So Long, Farewell

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The horror of war can tear not only people but their relationships apart. Jonny and Melissa have known each other since they were five years old and have never known anything else. They loved each other more than life itself. Then due to the course of the Second World War their lives take a dramatic turn for the worse and force them to go down separate paths which could drive them apart or bring together.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - So Long, Farewell

Submitted: February 07, 2013

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I had met Jonny when I was five years of age. He was in my class at school and he was the class clown. I thought he was a bit ridiculous if I’m being honest. He was always putting my pigtails in inkpots or chasing me at playtime trying to snaffle a bite of my sandwich. We grew up together if I’m honest and stayed friends through our entire time at school and when we left school we always used to walk with each other to work. At the time he worked in the grocers and had a knack for chatting up the older ladies coming in for their daily shop. I worked in the chemist on the corner and I never saw a flurry of regular customers when I reached the age of 16 with many men popping in everyday to buy vitamins or extra tablets even though it was plain they didn’t need them. I always managed to persuade them into buying one or two extras every time it was a wonder their medicine cabinets were fit to hold them all. Another habit I noticed Jonny getting into when we were 16 was popping in on his lunch hour just to have a “chat” with me. That’s when I noticed him turning up early to walk with me in a morning just so we could have more time together and we never seemed to run out of conversation not once. The more time we spent together seemed to make me want to spend even more time with him and I could barely wait for the moments we spent together.

It wasn’t until we were both 18 Jonny asked me to the village hall dance. That was the night we both realised we needed each other to be happy. That night we shared our first of many kisses to come. After that we both walked to work arm in arm and we spent weekends together sitting by the river, riding our bikes through the countryside, taking drives in his car and visiting cafés in different villages. We were falling for each other more and more every day. The night Jonny proposed to me was a Saturday and we had been to our favourite restaurant in town and when we had finished one of the best meals we had ever gotten he got down on one knee and proposed.

That was on 30th August 1939 which was a clear night and we spent our first night together that night. That was the first night we lost our virginity and it was the most magical night I ever had. Well I’ll spare you all the details. We spent the next couple of days in bliss and spent every waking moment together completely unaware to the happenings going on around us. What was happening was to change not only the course of history but the course of our lives.

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