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Mike and John emerged from the sewer around 11pm that night and began to advance down a side street. Each of them carried a M4-A1 Assault Rifle with a silencer attached to it. They also carried there 9mm pistols as side arms along with a few grenades and flash bangs. Each of them also carried a back pack filled with extra ammo and medical supplies in the case they were to get into a large shootout with the Russians.

As they advanced down an alley there was a flashlight that appeared at the end of the alley. Mike quickly ducked inside a doorway and John did the same across from him. Suddenly another light appeared at the end of the alley and began toward advance toward their position. Mike gave the signal to take them when they were within striking distance. They each raised their weapons and aimed for the light source. Mike was ready to open fire, but at the last second signaled for John to hold since the two advancing toward them began to speak English.

Mike and John decided it would be better to grab them and see who they were dealing with. If they were Russian they would find out what they could and then kill them, if they were not then Mike had no idea what to do. The two lights came closer and closer. When they were directly in front of them Mike and John tackled the two men to the ground. They were surprised that these two put up such a fight considering that these were clearly not Russians. Suddenly the two on the ground spoke.

“Who are you guys, you’re not Russians. We would be dead if you were,” the one asked with a scared look on his face.

“We might ask the same question, you are the ones in the bad situation here,” Mike responded.

“We are a scouting party for our group of Freedom Fighters who are doing what we can to disrupt Russian operations in the city,” the other responded.

Mike and John got off the two men and helped them back to their feet. They looked at each other and knew they had to get moving since time was running short.

“Okay here is the truth, I am Captain Mike Walker and this is John we are part of the United States Army and are here to infiltrate the White House and save my brother who is the president,” Mike said.

“Wait your brother is the president and he is here in the city,” the one man asked.

“That’s right,” John responded, “and there is not much time we need to get moving.”

“Come with us back to our leader and we will help you storm the White House.”

Mike and John did not completely trust these two, but knew they would need all the help they could get so they agreed. When they got to the Freedom Fighter headquarters they sat down with the Freedom Fighters leader and together decided on a plan of attack. It only took about twenty minutes, because they had actually been planning an attack for a couple of weeks now.

By midnight they were at the fence of the White House. The Freedom Fighters set up a perimeter around the White House while Mike and John stayed at the main gate waiting for their chance. The plan was the Freedom Fighters would strike from either side of the building drawing the main Russian force from the front and that would give them the chance to climb the fence and get onto the lawn. Once inside it would be up to them to find Pete and then get out.

At one in the morning the Freedom Fighters opened up on either side of the White House and just as planned the main Russian force left the main entrance. Mike and John then went over the fence and advanced up the White House lawn. Mike and John ran up the lawn and anything that moved they opened fired on and killed instantly. It did not take them long to get to the main entrance of the White House and once there they advanced inside cautiously.

They went down the halls quietly and ducked inside rooms whenever a Russian would come around the corner. Mike and John searched every room for Pete until they finally found him. He was asleep in Lincoln’s bedroom where he had been held the past three days. Mike ran in and woke Pete while John guarded the door. When Pete woke and saw Mike in the room he was thoroughly shocked.

“This must be a dream,” Pete said, “either that or I am dead and Mike is in heaven with me.”

“No Pete it me Mike and John is here too,” Mike said, “we are going to get you out of here.”

“Mike you better hurry we got Russians coming,” John said, “they look like they are coming to check on Pete.”

“Come on Pete we have to move,” Mike said, “Here take this and use it. We are going to need every gun we can.”

Mike handed Pete his 9mm pistol and then ran to the door with John. They then decided to open fire on the Russian guards coming down the hall. They dropped the guards in an instant. The three of them than advanced back toward the main entrance. Mike did not like what was going on, because he believed they should be encountering more guards. They then reached the main door after about twenty minutes.

The firing outside had died down and Mike was worried, because the Freedom Fighters had agreed to continue firing until they were clear of the White House. Mike grasped the door handle and pulled the door open. He could not believe who was standing on the other side of the door. It was Victor Cherenkov.

The four of them stood and stared at each other for about ten seconds. Victor had a smile on his face as he glared at Mike, John, and Pete. Mike had a deep look of fear in his eyes.

“John take my brother and get him out of here,” Mike said, “I will deal with Victor.”

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