millennium Earl, The Great Usher of the Millennial Day… His mask was my families’ treasured artifact since his down fall, by them, so many years ago. Next to the beautiful mask was his dark mark burned into my relative’s glove as he sealed his soul into the Seal of the Nobel’s… My families curse… our legacy… and… my destiny as the oldest Nobel of the main branch.

I wiped away the left over tears and walked up to the glass frame where the artifacts were framed. As I got closer I slowly raised my right hand, which was still comfortably in my soft black gloves. As I got closer I felt familiar warmth fill my hand, and as it grew I slowly pulled of my right glove only. The seal of the Nobel embedded so beautiful onto the back of my hand glowed its familiar green color as I got closer. As I reached within an arms length away of the frame I placed my hand on the glass. Then suddenly… My mind flashed back to my evil dream from last night.

In my dream, as I stood in front of the framed mask, I watched as a dark shadowy figure melted out of the wall. My room suddenly became dark and I was struck with horror as the shadowy substance took the shape of a man. It didn’t have eyes but I felt as though it was looking at me…almost piercing with its glare. It then turned back towards the wall, reaching through the glass and grabbing the mask and the glove. The figure then proceeded to place the mask over its own face and the glove upon its loosely formed hand.

I remember trying to scream out but I wasn’t able, however the figured looked suddenly back at me as if I had. It clenched the fist that now had my relative’s glove over it and I watched as the symbol started glowing the same green color. As the light consumed his hand I felt a sudden jolt of pain hit my legs, causing me to fall to the ground. The jolt came again stronger this time and continued as I tossed and turned on floor. I screamed as the pain started to grow worst and tried, with every bit of strength I could muster, to beg for mercy.

As those memories came back, I fell to one knee with both my arms limp at my side. My face to the ground as tears fell to the ground in great abundance. The pain was so real… It caused my whole body to shiver at the thought, but soon my mind was interrupted.

“Since when do the Nobel’s bow down to the mask of the Earl?” a soft peaceful voice whispered at my side. I tried desperately to hide the tears but I knew he must’ve already seen them. He continued before the silence grew too unbearable; “The same dream I’m guessing?”

“Ye…yea…” I manage to get out as the tears finally stopped. I turned to him knowing my face still had evidence of my crying. He was leaning against the wall a couple of feet away with his usual formal hat pulled down past his eyes. He also had on his usually tux and white glove, all of which was incredibly old fashion.

Judging from his pose it seemed I had upset him deeply… I hoped that wasn’t the case, especially since I wasn’t sure how I could make it better. He crossed his arms, shaking his head as he did so. “What would your father think” he continued again, with his eyes still covered. He fixed his hat to the usual position and walked over to me offering his hand as he came within reach. I reached up with my right hand to grab his, and that’s when we both realized my hand was still glowing. He then let go of my hand for a second and picked up my glove from somewhere behind me. He then slid it back over my hand and with both of his he lifted me up. I stumbled, the feeling in my legs hadn’t returned yet. He thankfully caught me and helped me to regain my balance. After gain said balance I realized he was still holding me and I looked up at him to see why. He was starring at something across the room. When I followed his gaze I soon realized he was looking out the window, and that’s when I realized it was raining! I ran over to the window and pressed my head against the cold glass.

Rain… so peaceful… so soothing… I watched the rain slowly soaked the world outside. I couldn’t explain it… but I loved the rain. I closed my eyes as I started to lean against the wall next o the window. Finally realization hit me!! I took off my right glove again to see the beautiful glow of the Seal on the back of my hand.

“you’re adept to your power you don’t even realize when your using it?” he asked suddenly at my side. His fingers traced the seal on the back of my hand.

“Isn’t that why it’s on stage 2?” I asked him almost whispering it. I think I said it more to myself then him, but I felt I should answer his question.

“That’s not always the case,” he smiled my right hand still in his left as he continued to trace the symbol with his other hand. ”If that were the case Ethan’s power would be working on it’s own too.” I didn’t want to talk about my younger brother now so I searched for another subject.

“so…ummm,” I wasn’t sure if I would be ok mentioning the dream again. I finally decided to since I was already thinking about it. “Do you know if the Millennium Earl had the power to torture?” I cringe as I mouth the last word, as if it hurt to say it. He obviously wasn’t affected the same way.

“Yea, it’s part of the eye technique your youngest brother, Adrian has.”

“Really!!” I looked back out the window, but I knew my voice had given away my shock. I finally reestablish my tone and added; “ My bro can see things in slow motion and he could mirror anyone’s movements, but definitely not torture someone.

“Don’t worry, he probably won’t that far anyways,” he laughed. “ That doesn’t come tell after he reaches stage 3.”

“Yea your right… he hasn’t even reached stage 2 yet!” the thought still scared me though and I knew James knew that too.

“What? Are you afraid he’ll use it against you?” he made a face half full of humor half full of surprise.

“No, It’s not that…” my voice trailed off. “I just-“

“It wouldn’t matter anyways,” his face returned to normal. “You have all the powers of the Earl anyways!” I gently tugged my hand out of his, he had stop tracing my symbol. I slowly sank to the floor placing my fingers a little above my eyes as I did. “I’m tired of studying and training”

“But you’re the oldest Nobel of the main branch! When your married you will be the mainbranch.” I shook my head in reply.

“I need a break though”

“Yea you look like you need it, “ he laughed. I opened my eyes and looked at him through my spread fingers. He slid over to my side and embraced me in a warm hug from my side. Suddenly the door burst opened and there stood my father confused and possibly angry.

“Is someone in here?” he asked scanning the room and finding nothing unusual.

“No dad I’m the only one here.” James laughed to himself as he held me tighter, more trying to muffle the laugh then anything else.

