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It was three in the morning when Mike Walker woke his team. They were ready within ten minutes of being awakened and were on the road out of the city twenty minutes later. Seeing how fast his men were moving Mike guessed they had not slept well last night. He couldn’t blame them realizing that he had only received two hours of sleep as well. The two armored vehicles sped down the streets of Washington and were outside of city limits within ten minutes of beginning their drive.

Mike felt relieved as they exited the city. He now knew that the only thing they had to worry about was coming to some Russian check point. The intel had been given to him the night before that reports had come in that some U.S. military squads had been captured at check points that the Russians had quickly set up. Mike knew that they had no idea where the check points may be located and for that reason he had instructed his drivers to stay off the main roads and to try to stick to side streets as much as possible.

“Captain Walker.” John said in a questioning tone.

“What is it John,” Mike responded.

“If we find this weapon how are we to disarm it?”

“I have no idea we will have to be careful considering this will somehow be attached to a rocket of some type.”

“Sorry to interrupt sir,” the driver said, “But we have got a huge problem.”

Mike looked forward. There was no need for the driver to explain. Mike saw it perfectly clear with his own eyes; it was a Russian check point.

“Driver turn us around and radio the car behind us to do the same,” Mike said.

The driver did as he was told and they turned around. Mike prayed that the Russians had not spotted the vehicles, but suddenly his worst fears were realized as he heard what sounded to be two helicopters lifting off. He turned and saw two Russian choppers lifting off and in pursuit of their Humvee’s. Mike then saw what looked to be a Russian squad in their own vehicles racing down the road toward them.

“Open fire!” Mike commanded.

The 50cal. gunner on the top of the Humvee turned its gun and fired on the Russians who were closing fast. Suddenly there was an explosion right in front of them. The helicopters had fired there missiles at the road in front of them. The two Humvee’s swerved off the road. Now the Russian vehicles were surrounding them. Mike stuck his M-16 Assault Rifle out side window of the Humvee and opened fired on the closest Russian target.

The chase continued for another two minutes or so when there was an explosion right next to the driver side of Mike’s Humvee, which through it into the air and caused it to crash down on the passenger side. The second Humvee that was behind them came to a screeching halt just before it ran into them.

“What do we do now Walker,” John asked.

“I don’t think we have much of a choice John,” Mike responded.

“Are you saying we should surrender?”

“That is what I am saying we will find a way to break out John. That I can promise you.”

Mike through his weapon out the window and the others did the same. Then he climbed out of the vehicle and saw ten different AK-47’s pointed at him. Mike through up his hand and ordered his team to do the same as they climbed out. It was a grisly sight as Mike realized that only half of his twelve man team had survived the fire fight and the attempted escape from the Russians.

The Russians came up to each of the Americans and through them into the two trucks they had used in the pursuit. As they were driven back toward the Russian check point Mike saw another two Russian trucks that had been filled with troops lying on the side of the road in flames. He now knew that the fight they had put up caused the Russians casualties.

When they returned to the check point they were put on a different truck along with another squad of army rangers who had been forced to retreat out of Philadelphia when the city had fallen. It was a long ride and Mike had no idea where they were being taken. Mike decided to address the Rangers.

“Listen up,” Mike said, “Do any of you have an idea of where they are taking us?”

“Most likely it’s Independence Hall in Philadelphia, that’s where they are staging a large amount for the move inland,” one of the Rangers replied.

“From there do you know where?”

“It may be to New York. They have not yet taken the city but they do have prison ships in the harbor.”

Mike could not believe his ears. Could this be true and them surrendering actually pay off. He knew he would just have to wait, because if they took them to New York once in the city Mike and his team would make their great escape.

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