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At about two in the morning Mike heard what sounded to be a helicopter, but he thought nothing of it. About ten minutes later there was a small explosion two floors above, something was wrong. Mike woke John and they grabbed their weapons and sprinted up the steps towards Pete’s bed room. When they got there they found the two guards dead and Pete had gone missing. Suddenly there sounded to be a struggle on the floor above them. The race was on; the Russians had found the weakness. Mike now knew there was a traitor in their mists.

Mike and John raced up the steps just in time to see a group of Russian Spetsnaz’s wrestling Pete up the steps. They raced towards them at full speed. The Russians saw them before they were even half way down the hall way and opened fire. Mike and John ducked into another room and took cover. By the time they could come back out the Russians had subdued Pete and were on their way. They continued to try and catch them, and finally caught up to them on the roof. Pete had already been thrown inside the helicopter, and Mike opened fire just before it took off hitting one of the Spetsnaz’s in the leg. The helicopter lifted off anyway and left him.

Mike had failed to protect his brother and fell to his knees and cried out in anger. He knew he would have to get Pete back. John walked over to the soldier that Mike had shot in the leg and kicked his weapon away from him. Mike came over before John turned over the Spetsnaz and noticed that the weapon was American. His deepest fear was about to be confirmed there was a traitor. John turned over the wounded Spetsnaz, but he was no Russian. When they rolled him over they saw that it was Chris. Mike was enraged that he had been betrayed by someone he thought he could rely on.

Mike grabbed Chris and dragged him across the roof and threw him down the steps into the tower. Chris screamed in pain and tried to crawl away as Mike walked angrily toward him. John followed close behind, but he had never seen him so angry. Mike threw Chris into another room and into a chair. The top general came running up the steps, and said “what just happened up here, where is the president and why is Chris wearing that.” Mike did not respond but just walked back and forth across the room with his weapon in his hand. John did the talking for him.

“Chris here is a traitor and betrayed the president out to the Russians; he told them how to get into the tower and then took part in the kidnapping. Mike shot him in the leg before he could get away in the chopper,” John said.

“Are you telling me that the Russians have the president?” the general asked.

“Yes sir, Mike and I tried to stop them but we were outnumbered and were too late,” John responded.

“Why did you do it Chris,” Mike demanded.

“It was easy Iraq helped me a lot Mike. When I disappeared in Iraq for two weeks I wasn’t captured and escaped I was meeting with Russians operatives who I had made contact with before I left for that desert,” Chris said.

“Why would you betray your country Chris and your friends,” John asked.

“My country? I am helping my country, I have been in the U.S. illegally for the past fifteen years as a Russian sleeper agent. Waiting to strike at the heart of this poor excuse of a country. Getting into the U.S. military was only part of my mission the other was to regroup with my contacts in Iraq. As for betraying my friends, getting in with you guys was just chance and when your sad excuse of a brother became president it made my job ten times easier now that we became his security force. I gave the Russians the weak points to the city and to the weaponry of the U.S. Its over Mike except it, you lost and your brother is going to be taken back to Russia as a trophy to show the world,” Chris said as he laughed.

“Where are they taking my brother before they take him back to Russia? Tell me now Chris,” Mike demanded.

“Well I guess I can tell you, it’s not like you can do anything being trapped here,” Chris laughed, “they are taking him back to Washington, the White House I think.”

“We will see about that,” Mike said as he stormed toward the door.

“You are all going to die,” Chris laughed as Mike walked away.

“You first,” Mike said with a demented smile on his face.

Suddenly he raised his weapon and shot out the glass window behind where Chris was sitting in the chair. Then he walked back toward where Chris was sitting restrained in the chair. Mike kicked the chair out the window with Chris in it, from the top floor of the tower.

“Walker where are you going,” the general asked.

“To get my back my brother,” Mike responded.

“I’m going with you Mike,” John said, “we are going to get him back.” The two of them radioed for an Apache attack chopper to meet them on top of the roof and walked toward the steps to the roof.

“Walker wait,” the general said.

“Don’t try to stop us general,” Mike said.

“Good luck,” the general said, “get him back and we will meet you in Washington.”

Mike smiled and he and John walked up to the roof where the chopper was waiting. The pilot got out and John and Mike climbed in and took off heading toward the outskirts of D.C. where they could land and then reenter the city without getting spotted.


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