A summer that changed me

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Alexandre Cade was as stuck up and snobby as they come, but when he mets Kennedy over summer break in france, he changes she made hi realize what a jerk he was, but at the end of the summer he messes it all up.Now back in California he tries to go back to his old life but and is suprised to find a new student .

All Kennedy St.Clair wanted was to forget about her summer romance with the hot Alexandre Cade .He's rich , snbby and pompose untill she makes him realize what a jerk he is, then she gets to know the real him a caring guys with a love for music, but after breaking her heart at the end of summer she wounders if that all was a front.She's hoping to start over and when her Dad and Mother tells her that they will be moving to California she's all for it, forgetting Alexandre.But she wounders if she has made a mistake when on her first day at her new school......................

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The summer that changed me

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Submitted: June 04, 2012



"Cade , your back!"

"S'up Cade"

"Cade, my man!"I inwordly groaned but on the outside , I kept my smile as it always was, Charming and somewhat devious so they wouldn't know that I hated all this attention .I mean sure if this was last year I would be okay with it , no I would be better than okay with it I would love it beacuse Alexandre Cadel loves attention(Most people spell my name wrong , the spell it 'Alexander'), i have to admit I do i love it, but right now im not in the mood .This year was suppost to be great , serior year and all, and me being the most popular and badiest boy in school , I was suppost to have a great year with my 'friends' and treat this year like know other.I bet your wonder why i used quotation marks around 'friends'? well i'll tell you , it's because there not really my friends , they want to be popular and they will use anyone they can to get there, if they had a chance to rat me out or ruin my rep they would in a heart beat , so fast if you blinkedyou would havemisted it by years. Truthfully , the only friend I have here , is my friend Jake cobbs , even though he's as stuck up as the rest, he's just as shallow and he knows it and get this , he's proud of it as well but we've been friends since kindergarden .And me, well I have to admit to that too, Im as shallow and stuck up as he is , and probably worst considering this school , the kids and teachers and everyone I know treats me like im king and all.But i'm worst then he is , you wanna know why? .....beacause i thought I was better andI looked down on everone and thought that was how it was suppost to be , I DID think I was king , and that the world revolved around me , because I was treated that way for years , even in middle school. It wasn't intill recently that I came out of my 'it's-all-about-me' attitude and saw what a pompus egotistic jerk i was and i'm glad I did see it , I really am , but I still wish I hadn't becasueI cant go back to my old selfnow, and it all beacuse of her , I blam her for turning me into what I am now.It happened this summer , Igot introuble for shoplifting ,yeah I know that was dumb ass Idea since I have buckets and buckets of bucks and all but me and my friends were bored and had nothing to do.I think it was my friend Nic who had the idea to shoplift and we all stupidly went along with it and I was the only one caught.Do you see what I mean about there not really my friends , they didnt even tell me the securityguard was coming they all just booked and left me there to get caught while they all ran off with there stuff they were never gonna use yeah i know great friends they are right?and the officer was scary as hell man , really big and mean , and when he asked me whatI was doing I could smell his dick breathe , no seriously his breathe smelled as if he just been sucking someone off i'm not lying .Well anyway the big scary lookin' dude halled my ass right in the back of the store and asked for my parents number , and aftertelling the dude to fuck of and die he finally broke me down and I gave him my drivers number since my father wouldnt give a shit what I do and probably wouldn't answer the damn phone and my step mother is probably shopping or doing whatever the hell she wants while my father pays her lots of money , which is why she's probably with him considering she's could be my sister , she's like 23 and he's 48 .I mean why else would a hot babe like Penelope be with an oldguy like my dad ,I mean sure he's fit and allbut seriously the girl can have any guy she wants , she's that hot but she picks my old man , so it has to be money right?Okay at first I gave Officer dick breathe my fathers number but he didnt answer so I gave him Penelopesnumber and she was busy and then he thearten to throw my ass in jail ifI couldnt get a holdto anyone so THENI gave him the drivers number.Okay so before I said it was'her' falt but really that's the anger talkin', its all my falt.Anyway , back to how I realized I was a jerk.After the driver came and got me and hours of 'confinement'spent in my room, which I was told was my dads idea, was nothingof the sort 'confinement' really,my room haseverything, a big flat screen tv on the wall , a big king sized bed, a lot of game systems and alaptop , and a skate board ramp,up the wall, and a collection of signed skateboard by all the greats.and some guitars also signed byfamous guitar players.I love my room and was happy to have to stay there.The hotel we live in is awesome, yes thats how rich we are we live in a hotel , penthouse ,and are house is big and we've lived here are whole lifes.So it was lateand in the middle of the night when myfather got home and knock at my door

