Fighting for her love

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - No Longer Fighting

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As she led him to the little house on the corner he continued to thank her for her kindness and that he would repay her. She knew how she would want him to repay her however that was hardly possible when he was in love with another.

They reached the gate of the house and Eponine left him alone without a word. She watched from the shadows as he spoke to Cosette through the barriers. Every move that he made was a dagger in her.

She continued to watch as they fell in love on the spot until she could take it no more. She turned from them and crawled away in her despair onto the streets. The rain made it so perfect. Just like an epic love story she felt she was being punished into wanting him so badly. Now was the price she paid for her sins. Every poor man she robbed. Every beggar she had cheated. Every man she’d pretended she loved to buy her a loaf of bread.

She journeyed on through the night talking in to her love in her mind. She daydreamed that he was holding her tiny, ragged hand and holding her close as the night air changed from cold to bitter. Her heart was full of love for him yet his was full for another. There was nothing more she could do. He had become a lost cause and he was never hers to lose.

Enjorlas sat at a table in the lonely café where he had spent all his days planning revolution. He looked up from his ale to see a women standing there whom he had never previously noticed before. She was pretty he would grant her that she had a certain ragged charm about her as all wanderers of the street did. But she did not hold a candle to his Eponine.

“Evening Monsieur,” she grunted through her teeth.

“Good Evening Mademoiselle,” he muttered back and turned back to his ale.

“Looking for some company? How may I be of service?”

“Not at present.”

“Are you sure?” she said leaning over the table so he would definitely notice her cleavage gapping out her top at him. “I am very reasonable you know and I can help you forget about any woes you may have. Relieve you of your sorrows.”

“Not tonight merci.” And with a grunt she turned away from him and moved on to his friend who already had paid for one woman to relieve him this night. However it was deemed not enough and she saw them wandering out of the door hand in hand.

It was at that moment he realised that he couldn’t just sit there moping over endless mugs of ale. He stood up from the table and hurried out the door. He knew where he was going. He knew where she would be. He had to find her. Even if she did not allow him to do what he truly wanted he would be glad to hold her hand or to comfort her with soft words whilst brushing her cheek.

Eponine stopped at her favourite spot. On the bridge crossing the river where she had visited so many times but never grew tired of. The lights always seemed misty in the river and trees surrounding it were full of starlight. She leaned over the edge and wondered if she were to jump now would Marius weep for her? Or would her carry on with his life just as he had done previously? She there was no way she would jump but she couldn’t help wondering if anyone would weep at all if she died.

Enjorlas approached the bridge just in time to spot Eponine leaning over the edge of the bridge.

“NO!” He shouted to her running towards her figure in a moment of panic. At the sound of a voice she had almost toppled over the edge and was struggling to keep her balance. He ran to her side gripping hold of her waist and hand and pulling her back over the edge steadying her with his firm grip.

Eponine felt as though a bolt of lightning had struck through her as this mystery stranger held her body close. Could this be who she hoped? Could it be Marius come to save her? Turning to face her hero who had only loosened his rein on her slightly allow her to turn her body towards him and find his eyes in the darkness like turquoise torches burning in the night. Astounded by who she saw she had to stop herself from calling out for help. This was a man she had never noticed to an extent. This was a man who she had never really acknowledged in her time spent trailing after Marius. But now in the moonlight, this man who had saved her from teetering over the edge of the bridge. Of ending her life right there. This man had emerged from the darkness and uttered one word that had allowed her to belief in something once more. Maybe for this one night she could forget about Marius. Concentrating on his friend, his leader. He stirred up a fire in her that she couldn’t quite understand this moment as he held her. She was utterly confused by her thinking and quite rightly so for even he was bemused by the way she was staring into his eyes. 

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