Fighting for her love

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Talk of Love

Submitted: January 30, 2013

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Submitted: January 30, 2013




“Why Marius! You’re looking positively grey!” exclaimed Grantaire.  “You look as though you've seen a ghost!”

“I feel as though I may have seen a ghost. She was as beautiful as an angel but she was gone in a second. I feel as though my life changed in that one moment. I know the true meaning of life now,” Marius rambled on until Enjorlas could no longer stand it.

“You do not know the meaning of life! You have never lived in poverty! You would not know if it came up and smacked you on your pitiful face! You know nothing of love!” Enjorlas raged with anger deep inside him. Marius knew nothing of what he had in him. How could he not see that Eponine was helplessly in love with him? If he looked at her for a couple of more seconds a day he would have no trouble telling this. Just as anyone who looked at her for more than two seconds when she was with him could tell it.

“And what would you know of love and life? What would you know of poverty? What would our great revolutionary leader know of love? He has no time for fanciful causes such as that. If he felt something he wouldn’t dare let anything cloud his so called vision. You are hypocrite my friend,” said Marius resisting the urge to spit at this idiot that called himself a leader.

“Marius!” shouted Eponine from the landing on the stairs.

“Eponine!” shouted Enjorlas in his mind. He wanted so badly to be the one whose name she was calling. However it was not meant to be. Not yet.

Marius got up from the table and looked Enjorlas in the eyes daring him to say a word. He turned to Eponine and taking her hand as he reaches her.

“What news do you bring?” Marius face was full of promise. His touch was as soft as petals yet as strong as iron. Eponine could feel her heart fluttering. She paused, thinking of what to tell him. She could easily tell him that she was unable to find his dear Cosette. She could easily tell him she could not find one person who had seen this girl. She could tell him that she loved him. But she thought against it. She wanted him to be happy.

“I have not failed Monsieur. You must come with me,” Eponine as she grasped his hand leading him down the stairs and to Cosette. 

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