pirate101 the adventures of skull island

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two pirates save a pirate from the armada ship and a bull ronin (a samoorai with no master) to save the spiral from the dangers of the armada

Chapter 1 (v.1) - pirate101 the adventures of skull island

Submitted: December 06, 2012

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Submitted: December 06, 2012



 Somewhere in the spiral...  Check the prisoners down there monkey. "said Boochbeard" i got it. "said garnday" Is this the prisoner were looking for?  Hard to say you there your standing on my blind side whats your name? "said Boochbeard"Name: Wesley Radcliff.  We know your an orphan so how did ye parents die?  orphaned by: Shipwreacked.  Ah so your parents were lost on an island prehaps they're still alive. "said garnday."  Where were you raised? "said Boochbeard?"  raised at: Grizzlehiem.  Ah so you were raised by the bears of grizzlehiem the best warriors come from grizzlehiem.  Now how'd ye get locked in this brig?   What crime did the Armada arresst ye for?  Locked away because: brawling with an armada officer.  Ah your a buccaneer master of the weapons master of power master of making people do what you say with just one pull of your sword har har har.  Well lets get you outta this brig and get you away from the Armada.  You come help me out to i will walk with you and help you fight in the battle from weak to hard.  said Kobe Yojimbo.  I was born in mooshu i am a born warrior i shall walk beside you.  You confounded pirates armada troops arresst them and lock them in the brig! "said Deacon."  Arrrgh lets get them walk up to that troop to start a fight. "said Boochbeard"

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