"Leave me the hell alone, it'sone in the morning damn it"I said to the door , not knowing who t was and frankly not caring

"Open the door"My father voice said from the other side" And watchyour mouth" I groaned but stayed in bed , know way in hell was I gonna getup for him, not for anyone

"Im asleep" I said , my facedown into the bed , but he could still here me

"Know your not , if you were you wouldn't be talking to me , now get up and meet me down stairs" and then I heard his foootsteps walk away, I got up and put on some pj pants , since I was only in boxer and a long grey sleved shirt then I went downstairsto find him and Penelope sitting on the couch

"What" I groaned"I was having a great dream"I whined ad sat down on the sofa waiting

"Look, Bill told me what happened today" he said.Bill's the driver I think , I dont usually know any of there names so.......yeah I think its Bill.Anyway my father went on and on about how its 'bad' to shoplift and that I have been 'acting out' lately which stomped me like shit because who the hell new he was paying attention to me , I sure as hell didnt.He told me that this summer he wasn't having it and that I was going to have to stay at my grandparents house in france with my mother. I sure as hell dont see the punishment part about this, I mean he wants me to spend my summer in Paris , France ,how is that a punishment? I know what I did next was stupid but It left my mouth so fast I didnt even know it until it was to late I said

"How the hell is that a punishment?".I mean what I said could have stoped me from going to paris I should have shut up and take the 'puishment' but I said it butluckly he didnt take it away he just said something stupid

"It's not suppost to be a punishment its to help you son" Then he said, after smiling at Pen' "Plus you get to be with your mother and see her home place....its a wonderful city"then he started sprouting crap about how its suppost to help me see myself in a different way, how I could start over and learn from my mistakes by living in a new enviorment for a while.So when school ended I packed my bags and left to go to france and meet my mother and grandparents , I hugged my mother and grandparents I was still happy to seemy mom, hearing her voice over the phone was enough , but even though I was happy to see her I was pissed at her for leaving me .Myfather had cheated on my mom when I was six years old and they split up , that's when I started hating my Father , for makingher leave , when I was seven she finally called after a long year without herand I talked to her every month but I waas still mad at her but I didnt want our convosations to end she was my mom after all so the convosations were friendly and stuff but I never said I love you back to her , I couldnt say anyore for some reason and dont get me wrong I did feel bad about it but I could.When I got there to france I was pissed to leave my so called friends and pissed I was gonna miss all the conserts and all the partys we were all talking about , but I was happy to be in france .

"Hey, is that him?" I heard someone say , or atleast thats what I think they siad, my french isnt that good"Hey, over hear!" this time the voice was in english and I turned my head and saw a little girl waving to me, she looked about 11 or 12 ."Alexandre over here!" she runs my way and right behind her is my grandma and pa and mother.I realized the little girl was m cousin Jocelyn and I met her hug when she finally got to where I stood waiting.All through the car ride I didnt talk to anyone or answer backand they finally stoped trying and thats how it went for days untill I met her.I was out for the first time since I've been there, my mother said I should see the sites so I did and ended up in a karaoke place, a sort of teen hang out it seemed like I couldnt read the name or any of the menu's so I just pointed at what looked good and waited .

"Excusez-moi? puis-je m'asseoir ici, il ya des tables ne plus" I turned and looked up and saw a very beautiful girl , with brown hair to her shoulders and a grey knit beanie and big sun glasses .She was wearing a blue off the shoulder and some tight jeans.I stared at her , not because she was hot , which she was , but because I didnt know french that well and she said it so fat

"Huh?" I said like and idoit.

"Oh, you dont speak french do you?" She said not really asking a question , it was more like a statement.She sat down "I said, can I sit here, all the other tables are taken"

"Oh" I smiled"Sorry"

"So" She smiled back at me" What's your name?"


"My names Kennedy" She picked put a menu" hey garçon?"she called to the waiter and he made his way over

"Pouvez-vous m'apporter des croissants et du habituelles" she said in perfect french and the waiter said yes in french and ran off.Me and Kennedy talked for hours and I was feeling sleepy , I checked my time and saw what time it was inthe U.S it was almost 7 in the morning there.If I hadnt slept all day I might have passed out and went to sleep but since I did I stayed up longer.Kennedy was fun to talk to she loved art and photography and music , she was learning how to play the guitar.It soon became closing time and I left and passed out on the couch getting much needed sleep but I was woken up by my mother telling me I needed to get with the time zone and go to sleep at the time she set for me.She was trying to help me get use to sleep when it was suppost to be day where but night here.I soon got use to it and got outside more but sadly I didnt find Kennedy , I even looked at the same place I saw her before at the Karaoke place but she wasnt there and I soon stoped looking for her.Even though I just met her I couldn't get her out of my head.

