Take Care Of My Girlfriend

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Kevin and his best friend Henry have been good friends since they were kids. Though, when Henry begins to date Kevin's ex-girlfriend, Kevin realizes that he is still in love with her. Their friendship face a challenge over wether or not it can endure the toll of having an ex-lover brought back into the picture.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Take Care Of My Girlfriend

Submitted: July 10, 2013

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Submitted: July 10, 2013



I was sitting in my car when I spotted the limousine rush by, causing a heavy wave of wind to follow in its path. Without having to think, I lifted my camera up from the passenger’s seat and placed the lenses to my eyes. My boss had told me that it was rumored that Jennifer Lopez was staying at this hotel and he wanted me to be there when she arrived.

This again, was something that was rumored, so I wasn’t one hundred percent certain if she would actually arrive here. I wasn’t a guest, so I wasn’t allowed on the property of the hotel, which is the reason that I was sitting in my car that was parked a block away from the building. The window of my driver’s side door was rolled down, allowing me to stare out my window at the limo that had pulled in front of the hotel’s entrance.

My eyes were tightly locked on the vehicle, with me not daring to risk a second blinking, out of fear that I would miss the celebrity getting out of the car. It took several minutes for the doors to open because whoever it was that occupied the vehicle was waiting for the door man to exit the building to open their doors for them.

It was one of the most fanciest, high class hotels in the state. It was obvious that whoever could afford to stay at the expensive retreat, expected to be treated with the same respect that royalty was given. Eventually, the door man hurried from the building and reached the car to open the door.

I watched as a woman, with perfect legs, lifted her feet out of the car and placed them onto the red carpet that led up into the building. She was wearing, silver, glass high heels that caused a glint of light to flash off of them when the sun’s rays hit them. I scooted moved to the edge of my seat with my camera in my hands, waiting to snap a picture of the aspiring singer and actress.

As the glamorous female rose from the vehicle, I could feel my heart slightly sinking as she stood up, revealing herself not to be Jennifer Lopez. I lowered my camera, then watched as a gorgeous female flung her hair over her shoulder, waiting for the door man to carry her bags inside.

I sighed and placed the camera I had been holding back on the seat. I had been sitting in my car all morning, for nearly five hours, waiting for the actress to arrive. The downfall about being a member of the paparazzi was that your worked relied a great deal on the activity of other people, that is, people of a higher status whose life the world wanted to pry themselves into.

Having to sit in the car all morning was the last thing that was bothering me. I was occupied by the thoughts that kept surfacing in my mind. They were replaying a conversation that I had the day before with my best friend, Henry.

Henry and I had been friends since we could both talk. It was a pleasure growing up with him because we were two guys that got into a mischievous, trouble together. Henry was like a brother to me. I had been there for him when he was having problems at home with his abusive, father and he was there for me when I had problems, though I always felt as though mine were minor issues compared to his own.

The two of us had attended school together from grammar school and throughout high school. I had long graduated from high school nearly two years ago, and they always tell you that you’ll lose contact with almost everyone you know, who you attend high school with, but somehow Henry and I managed to stay in contact with one another on an every other day basis.

Yesterday, we met for lunch the way we usually did on Friday afternoons. Henry had always been tall, though we were currently the same height. He had glassy blue eyes that had a hypnotic effect on anyone who gazed into them. His dark hair was draped respectfully over the edges of his head and some of his long hair was neatly tucked behind his ears.

Despite his handsome appearance, a characteristic that typically assures confidence in men who have it, Henry was always a nervous wreck and often doubted himself, even when it was unnecessary.

When I had arrived at the diner, Henry had taken the liberty of ordering my lunch for me. I always ordered the same thing every time we went out to eat: a turkey sandwich with a diet coke. The waitress had already brought our food when I arrived and took my seat.

The second I took my seat I could sense that in Henry’s eyes he was hiding something from me. I knew my best friend well, he typically spoke more with his eyes than he did with his words. His body language, specifically in his eyes, always gave indication to what it was that he was thinking and feeling.

I glanced at him for a second, catching him running his finger and around the rim of the coffee mug that he was holding. Henry was working up the courage to ask me something, but I wasn‘t too sure what it could be about. I didn’t point out to him at that moment that I knew he anxious about something, and instead I began to vent to him the issues that were going on in my life. I wanted to buy him some time, so that he could work up the courage to spit out whatever it was that he had on his mind.

