Fighting for her love

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Introduction

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Her eyes looked down at her feet. Not just her feet but his feet. The feet of her saviour he feet of someone who touched her heart so and filled her days with endless wonder. Her heart was full of love for the man who had known her for so long yet he had never seen what was seen by all. She loved him. She loved him dearly. No. Not dearly. One loved a sibling or a parent dearly. She loved him passionately. She yearned for him to be hers. She would trade her life for just one moment in his arms if she could.

“I believe that the plans of revolution are going better than even you expected Monsieur Marius,” she stammered her way through a sentence that she could barely form when he was standing so close. It took her breath away.

“Quite. I do however have on grievance. I do not have one to share this joyous occasion with,” he sighed in despair.

“You have me, Monsieur!” Surely that was enough? Surely he could understand that they were one. In her mind at least.

“Why Eponine! Of course I have you! You are my closest friend who I share everything with but we are merely friends and nothing more. I saw a girl today who I know I was born to love!”

“Of course! “ Eponine thought. Dear sweet innocent Cosette who had touched his heart just as he had touched hers. She was beautiful. It was a typical beauty no one could deny it and yet something missing in her looks! Why! None compared with Eponine! How Marius could not see this no one could say. Particularly Enjorlas.

The first day he had seen Eponine in the street he knew he must have her. He knew she must be his. And yet with the light of rebellion in the street he became caught up in the marvellous thought he could create a better life for both of them. He lay awake at night dreaming about the future he and Eponine could have. The rebellion had to go right! It must go right! For Eponine! Even if she did not love him this could change her life around.

He thought to a time before he had seen her in the street. What a life that was of ignorance! Of bliss! If he had not seen her that day how different would their lives be? Would he still be sitting in the Café wishing his life was as exciting as those in his books? He wouldn't have been as fulfilled as he was now for he had a purpose. His purpose was given by God in Heaven to love and serve Eponine until his dying day. He knew he had to fight for her until the very last breath. 

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