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A week went by as the attack was planned on the city of Pittsburgh. Mike, John, and Pat would infiltrate Heinz Field and attempt to capture the high ranking Russian generals who were rumored to have headquarters set up in the stadium. If any could be captured that was fine, but the initial intent was to kill any high ranking officer. They were also to gather any possible information on Russian defenses. Pete wanted to go with the three of them, but Mike finally was able to talk him out of it, now that the tide had turned and the U.S. was now on the offensive.

Eight days after they had finally arrived back at American lines, Mike, John, and Pat were ready to go back into the thick of fighting hoping that this would be a critical blow and might possibly be the beginning of the end of the war. The attack began as the sun appeared on the horizon that morning. American F-16 came screaming in overhead as they hit Russian defenses that had been scouted out in the city. They destroyed key armor as well as jamming and communication stations. The Battle of Pittsburgh had begun.

Mike, John, and Pat followed a column of M-1 Abrams Tanks as they headed for Heinz Field. The tanks were meant to take the three of them as close to the stadium as possible where it would then be up to them to enter and complete the mission. The column of tanks took them as far as the Fort Duquesne Bridge, but could go no farther because of reports that the bridge was rigged to blow if armor attempted to cross. Mike, John and Pat would have to cross on their own.

The three set out onto the bridge knowing that it could blow at any time. There were small check points along the bridge that were lightly guarded and the three of them were able to sneak onto the bridge without being seen. They advance down the bridge and attacked the check points as they went. The Russians had no chance to stop them as they advanced down the bridge. Mike, John, and Pat were out for blood and they killed every Russian they came across.

It took 30 minutes to cross the bridge and then another half hour to reach the stadium. When they reached it Mike, who was leader of this three man team, decided that stealth at this point would be their best weapon. They put silencers on their weapons and advanced toward the underground parking lot to enter the stadium. When they came to the parking lot John reached it first and jumped back because of what was in the lot. The Russians were preparing to move out with mass amounts of troops to counter the Russian attack.

Mike and Pat ran over to where John was. They looked at each other and they all took out grenades pulled the pin and rolled them down into the parking lot. They exploded killing about seven Russians, and the three of them advanced down into the parking lot as the Russians were in disarray.

“Quick,” Mike yelled, “fire at the explosives and set off chain reactions!”

The entire underground parking lot was an armory and the three of them fired at the c-4 and other explosives that were in the lot setting off a chain reaction of explosions. The Russians screamed as they were cut down by the explosions and the continuous fire that was laid down by Mike and the others. When all the fire had died down, no Russian was left alive and the parking lot was covered in flames from burning trucks and corpses.

They advanced through the underground tunnels trying to work their way up to the VIP boxes where it was believed that the Russian generals were hiding. They advanced up and got to the main field. The field had been covered by Russian equipment. Mike spotted the press and VIP boxes which they advanced up to. As they grew closer and closer the resistance became more and more, but they were still no match for the three determined special ops agents.

They finally came upon the VIP box where every piece of intelligence had pointed the Russian generals would be. Mike raised his gun to the locked door, but before he kicked it in he said to John and Pat, “today we take back what is ours, tomorrow we take Russia.” Mike than kicked in the door and John and Pat stormed in around him, but no one was inside the room. The only thing that was there was a turned on computer with a blue screen.

“Mike, what is going on,” Pat asked, “where are the generals?”

“I don’t like this Mike,” John responded, “it’s like they knew we were coming.”

“Stay on your guard guys,” Mike said calmly, “this might be a trap.”

Suddenly the computer switched on and Victor’s face was on the screen. He was laughing with a demented looking smile on his face. He then began to speak.

“Well Mike how nice to see you again. I knew that you couldn’t resist my false intelligence trail. You will not find the generals here, they are safe with me here in Washington. I wish I could same for you and your friends.”

“What are you talking about Victor,” Mike responded in horror.

“I wish I could stay and talk Mike, but I can’t. Well got to run.”

“Victor what is this?”

“Good bye Walker.”

The computer shut off and then there was a loud beeping sound. It was a bomb that had been set in the room.

“Run,” Mike shouted.

The three ran straight for the door, and just as the three of them were outside the door way, the bomb went off. The explosion was so massive it threw them forward about twenty feet and onto their stomachs. It took about a minute for the three of them to come completely around.

“Everyone alright,” Mike asked.

“Besides the fact that someone just tried to blow me up, I’m pretty good,” John responded.

“Same with me,” Pat laughed and then said seriously, “Mike was that Victor?”

“Yah it was Pat,” Mike responded.

“What does he have to do with all this and why is he working with the Russians?” Pat asked.

“I will tell you later,” Mike said, “right now, Pat John; let’s move we still have a battle to win.”

They then set off to their secondary objective of meeting up with the rest of the American forces and taking back the city.

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