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Chapter 1

There’s no time to lose!


I awoke to the sunbeams, seeping in through my closed curtains and falling upon my bed, warming me. I laid there for a moment, enjoying the quietness of my room and planning out the day. Which, it was going to be great fun! My friend Serena was coming up from Devon, to spend the entire week at her cabin for the coming holidays! We had made plans to spend the entire day, swimming in the lake and getting out of bed, I pushed the heavy curtains to the side just to make sure there were no signs that made this warm sunlight a false hope.

Ignoring the growing noise of my stomach, I leaned over the railings of my balcony and allowed my skin to absorb the vitamin D that came flooding in the moment I opened up my windows. Sighing, I grabbed the hoodie that was hanging on my door handle, and slid it over my head while multitasking in brushing my short dark hair flat. Finally, I ran downstairs to satisfy my forever impatient stomach.

As, I made my way halfway down the stairs, the all too familiar and overwhelming smell of blueberries met my nose. Forcing, me to stayed at my spot for a moment and savoring the sweet aroma, I shook my head to bring me back to reality, before I finished my walk down the stairs, so to avoid a well-known self.

“So, what’s for breakfast?” I asked my mom, who, stood at the oven with her back towards me; flipping what seems to be some short of quesadilla. She turned to face me, a lock of her long brown hair loosely played on her forehead and covering her emerald eye, a warm smile spread across her face with amusement.

“I am making your favorite,” My mom replied, her smile growing wider, every time she spoke.

“Crepes…” I suggested, letting the word linger in the air for just a moment.

“Yes, my darling!” She replied.

“You’re the best, but what’s the occasion?” I asked, “‘tis not my birthday for three days?” Confusion spread across my face, as I grabbed the plate of blueberry crepes from my mom and placed it in front of me.

Seeing that she was defeated, she sat on the table opposite of me and faced me with an apologetic look in her eyes. “Serena’s mom called and said that Serena isn’t able to come and visit, as she contracted a terrible case of the cold.” My mom stated, pausing for just a few minutes to see my reaction, before continuing “I’m really sorry, darling, I know that you had plans and were very excited to see her.” She finished, placing her hand soothingly over mine.

I know something else was going on, but couldn’t put a finger to it, as my mom didn’t have the tone of concern for my friend in her voice at all except apologetically. “Is-” I started than stopped to see my mom looking away from me and out the kitchen window above me, her face paled to what she saw. I turned to look in her direction.

I scanned the brown grass that held just a hint of snow and then expanded my perspective, looking at the graveled road that still held signs of last night’s rain. Seeing nothing, I turned back to my mom and asked “what-what are you looking at?”

Shaking her head, as if to rid her of a horrid image, she faced me and stated “I-I think that, I need to get the post!”

“But, it is Sunday, there is no post!” I called after, but she ignored me and headed towards the back backyard. I heard a click, as she closed the sliding door shut and a muffled noise from an intense conversation. I was just about to get up to see what was going on, when my Aunt Willow waltz into the kitchen.

“Hi kiddo,” She exclaimed, upon seeing me “what’s going, where’s yer mum?” She didn’t need me to answer, for a loud crash sounded from the backyard and she went to go investigate.

“What’s going on?” I asked, getting up from my seat.

“No, you stay here!” She ordered and disappeared around the corner. A few minutes later, my Aunt reappeared, running not walking “Hurry, gather your things, but pack light we are leaving!”

“What’s going on?” I asked, a little louder, getting frustrated with not knowing.

“Later,” my Aunt snapped “now, go gather your things!” She ordered.

“Where’s my mom?” I asked, realizing that she has yet to return.

“Go and gather your things, NOW!” My Aunt, yelled “No, more questions, until we get to safety!” Knowing, that it was a lost cause, I hurried to my room grabbed my parka and just filled it with random clothes, my wallet, my toiletry bag, and a few books. I turned around and saw my Aunt hurrying up the steps and quickly into my room.

“Quick, grab my arm!” She ordered.

“What?” I asked, confused.

“Just do it!” She snapped. I did and as I did, a wave of colors erupted as if the whole world had been heated and melted like gold in a kiln. My head swarm with nausea. I put my fist in my mouth to help keep me from vomiting. The whole thing lasted, but a minute. My knees gave way, when my feet touched the solid ground. I gasped, when I realized that I was no longer in my home in London, but on a hill staring down to a valley below.

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....LOVED IT!!! Can't wait for more!!!!

Sat, March 3rd, 2012 12:29am


I'm just posting the third chapter.

Fri, March 2nd, 2012 4:36pm


wow! Such tension! Such description! Such drama! I loved it!

Sat, March 3rd, 2012 9:41am


Thank you, thank you keep an eye out, for there is still more to come! Also, I believe this is I am going to do for your contest.

Sat, March 3rd, 2012 10:40am

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