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As Mike and the team moved down the hall of the submarine the entire team was on high alert for anything that moved. Mike took point and as he went down the hall he checked every room and fired at everything that moved inside the rooms. The rest of the team fired at anything that may have been left standing as they advanced down the hall. Then they came to the control room where the entire submarine was operated. As they advanced toward the door it popped open and a grenade rolled out of the door.

“Move, get down,” Mike shouted.

The team each dove into a room along the corridor to get out of the way from the grenade that was rolling down the hall. It then exploded and then the door burst open, and down the corridor came burst after burst of AK-47 fire. Mike and his team were now pinned down. They stuck their weapons out the door and returned fire blindly hoping desperately to hit something.

“Walker we have to move now,” John shouted, “Russian reinforcements will be arriving soon.”

“I got an idea,” Mike responded.

Mike took a flashbang and through it out down the hall, while he was doing this Chris cocked a grenade and through it down the hall right into the door. Then there was a loud bang followed by an explosion. After there was no fire coming down the corridor from the control room. Mike and the team advanced down the corridor and into the control room.

“Lock the door and let’s get to work,” Mike said, “more of them will be coming soon.”

John and the team locked and barricaded the door. Mike and Chris went over to the controls since Chris knew how to speak Russian. Mike told him to pull up the security cameras that led to the control room. When Chris had finished this he then began to try and locate the EMP device, but to his surprise there was nothing about an EMP anywhere in the sub.

Suddenly red large and blinking lights popped up all over the control room. “What is going on Chris,” Mike asked.

“I am not sure Sir,” Chris responded.

Chris looked around and then froze in fear. “What is wrong,” Mike shouted.

“Sir it’s a nuclear missile launch, but its aimed at New York,” Chris responded.

“Stop it now,” Mike responded.

“I can’t it’s too late,” Chris responded with a look of horror on his face.

Mike could not believe the Russians were going to nuke New York City, and there was nothing he could do to stop it. The Russians had conquered the rest of the east coast, but were not able to take New York and for that they were going to kill everyone inside the city. Mike knew there was no time to warn anybody it was too late. Suddenly the entire submarine vibrated as the missile was launched at the heart of the city.

Mike pulled down the periscope and watched as the missile lifted off. Then Mike realized they would not survive unless they dived immediately.

“Quick John go close the hatch,” Mike shouted, “Chris prepare the sub and dive now.”

John ran down the corridor and closed the hatch and secured it closed. Chris then prepared to dive. Mike at the same time scanned the radar for something he could possibly use. He had no idea what they were going to do next. Mike then spotted a large ship on the radar and realized that it must be a Russian air craft carrier. He decided they would board the carrier, steal a plane large enough for the six of them, and then fly to Chicago.

The sub then dived and was on the way. Mike looked for some clue on where the Russians would strike next. He looked at the charts on the wall and saw that the cities in the Midwest were still holding out. He knew that soon they were going to invade Chicago. With Peter, the president, in the city, which was now the countries last strong hold, Mike knew that there was nowhere for him to run now and they would defend what was left of America to the last.

Mike sat the team down and told them the plan of what they would now do. He then took one last look at the periscope and saw the mushroom cloud over New York City and then saw the city evaporated in a few seconds. A tear came to his eye and no one talked all the way to the carrier. Mike felt now that truly the war had turned in the direction of the Russians and that all hope might truly be lost.

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