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In the oval office the president of the United States looked over his daily briefing of what the world had done overnight. It was startling news from Russia where he learned that the radical communist group that was attempting to take control of the government had surrounded the capital city and that Russian forces were falling back to defend the Russian president’s palace. The United States had offered its help to the Russian government, but they had refused. Now it was too late to do anything for the Russian government.

The president of the United States had called for General Stark earlier that morning and was waiting for him to arrive at the White House. As he drank his morning coffee his secretary of defense raced into the room and gave him the worse news possible from Russia. “What is it Connor?” The president asked in a flash. The president had known his secretary of defense for years since they had gone to WestPoint together and had served in the war in Iraq, because of this the president could always tell when there was something wrong with him.

“Sir bad news from Russia,” Connor replied.

“How bad Connor I need details,” the president replied.

“Sir the radicals have over run the Russian presidential palace and have killed the Russian president.”

“Get me General Stark in this room as soon as he arrives,” the president said urgently.

Connor seemed confused, “Sir,” he replied in a questioning voice

“Come now Connor we need to be prepared. This radical communist group has made threats against our country before and now they have the entire Russian army at their control,” the president replied.

Suddenly his secretary rushed into the office. She looked out of breath and worried. “Pardon me sir, but a call has come in for a video conference from Russia. He says he is the new leader of what is now communist Russia,” she said looking extremely worried. The president looked at his secretary of defense, Connor, with a shocked and worried look. “Very well,” he replied, “I will take it in here, but close and lock the door.”

The video conference board came on and the president looked at the face of the new Russian leader. The president was worried, but he did not show it to this new man. This was the leader of the radical communist group that had taken over Russia. The president began the conversation.

“I am the president of the United States,” he said, “And you are?”

“My name is Victor, but you may begin to realize that I will soon be your ruler,” he replied.

“How dare you say this to me? The United States has the best military in the world and we have never lost a war.”

“This was true Mr. President, but not any more for you will soon bow before the might of mother Russia, for we will conquer you and your nation.”

“Are you declaring war on the United States,” the president asked.

“That is exactly what I am doing,” Victor replied.

“Well the United States will be prepared for war. So I would think twice before you destroy your country.”

“Mr. President, you will be the last president of the United States. These are your final days so you better enjoy them.”

“What are you talking about,” the president asked.

“America will be invaded by us, and you will make your last stand. In the end, however, all resistance will be futile for it is the final hours for your nation,” Victor replied, “Good day Mr. President.”

Victor than hung up on the video conference. The president looked shocked at the viciousness of the new ruler of what was now communist Russia. He looked at his friend Connor and said, “We went to war once as soldiers are you now ready to go to war with me Connor as leaders of the United States.” Connor still looked shocked from the video conference, but he said, “Yes Sir I am ready to go to war once again with you.” The president smiled and at the same time General Stark walked in the door.

“Mr. President I was just informed that you had a video conference with the new leader of Russia,” General Stark said, “What did he want?”

“General,” the president replied, “Put all troops on high alert for he just declared war on the United States.”

“Understood Sir,” the general replied.

“That will be all Stark.”

General Stark then left the room. The president and his secretary of defense Connor left the room together and grabbed a recording of the conversation that had just taken place and headed across town to warn congress to prepare for war. The president had his personal special operations team get in cars to escort him to the capital building. This Spec Ops team was made up of twelve men and was led by Captain Mike Walker. The Spec Ops team had served with the president in Iraq and on appointment as president of the United States he had personally asked each one of them to come and serve him as head of protection in the United States. The team had always been ready however to be used as a Spec Ops team if needed. The president and Connor got in a car and were on their way to the capital building escorted by the president’s private Spec Ops team.

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