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As they rode toward the capital building the car was silent. No one could believe what had transpired in just the last two hours. Captain Mike Walker rode in the car with the president and he was the first to break the silence. “Sir Do you really think it will come to war?” The president looked surprised and responded, “Come now Mike you know not to call me sir. You are my brother, so call me by my real name.” Mike smiled and responded, “Ok Pete the same question as before then.” The president thought about it for a second and then responded.

“I think it will come to war this time, because there was no lying in that man’s face.”

“How does he plan to invade though? We have not been invaded in over 200 years and he thinks we will tremble before him,” Mike responded.

“He is a radical Mike and all of them talk like this, but this man, Victor, is different he now has one of the world’s largest armies at his command.”

“Army or no army Pete we can and we will stop him like we have done to all in the past.”

Mike Walker sounded so confident in the military of the United States, but Pete was worried about what would happen if an invasion did come to the shores of America once again. Pete was a history major when he attended West Point and he knew his American history well. He remembered the last time the country was invaded was the War of 1812, in which case Washington had been burned to the ground, and he was determined not to see that happen again.

The car soon came to a stop outside of the capital building. The Special Ops team got out of the cars first and then escorted the president into the building. There was no time for an announcement of his arrival, instead he opened the doors and walked write into Congress. Most of the members of Congress were shocked to see the president as he never came unannounced. The president asked for permission from the speaker of the house to speak and he was given the permission.

Congress listened as the president explained what had transpired that same morning and a look of shock and fear came over some of them. Then the president played the recording of what had been said in the video conference with the new Russian leader. After this that same look of shock and fear was on the face of every member of Congress. The president than warned Congress he wanted funds set aside immediately for war in case that war came in a surprised way. The Congress agreed and settled the issue that day before the president had even left the capital.

The president then got back in the car and returned to the White House. Once again he called General Stark into the oval office.

“General how prepared are our troops and are we ready for war?”

“Our troops will be ready and fully mobilized in a week Sir,” the general replied, “As long as nothing happens before then we will fight off any invasion that may come to our shores.”

“I understand general, but what if the war comes before we are fully ready?”

“Sir we will have some disarray, but nothing I think we can’t handle.”

“Very good general. I want anti-aircraft guns placed around Washington and the major cities in the east and west coast as soon as possible. Is that understood?”

“I understand Sir, but you must realize that will take some time,” the general replied.

The president then dismissed the general. It was already very late at night and his wife and daughter were already fast asleep, but the president had them woken by his secret service men. As soon as they were awake they were taken and flown to a secure base in the center of the country for protection.

Two days past and nothing came. The president was surprised that the Russians were taking so long to attack. Did they not realize that every minute they delayed was another minute more troops poured into the major cities and were preparing for war? This all was going through his mind as he headed toward the capital building escorted by his Special Ops team. It was a bright and sunny morning and he could see the new ant-aircraft weapons going up on the capital building from afar as they drove toward there.

Suddenly there was a great sound and the president looked up to see a Russian fighter jet fly over the city. The jet was to low and that is how the president recognized it must be Russian. Then what he saw next shocked him. He turned too looked just in time to see the capital building explode. Then he saw what looked to be the entire Russian air force fly overhead. Then a thousand parachutes opened above the city and Russian forces began to descend from the sky along with Russian tanks and other armor. It was a terrible sight.

Mike Walker got on the radio and tried to figure out what was going on.

“Mike what are you doing?” The president asked, “It’s obvious this is the Russian invasion we need to get back to the White House immediately. “

The car made a giant U Turn and headed for the White house. Mike pulled out an M-16 assault rifle and prepared it. He then pulled out a 9 millimeter pistol and handed it to the president. “Tell me you still no how to use this Pete,” Mike said. The president took it and smiled. Then they saw five Russian troops land in front of the car and opened fire.

“Get down!” Mike yelled.

He rolled down his window, stuck the gun out the window, and returned fire. The glass to the presidential limo was bullet proof so everyone inside was protected. The Russian troops were cut down in front of them. The car raced toward the White House and upon arrival the president was rushed out of the car and up the steps. Before he was in the doors, however a Russian paratrooper landed on the main lawn and shot his secret service agent. The president turned and shot back with his 9 millimeter hitting him the leg. Mike raced over and grabbed the Russian. Mike was extremely angry but showed restraint. Instead he took the Russian and captured him instead of shooting him of site.

Mike rushed the president inside and they headed toward the bunker. As they rushed down the hall way there was a large bang and they were thrown from their feet back into the wall. It took them a minute to get up, but when they had gotten up they saw what had happened. A Russian fighter jet had been shot down and part of the jet had crashed into the White House blocking the way to the presidential bunker. At the same time U.S. forces raced down the halls and onto the lawn and opened fire on Russian paratroopers landing on the lawn.  Mike realized the only way to get the president out was to get him out of Washington.

“Pete we need to get you out of the city,” Mike said.

“Air Force One is at an airport about ten miles from here, but there is no way we can get there,” the president responded.

“My team and I will get you there.”

Mike got on his radio and contacted his second in command John Smith. They talked for a few seconds and then Mike put away the radio.

“Okay Pete my team will be pulling up in the front of the building and we will fight our way to the airport,” Mike said in a hurried voice.

“Very well, let’s move Mike.”

Mike and the president ran down the hall and headed toward the main entrance. Mike fired his M-16 assault rifle at anything on the lawn. Soon they were at the main entrance and as they arrived Mike’s team pulled up in two armored Humvee’s. Mike got into the passenger seat next to his friend as the president got in the back. The car then raced down the street toward the airport. John then looked over to Mike with a worried face.

“Captain Walker what are we doing and where are we taking the President,” John asked.

“We are taking the president to the airport and are going to make sure Air Force One gets off the ground,” Mike replied.

Suddenly a call came in to the president. The president took the call and listened. As he listened he looked more nervous with every passing second. Then he said he understood and hung up.

“What’s wrong sir,” John asked.

“General Stark is dead, and the secretary of defense was captured. The latest reports say that he is being tortured for information about our countries main defense technologies,” the president replied.

“What do you want us to do sir,” Mike asked.

“As soon as I get on Air Force One I want you to find the secretary of defense and rescue him. Then I want you to see if any members of Congress survived the destruction of the capital. Finally I am putting you in charge of all operations in the defense of the city Mike. Push these Russian dogs out of my city,” the president responded.

“Understood sir,” Mike responded, “Have you heard any word about the rest of the country.”

“Yes I have,” the president said, “It seems that most major cities on the east and west coast have been attacked. From what I have heard all cities south of Raleigh North Carolina have fallen. Cities north of us like Philadelphia, New York, and Boston are holding out.”

“Understood sir,” Mike said, “What about in the west?”

The president had a grim look on his face when he was asked the question.

“The west has been wiped out,” the president said.

“What do you mean sir,” John asked.

“It seems the Russians wanted the east kept intact, but the west seems to be expendable to them,” the president said.

“What do you mean sir,” Mike asked.

“They launched nuclear weapons from Siberia,” the president said.

“How is that possible our missile defense system is designed to…”

Mike never got out his sentence because the president interrupted him.

“Our missile system was deactivated by the Russians somehow before they attacked. The Russians wiped out the entire west coast. Every city south of Seattle has been wiped off of the map.”

No one talked the rest of the way to the airport. Upon arrival the military was there and waiting. The president got on board Air Force One upon arrival. The engines were ready as soon as he boarded. The last thing he said was, “Mike I’m counting on you to take back Washington. Good luck to you all.”


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