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Mike and his team got back into the vehicles and raced back toward Washington. As they approached the city they saw the flames of the capital building and more Russian paratroopers landing in the city. It appeared as though a battle line had been drawn and it appeared that the White House was the front line of this.

“Where do we go Walker,” John asked, “How are we supposed to find the secretary of defense?”

Mike thought for a second and then decided to contact command using their radios. After talking for a few minutes with command Mike put away the radio.

“It seems that the secretary was last seen being taken by the Russians and they were headed toward the destroyed capital building,” Mike said.

“So is that where we are heading,” John asked.

“I guess that’s where we can start.”

“Walker that’s crazy, by the looks of it the Russians control whatever is left of the capital.”

“I understand, but right now it’s our only lead.”

“Then lets role.”

They sped toward the capital building at a fast space. At the same time bullets were flying all around them. Mike’s main gunner fired on any Russian position he spotted. After about ten minutes they reached the front of the capital building. Mike and his team sprinted toward the capital as fast as they could. They came under fire from every direction. They broke down the main door which had been barricaded by the Russian’s. It was obvious that they were hiding something and Mike was determined to find it.

As they charged down the hall way they came upon a Russian squad patrolling the halls. Mike told his team to lay low and not attack until he gave the signal. They came closer and closer with each passing second. Finally when they were right in the middle of Mike and his team, Mike gave the signal. They opened fired on the unsuspecting Russian squad and cut them down all except one. The one Russian through up his hands and said in perfect English “I surrender.” He threw down his weapon and put up his hands. John ran over to him and tackled him to the ground and pointed the gun at his head. Mike told his men to set up a perimeter as they interrogated the Russian.

“Where is the secretary of defense,” Mike demanded in a stern voice.

“I will not tell you American,” the Russian replied.

Mike was not in any mood to take any crap from this Russian and he pulled out a knife.

“Listen Russian dog,” Mike said calmly, “I am not in a mood to play around with you, so you better tell me before I start taking fingers.”

The Russian soldier sat there and did not do anything. Mike grew angrier with every passing moment. Then finally he raised the knife above his head. Just before Mike struck the Russian cried out in terror, “Ok I will tell you everything you want to know.”

“Now we are getting somewhere,” Mike said, “Where is the secretary.”

“Second floor,” the Russian replied.

“How many men are guarding it?”

“Five men are outside the doors to the room where your congress meets.”

“Good, ok John tie him up in the room over there.”

John took him in the next room and tied him to the chair. Then he placed C4 in the room around him and took out a camera and pointed it at the door. The Russian looked shocked and demanded what they were doing. Mike held up a PDA device and showed him the camera feed. He then told the soldier that if he yelled for help they would know and blow up the entire room. Mike then asked the soldier if he understood. The Russian soldier nodded yes, and Mike and his team left the room and locked the door behind them.

Mike and his team crept up the stairs cautiously with guns aimed. When they reached the second floor Mike told his team to separate.

“John take half the team go around the other side and we will meet at the room of congress,” Mike said.

“I understand,” John replied.

“When I open fire that will be the signal to take out the rest of the guards.”

“I understand and I recommend that we use our silencers on the weapons.”

“Good idea John, you heard him boys put on silencers.”

John took half the team and went around the back. Mike and the other half of the team moved up the hall way, and when they reached the congress room they held there position. The minutes passed and Mike grew nervous as he waited for John and the other half of the team to show up. Mike was just about ready to attack when he saw John and the other half of the team show up on the other side of the hall way. Mike raised his gun and aimed at the head of the officer at the door. He fired one shot killing the officer instantly. As soon as he did the rest of his team opened fire killing the rest of the guards at the door.

Mike and the team approached the doors to the room where congress met cautiously. John was the first one at the doors and opened them cautiously. What he found shocked him, not only was the secretary of defense in the room but John found plans to what looked like a rocket that was to be fired into space and release an EMP that would take down all electronics all over the United States.

“Walker get in here,” John yelled.

“What is it John,” Mike asked.

“Look at this!”

Mike took the papers that John handed him and scanned them over. At the same time Mike’s team freed the secretary of defense and rushed him into a corner to try and keep him covered.

“What are these John,” Mike asked in a worried voice.

“It’s not good Walker,” John replied, “They are plans to launch a rocket into space carrying an EMP.”

“What the heck is an EMP John, you know I am not good with technical stuff.”

“EMP stands Electro Magnetic Pulse Device.”

“Come on John don’t waste my time what will it do if this weapon is launched.”

“What it will do is all electronics in the United States will be wiped out. That means no radar, red dot site, or anything that runs on some type of electricity.”

“That’s not good John. We need to get the secretary out of here and inform command of our find.”

“Right lets go Walker I will take point.”

John cautiously opened the door and saw a Russian patrol coming up the steps. John held up his hand for them to hold their positions. He took out a grenade and pulled the pin. He held the grenade for a second and then rolled it down the hall toward the Russians. By the time the Russians saw the grenade it was too late and it exploded killing two and severely wounding the other.

“Let’s go it won’t be long before we have more upon us we need to get out of here,” John yelled.

“Your right John let’s move,” responded Mike.

The team ran down the hall keeping the secretary of defense in the middle for protection. They got all the way to the main doors where their vehicles were before they encountered resistance. Two Russian soldiers came to the door, but before they could do anything Mike and John raised their weapons and fired. The two Russians dropped immediately. Suddenly they heard yelling on the floor above them. Mike knew they had found the bodies. Mike order that charges be set on the front of the main entrance.

After the charges were set up the team and the secretary of defense got back into the vehicles and began to drive away. Suddenly Mike looked back and saw Russian soldiers in the main entrance and began to open fire on the vehicles. Mike pulled out the detonator for the charges and blew the main entrance to pieces, which caused the front of the capital to collapse.

The team sped down the streets of Washington toward the same airport that the president had been flown out of. Mike turned to look at the capital of the United States as they reached the outskirts of the city. It was a discouraging site. The entire city seemed to be in flames, and Mike realized that there was no way that his team would be able to take back the city. He knew his team would have to go back into the city, but down inside he knew they would have to abandon the city in the end.

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