Ancient Egypt

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THIS IS NOT A BOOK!!! I divided by essay into different parts so it would be easier to read. I have better things to do than write entire books on Ancient Egypt. This was the Social Studies research essay we had to write for our final school project this year. Well, hopefully it's the final. And holy crap, is this a lot of work. The minimum is 10 paragraphs, I did 16, so it's not the minimum.

Agh, whatever. Summary down below. (Also, if you're wondering, yes, I did get a good grade on this.)

Ancient Egypt. What do you think of when you think of those words? Cats? Fancy pharaohs with fake beards? Mummies? ALL OF THE ABOVE?! Well, this essay will tell you all about that and more, with no cost to you! (And no, I did not use this for my actual introduction. That, my fellow Booksiers, is down below.)

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Ancient Egypt

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Ancient Egypt


The Ancient Egyptians were one one of the most interesting civilizations in the world. Their culture was advanced in things like food, agriculture and sciences. The Old Kingdom was the first period in ancient Egypt’s fascinating history. Learning about Ancient Egypt was very interesting. The old kingdom, agriculture, sciences and even food were important to the Ancient Egyptian People.


Life — Food


The Ancient Egyptians ate a variety of foods. Some foods differed by social class and wealth, but the basics were the same. The average Ancient Egyptian would eat vegetables, animal carcass, and other foods. Different foods were eaten depending on the wealth, situation, and time of year. Ancient Egyptian food is an interesting topic to learn about, and so was the lower class.


Life – Lower Class


As for food, the poorer people of Ancient Egypt didn’t have much to go on at the time. Most of their diet was simple: vegetables, tomatoes, and other things that they grew. Since most of them were farmers, they mostly lived on fruits and vegetables.  If the Egyptians were in hard times, papyrus plants were boiled for food. Although they couldn’t afford meat, fish was a popular lower class food. They dried it out in the sun. The upper classes hated it. Other sea food they ate were catfish, eel, and carp. Lower-class people followed the tradition of eating beer, bread, and onions in the morning. Other lower-classes followed the upper-class traditions of eating, like dipping your hand in a bowl to wash them before and during a meal. The lower-class Ancient Egyptians had a very simple diet. Although the other classes’

diets did not differ by much, they were still different and unique. There were many different classes, including the middle class.


 Life — Middle Class

The Ancient Egyptian middle class was the class in between the lower and upper classes. Their diet was similar to the lower class Egyptians, except that they had easier access to it. If it was necessary to get vegetables, a middle class person could go to a nearby market to get some. They usually grew vegetables from gardens, so markets weren’t needed that often. At meals it was required to have vegetables. Meat wasn’t eaten very much by the middle classes either. But cattle and beef were eaten during royal or festive events. Geese and duck were eaten by the rich and poor. Bread was a favorite food with all of the social classes. Beer was popular with all of the social classes as well. Wine was another important part of Ancient Egyptian life too.


Life — Wine


Wine was another popular food of Ancient Egypt. It was considered a food because it had so many nutritious values. Harvesting wine usually took place in late summer. Like beer and some other foods, wine was a religious icon. It was believed to have heavenly qualities, and it was even used in medicine. One of its medical uses was cough syrup. Soldiers at war with other countries even got wine as a reward. Wines all around Ancient Egypt were different. In Egypt, wine was sweetened by adding honey. After the entire winemaking process was done, it was labeled with the wine maker’s name and the quality of the wine. Inspectors would come in to inspect the wine to make sure it had good quality.


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