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The submarine sailed out of the harbor and into open water. After about an hour they came upon the main Russian fleet. Mike was shocked and could not believe how large the Russian navy actually was. It had not been this large since the fall of the Soviet Union. Mike soon saw the aircraft carrier and Chris maneuvered the submarine alongside of it. The team grabbed their weapons and prepared to exit the submarine.

John had no idea how Mike planned to get onto that aircraft carrier without getting spotted and he began to think that Mike was starting to lose it and was doing this all out of anger. He decided he had to address this before Mike led them all on a suicide mission.

“Walker,” John said, “this is madness. How do you plan to get on that carrier and steel a plane without getting spotted?”

“I don’t plan on not getting spotted,” Mike replied with somewhat of a smile, “there really is no way not to be spotted. I want you to shoot anything that moves. Now get your diving gear on we are going to blow a hole in the wall, and do the same to the carrier.”

John was shocked with what Mike just said, but realistically he did not have much of a choice and did what Mike had instructed. He then went to the side of the wall and planted a charge on the wall. “Do it,” Mike ordered. John just shook his head and then hit the button and blew the charge. Mike ran to the hole and dove into the water. The rest of the team followed in pursuit.

By the time the entire team had jumped out of the sinking sub, Mike was already planting the charge. The team swam up to Mike and he ordered them to back away as he blew the charge and they were sucked in by the pull of the water. Once inside they took off the dive gear, they were lucky it was a large area and anyone in the room had been killed by the explosion.

“Let’s move quick,” Mike ordered, “I saw a Mil Mi-24 on the flight deck. We have to get up there, steal it, and get to Chicago. This is our last chance to win this war.”

The team looked at Mike and followed him up the steps. Mike had a look of anger in his eyes. They moved up step after step and killed anything that moved while using suppressors on their weapons to try to limit their detection.

After about ten minutes of moving up flights of steps they made it onto the flight deck, but they were too late, the entire ship had been alerted to their presence and the Russians were waiting for them. As soon as they were on the main deck they were fired upon. Somehow no one was hit and everyone found some type of cover and returned fire. The six members of the team laid down a heavy fire but they were outnumbered by way too much.  Mike took a flashbang and tossed it out onto the deck. As soon as it went off he popped out and shot anyone who was dazed by it. The team then was able to advance and Mike could now see the helicopter.

The team came under a more intense fire now, but they were only about twenty feet away. Mike tried another flashbang, but this time the Russians were ready for it. The team then all worked their way to Mike’s position. The sound of automatic fire seemed to be coming from all around them.

“Okay team,” Mike said, “I had training in these types of helicopters, but I will need a co-pilot.”

“I can do it Sir,” Chris responded.

“Good I am going to throw a couple of smoke grenades and then we are going to make a break for it,” Mike said.

“Walker that is suicide,” John said.

“There is no time to discuss that is the plan.”

There was no time to argue with Mike, because he had already pulled out smoke and thrown it and everyone followed the example. As soon as there was enough smoke they made a break for it, but the plan was doomed from the start. As soon as they made their dash the Russians opened up. They had been using inferred scopes and the team had no shot. Mike, John, and Chris made it to the chopper, but the rest of the team was nowhere to be found. Mike decided to take off without them. As the chopper lifted off the smoke began to clear and Mike could see what had become of the other half of his team. Two were captured and the other one was dead. John looked at Mike in discuss at what he had just decided to do.

“What was that Walker,” John demanded.

Mike looked at him and responded, “What was what?”

“Half of your team is now dead, because of your actions Walker.”

“This is war John, people die. Did you not see the entire city of New York wiped off the map?”

“I saw that, but you knew there was little chance of making it to the chopper.”

“I did what I had to it was our only chance.”

“Okay Walker you are not being truthful with me. You never did anything like this in Iraq something is wrong. Now what is it?”

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