Dark Alice

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The Gothic story of Alice in Wonderland. Since the death of her father, Alice is not allowed adventures. Until four years later, she follows a black rabbit down a hole into the spooky world of Wonderland. Meeting creepy new characters along the way, Alice tries to find her way back home.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Dark Alice

Submitted: March 20, 2013

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Submitted: March 20, 2013



Prologue A young girl, around the age of twelve, walked through the field of flowers. Her hair was shoulder length and honey blonde. The blue of her eyes were like the sky. Her skin was a fair tone not too light. Her dress flared in a baby blue colour. The morning sun shined through her hair as she walked down with her older sister. They came to a stop and sat down. It was another lesson from her sister's book. The young girl, whose name was Alice, didn't like a book without pictures, and was getting rather bored just listening to her sister read. She collected the flowers around her and began to tying their stems together. The outdoors was quite lovely this time of day in the spring, a nice warm sun with a light breeze, and beautiful flowers too. Alice looked up at the sky seeing the white clouds drift across, and then the birds flying. Her sister noticed she was distracted, "Alice, why are you not listening?" She looked to her, "Oh, I'm sorry." Her sister sighed, "Dear Alice, what has gotten you so distracted?" Alice looked down at the flower chain she made. Her sister closed the book, "Fine, if you do not wish to listen." Alice would have told her she preferred picture books instead, but that would just be a rude thing to say. She and her sister walked home after. Alice came into her room with her grey, green eyed tabby cat Dinah. She sat down on her bed as her cat curled around her legs, where she wore white stockings and black Mary Jane shoes. She turned to find a scroll that hid near a small golden chest on her desk. She always kept it there. Her father was an adventurer, and collected items from each journey he took. Alice hoped one day, she would become one too. Her father never knew what the inscriptions within the scroll meant. Alice thought, in time she will find out what they mean. She still looks into it, wondering if she will ever figure it out. It was an old scroll. Her father's still out on one of his adventures. She waited for him to return. It's been a few days now. Alice saw her mother at the front door with a man holding his top hat and wore a black waistcoat over his suit. Her mother did not look happy as to hearing the sad news the man had told her. A tear came down her mother's eye. And soon the news broke out to everyone. Alice couldn't bare it. She was close to her father. And he's been through an accident in one of his journeys. He was trapped in a cave, the rocks closed in on him. He couldn't survive it. Now her mother fears for her safety and may never allow her to go on an adventure. She held the photo of him beside her bed, and then quietly sniffled to sleep. Letting Dinah curl up in her arms and hold her close, she too felt sad, and Alice knew. They lied together for the night. And with every day Alice woke up to, she always found her father missing, and unhappy to find that it wasn't a dream. She still looks into the scroll every now and again, unable to know,  and without her father's help, she had to figure it out herself. It was hopeless. And so she left the scroll sitting there, no longer looking into it, she was never to be sure. Dinah kept her company through the night; her warm fur was the only comfort she could get. Her purring was the only peace she had. And just like any pet, Alice could tell her anything.

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