Fighting for her love

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - The Rush if Urgency

Submitted: January 30, 2013

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Submitted: January 30, 2013




As they stared into each other’s eyes Enjorlas could not help but wonder what would happen next. Would she allow him to kiss her? Would she run? Would she try to jump again? Would she ask him questions? Before he could he could think of any other possibilities she began to struggle in his grip. She was away to scream when he let go. He hated to see her uncomfortable and he had to trust her not to do anything idiotic again. After a brief glance into each other’s eyes again Eponine turned and ran down the street and round the corner.

As she ran Eponine could not help but think there was a feeling. Something deep inside her had churned her stomach and she couldn’t quite put her finger on what it was. She had felt something deeper than even the first time she saw her beloved Marius. Marius! He would be wondering where she was wouldn’t he? Would he? Of course not he would be far too smitten with his love Cosette. Maybe she could turn around. Run back to Enjorlas for she was sure he loved her. More than Marius ever had anyway.

Stopping to catch her breath she felt a sudden presence behind her. Who was this figure wandering the streets at this hour so late? To her unsurprised surprise it was Enjorlas. She stepped into the shadows but not before he had spotted her. Taking small steps towards her he treated her like a wild animal that could kill him at any moment but he was willing to take the risk. Almost in sync they took a step towards each other. It took all his might not to grab her and kiss her right there. But he knew better than that. He knew she would still be clinging on to the boy Marius. He knew she would have to adjust to these new feelings she was having and he would let her but only for tonight would he perhaps abuse these boundaries for a moment.

Her gut instinct was to grab him right there and allow him to take her in his arms and hold her until the morning light. She would maybe even allow him to kiss her if he was lucky. If she could let go. She told herself she could let go. She had to let go.

“Forgive me for startling you so on the bridge Mademoiselle however I thought you may just hurl yourself off the bridge and we couldn’t allow such a pretty face go to waste could we?” Enjorlas whispered softly. And for that moment Eponine let her guard down.

“You think I’m pretty?” She asked.

“Why yes I do. In fact I don’t just think your pretty you are in fact beautiful,” he said. Touched by these words that someone so strong who had never shown these feelings before she reached out and took his hand feeling the raw skin and tracing her fingers around the rough edges. He stroked her tiny fingers and pulled her closer towards his chest. Wrapping his arm around her waist he locked her back into the position he had held her in whilst the stood on the bridge. Gazing into each other’s eyes in a moment of sudden urgency their lips collided and they were lost in a world of their own. 

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