“Your… umm… talking to yourself then?” he looked at me puzzle and concern started to take over his face.

“Yes dad, I’m, talking to myself.” I rolled my eyes as I laughed at my own response. “I’m weird like that.”

“um, ok then Kate…” he walked over to the door and took one last look at me before leaving. He froze at the doorway starring deep into my eyes, and then whispering something I interpreted as, “silver?” he walked off closing the door behind him. I shot James a questioning look, as he still held onto me but was now looking at me.

‘Why can’t my dad see anyways?”

“Your Katherine Nobel!! The inheritor of the Nobel’s will and the leader of the new main branch once your married!” He flashed a brilliant smile as I shook my head at him. His definition was as if it came straight out of a textbook.

“Yea, but so was he at point!”

“The Earl’s power follows the head of he main branch. By now his power would’ve completely left him and now reside in you.” He narrowed his eyes and almost whispered the last word.

“So… did my dad use the Earl’s power to bring some one back to life also? Like what I did with you?” He took off his hat placed it at his side and leaned against the wall looking up at the ceiling.

“No, how exactly you brought me back not even I understand. Somehow his power is stronger in you then in other members of the Nobel family. How you brought me back to life, especially when you weren’t trying, is a mystery to us all.”

“Well I don’t regret it though,” I smile looking up at his face. He looked down at me smiling also.

“Yea me too…” we stared into each others for what felt like an eternity. I couldn’t explain it but my breath was slowly giving away. “Oh!!” he had a look of shock on his face. He picked up his hat and tucked it underneath his arm “I better get going!!” He straightens up everything, as he got closer to wall across the room from us. He turned to smile at me as he placed his hat back on his head and walked through the wall.

“Umm ok…bye?” I couldn’t imagine where he possibly had to go but I didn’t question it any further. Especially now that he was gone anyways. I decided to start through my morning routine; fixing my bed, showering, changing my clothes, and brushing my teeth. After finishing I happily headed down stairs to the kitchen.

By the time I finally got there my little sister, Courtney, and my cousin, Evelyn were already at the table.

“More sis!!” Courtney smiled, looking up from her oatmeal.

“Hey cuz!!” Evelyn flashed the same smile as my little sister/

“Umm… hi?” I had to admit their enthusiasm scared me… I felt as though they’re either planning something or about to ask me for a favor. I grabbed a bowl of cereal and poured myself a glass of orange juice before taking a seat across from Evelyn. She was watching me eat, still flashing that same smile. I couldn’t explain it but it really started to bug me.

“So what’s on the agenda today?” She finally said, realizing slight as she said it.

“Well, there’s some stuff I was wanted to research” I starred off to the side as I said that line. I really wanted to look into this torture power.

“Great…” I turned in time to see Evelyn roll her eyes. “Do you ever do anything besides study?”

“Of course!!” I was highly offended, but I didn’t fully understand why. “Well…” I tried controlling my anger, “Maybe you should study harder! You’re the only one I’m learning from that hasn’t even reached stage 2!”

“Yea…well studying doesn’t for sure cause the power to evolve!” I drank some orange juice to prevent from saying anything more. Suddenly out of nowhere she added, “At least I don’t freak out, my parents by talking to myself!” I slammed my cup down on the table so hard Courtney finally looked up from her breakfast. “That’s right! Everyone thinks you’re weird or insane! I’m surprised they haven’t taken you to a mental hospital yet!” I knew if I wanted to ensure her and Courtney’s safety I needed to leave now. Letting out a long sigh I abandoned my breakfast and I got up to leave. “What you going to go talk to yourself again?”

I snapped at that point, picking up my cup I threw it as hard as I could at Evelyn’s face and stormed off before it hit. I knew Evelyn had the Barrier power so I doubt it would do much good anyways, but I was just so mad. I heard the cup burst behind me as I continued to the library shoving her twin brothers Joshua and Aidan as I pasted them. They didn’t think much of it; It wasnt rare to see me fighting with their sister. I clenched my fist tighter and tighter as I walked. Shouldn't I feel guilty? Shouldn't I check to make sure she's ok? My anger, at the very least, should be lessenging but it wasnt...

As I made it upstairs, I was happy to find no one was in the library. I head straight to the back of our enormous library, to the Sealed Books section. Only 3 people in the house were able to read anything from here; My father, younger brother Ethan, and I. Every book here sealed, only able to be read by ones who had the power to unseal.

I placed my hand on a huge book ontop of a podium, on the right corner of the library. My seal, on my right hand, glowed the usually green glow and I watched as the seal slowed changed to its Stage 3 version. As it finished the same sign appeared on the podium under the book. As I lifted my hands off the book, it slowed opened itself and words appeared on the top of the page. It read; November- Allen Walker Nobel 1800's... then was proceed by all the books about him and that he wrote. I scanned the page looking for any titles mentioning torture or pains of any sort.I was feeling discouraged as I reached the bottom of the list, not finding any interesting titles.

"It's the third book from the top of the list,"a voice said somewhere above me. I instantly knew it wasJames, and Itook his suggestion reading the title and the description to myself.

"You sure, it's this one James?" I asked looking up towards the ceiling with a puzzled look.

"Of course!" He finally appeared lying ontop the bookcase closest to me, reading a book. He seemed deeply interested in it, but i still needed to know.

"But it's a dream journal." I read and reread the description trying to find any hints of what sought.

"What's your point?" he let one of his legs hang down as he turned the page of his book. He then pointed behind at something behind me. "It's this book," he said flipping his hand over and motion to me as if he wanted me to come. Just as I was about to, one of the books floated off the shelf before me. It grabbed it, realizing he just used my sister's telekinesis powers! I had no clue James was a Nobel!! Or is he? I suddenly remembered the book now in my hands and headed to the closest chair to read.

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