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When the chopper landed on the outskirts of the city Mike and John ditched what would not be necessary for them to carry or anything that would show them as American soldiers. There was a small town that they both knew of about a mile from their location and they had friends there that had been with them since Iraq and had returned to civilian life. They decided the best chance they had at getting into the city was to find their old friends and learn what they could about the occupied city.

It was late and they set out toward the small town keeping to the river in which they would know would take them into the heart of the town and trying to keep out of sites. They decided they would go see their old friend Matt who had been their commander in Iraq until he had been wounded and was forced to sit out the rest of the war while Mike had taken over the team. It had been close to five years since either of them had seen Matt and they hoped he could help.

When they got to Matt’s house it was nearly midnight and they decided it would be easier to try to get to Matt through his back yard rather than the front and risk getting spotted by a Russian patrol. Mike and John crept up to Matt’s back door and knocked on the door hoping that Matt was home. When Matt came to the door he was shocked to see the both of them standing there and grabbed them and rushed them inside the door. They went down into the basement of the house before a single word was said.

“Mike, John what are you doing here?” Matt asked.

“We need your help Matt,” Mike responded.

“I can’t Mike I’m sorry.”

“What do you mean you can’t help?”

“It’s too dangerous the Russians know I am ex spec ops. My family and I would be killed if they find out I helped you.”

“Matt I understand, but they have kidnapped my brother and have brought him back to the city. All we need is information about the city and the Russian movements.”

“Okay Mike I can tell you that all entrances to the city have check points on them and they have tightened security around the White House, but no one knows why. If I had to take a guess it would be that is where they are holding your brother.”

“Thank You Matt.”

“You’re Welcome now you need to get out before anyone realizes you were here.”

Mike and John left as they were asked and began to move for the city. About half a mile from the city they enter the sewer system which they knew would lead them into the city. The time was two in the morning and Mike knew that they would have to do this fast and quick before the sun rose or risk getting caught out in the open.

The sewers were harder to navigate then either had expected and they did not get deep enough into the city until close to eight in the morning. Mike guess the Russians would sent patrols to sweep the sewers for by now the American helicopter would have most likely been discovered and they would be on high alert. Mike looked at John and needed his opinion on what their decision would be.

“Well John what do you think,” Mike asked with a look of concern on his face.

“I think if we stay down here we will be caught,” John replied.

“That is what I think as well.”

“Mike, I think we need to strip down to civilian clothes and leave our weapons down here until night. We can bring our side arms up to the surface with us and conceal them. When night begins to fall we come back down and retrieve our weapons, and then we will make our rescue.”

“That sounds like a plan John, we can scout out the Russian defenses so we will be better prepared for tonight.”

They stripped down to civilian clothes of T-shirts and Jeans and concealed their 9mm pistols in their Jeans. They then climbed the ladder up to the surface and slowly lifted the lid to make sure the coast was clear, and when they saw that no one was around they came out from the sewer. The city was completely changed, there were Russian soldiers on every corner, and no one stopped to talk to one another as the Russians watched every move.

Mike and John walked over to Pennsylvania Avenue and began to walk down the street toward the White House. They came to the fence of the White House lawn and saw it littered with Russian soldiers and equipment. Mike did not like the odds of getting in there, but then he saw a Russian flag flying over the building and this motivated him. Throughout the day Mike and John came back and forth to and from the White House trying to scout out the weak spots and possible entry points.

Suddenly there was a large commotion as Russian soldiers began to scream and shout at people. Then they saw six people being led down the street toward what looked to be a large podium by what used to be the Capital Building. Of the six there were three male and three female. All six were under the age of 30 and they had their hands bound. Mike and John decided to follow to see what was happening. When they reached what was left of the capital they saw that it was no podium that was in front, but was instead a gallows that the Russians had elected.

Mike and John were shocked at the level of occupation they were taking it to. World War II was understandable in their eyes, but not this day and age. They watched as the six were led up the steps and noosed by the Russian soldiers. Each of them had a sign put around their neck which read “I killed a Russian.” Mike went to draw his gun from the holster that was attached to his Jeans and covered by his shirt, but John stopped him saying that there was nothing they could do. Mike did not want to admit it, but he knew that John was right and restrained himself. A minute later the six that had been convicted were hanged by their necks until they were dead.

Mike and John walked away in disgust and headed back to the sewers as the sun began to set over the city. Mike was now ready to save his brother and retake the city. They reentered the sewers and geared up for the mission in which they both known did not have a big chance at succeeding. Before they set back up to the surface Mike turned to John planning to give him one last chance to back out.

“John you know you don’t have to do this.”

“I know Mike this is my choice. We are friends aren’t we?”

“Yah, Friends Forever.”

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