After talking for about ten minutes, my best friend, found that it was time to address the topic that he had sitting fresh in his mind.

"Hey Kevin," said Henry leaning forward. "Feel free to overreact, or get angry, because like, I’ll totally get you if you do. I mean, it’s reasonable."

"Just spit it out already." I said, taking in the fact that he was stalling.

"Alright," Henry placed his hands on the table as if he were saying through his body language that he had nothing to hide. "Do you remember Dani?"

The mentioning of her name caused a heavy sinking in my heart. Daniel, or better known by the nickname that I gave her, Dani, was my first girlfriend. We had began dating when we were in eight grade and had remained together throughout most of our high school year. She was my ideal type of woman. She was beautiful, smart, had strong morals, and had a great personality. It was no wonder that I hung on to her for as long as I did.

After high school, we had made up in our minds that we were going to remain together, but a year after graduating, the relationship wasn’t working out. We had mutually agreed to end it together and it had been a little over a year since we had broken up. The break up had hurt me deeply, but I had attempted to move on without Dani. It was strange to hear Henry mention her to me so abruptly.

"Yeah," I said trying to conceal any emotion that might try to surface in my voice. "What about her?"

"Well, I ran into her the other day." said Henry.

A hundred questions began to surface in my head, fighting to be the dominate thought that was on my mind. I wanted to know how she was doing, was she dating anyone, and if she had mentioned me. Dani was a member of our cliché back in high school so Henry and her knew one another. I had a thousand questions running through my mind at once, but the pride in me that didn’t want to allow my dignity to be diminished by appearing desperate and upset over the break up, prevented me from asking any of them.

I’m not even sure how I did it, but I managed to act cool, as though there wasn’t anything eating me up inside. I stared at Henry as if I were amused that he was mentioning my ex-girlfriend to me. It was suppose to appear as though it were something to joke about. It was suppose to be an aspect of my pas t that didn’t bother me.

"Really?" I said sounding the least bit interested. "How did that turn out?"

"It was…," Henry scanned the table for a moment as if he was searching for the right word, then when he apparently found it, he lifted his gaze up onto me. "…actually pretty good. She’s looks a bit different since high school, her hair is longer, but she’s pretty much the same old Dani. But the thing is, I wanted to ask you something about her."


"Would it be okay with you…if I dated her?"

It took a great deal of strength to keep calm, but my inclined heart rate was destined to give away my feelings. I felt as though the room was spinning in circles, preparing to close in on me, and trap me in a cube of my own chaotic thoughts. I used all the strength inside of me to keep from grabbing the table to hold on to for support. In Henry’s eye’s, I appeared to be calm and confident about the whole situation, but deep inside I was internally fighting my erupting emotions.

"Date her?" I managed to repeat.

"Yeah, I mean, I totally get it if you don’t want me to…I mean, I’ll respect that, but there’s something about her…" said Henry. "I don’t know. Do you mind?"

"It’s okay." I heard myself say without, allowing myself to make any consent over the issue. "We broke up and you really don’t even have to ask me. Besides, I’m sure you’ll cherish her in my place."

"Oh, sorry for mentioning it." Henry said as if he had already planned out what he would say if I had turned him down, but his eyes lit up a second after he realized that I had actually encouraged him to go for it. "Wait, what? You said ‘yes’?"

I could only nod in response to his question.

"Alright! Thanks man. I mean, are you sure.? I know she’s your ex and all."

"No, seriously go for it."


I wanted to blurt out how at night my thoughts of Dani still kept me up. How she was a constant topic that lingered in my thoughts. I wanted to tell him how I had never fully accepted our break up and despite us no longer being boyfriend and girlfriend, I had strong feelings for her. I loved her with all my heart, but at the same time I knew that she would not return the love so I wasn’t going to act on my feelings.

I had so many things that I wanted to say to him. He was my best friend and I always felt as though I could talk to him about anything, that is, except for this. I was hopping inside that Dani would turn down any offers of a date from Henry. Hopefully she would see Henry as a reminder of me and say no to any dating requests made by him.

I forced myself to flash him an encouraging grin.

"I think you might like her."

Author's Notes

The inspriation for this story comes from the song:

Beast- "Take Care of My Girlfriend (Say No)"


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