"How about we all go to the beach?" My mother said as we , Me Jocelyn,My grandpa and granma, or as I was told to call them 'Grand-père et grand-mère' which is grandfather and grandmother in french, My mother , my two cousinsJean-claude( john-claude, is how you pronounce it) and Etienne (there 10 and 11) and my other cousins Cohen and Genevievethe twins and Dorian (there both16 and he's 17) sat eating breakfast.They all agreed and I shrugged my shoulders, I was really in a mood today, my friends was going to see a band I wanted to see that day so yeah I was pissed and taking it out on people if they got on my nervs.

When we got to the beach It looked amazing and the water looked even more amazing in this hot day I sat on the beach towl as my little cousins and DorianandGenevieve went into the water and me and Cohen sat and talked

"So what do you like to do for fun cousin?" Cohenasked in his thick french accent

"Play guitar, Hang with my friends,skateboard, surf a lot of stuff " I answered not looking up, I was laying down under the shade with my sun glasses on."What about you, what do you like to do for fun?" the convo went like that, us getting to know each other , then he said he wanted to play vollyball and said i should join

"What the hell" i shroughed and got up and me and Cohen met four guys and three girls.They all started talking in rapid french and i was at a lost, and then they were all looking at me

"He doesnt know French" my cousin said in english

"Oh, hi" he was american .He shook my hand the other guys did the same , and the girls

"So , we playing or what?" Cohen asked

"Yeah" a redhead girl said, her name was very hard to pronounce and her accent was very thick, richer than my cousins"We have to wait for St.Clair" she said and sat down

"Je suis de retour" I heard a very formilar voce say, I turned around and saw her.Kennedy , the girl from the karaoke place in a red bikini that fit her so well"Alexandre? " she said and smile"Nice to see you again" I was stunned that I found her and I was happy I desided to go play vollyball with Cohen.After playing vollyball , (I was forced to play on the girls team since there was five of them and four girls so I joined the girls.We won by the way) Me and Kennedy went for ice cream and talked and let me tell you, we did not hit it off, she even told me I was pretentious and some other big words and I said some mean words back.That night I got to thinking and I found out that I really liked her , but she didnt like me, i tried and tried but she didnt want to even be friends with , then one night at the Cafe She was sitting by herself at the table we first met at , I asked her to sit but she ignored me

"Look" I said to her"Your right, I am pretentious and self absorbed and all the other things you called me, but can't you give me another chance?" She smiled and said okay and we talked evr since.

.One night we snuck on the beach~

"This is perfect" she smiled at me , her milky brown eyes lighting up.We were on a blanket, having a late night picnic

"Yeah, this place looks great at night " I said looking out to the ocean.I looked over at her as she shivered

"You want my hoodie?"I asked her, already taking it off

"No, you'll get old" She said trying to stop me, which I wasnt having, I gave her the coat anyway

"Nonesence, the cold is no mach for me , here" I smiled as she pulled it over her head


"No problem" I layed down and looked up at the stars and she laid next to me

"Want to play the star game?" She asked she lloked over at me

"Sure, how do you play?" I looked over at her

"You say a shape you see in the starsand the other person has to make the same shape, if you dont you lose........its stupid I know, but it helps past the time and I think its kind of fun"

"Okay"I said chuckling "Me first though"

"Okay" I looked up but I only saw a square and I saidsquare and she laughed

"That's to easy, you not suppost to make it easy" then she pointed and made a square out of her finger.Then she said an dolphine , but I found that easly and it was my turn

"An elephant" I said, and I really saw one, I looked over at her face and new I had her

"No way, your making that up " She said shaking her head , smiling

laguhing i Shook my heading "No, I really see it"

"Where?" she said

"Here look" I took her soft hand and pointed "Look there" she moved closer to look but I was stuck on how close she was and how good she smelt, likestrawberrys and lime.

"Oh I see it" she looked over and notice how close we were and scootedover , leaving some space between us"Okay, so what do you want, you won?"

"Um...." i thought about it "Answer a question is all" I said

"Okay" she moved hair from her face"Shoot"

"Do you like me?"Iasked feeling nervious , which is crazy since I never feel nervious around girlsbut she was different"I mean do you really like me?"

I took her a long time to answer and it drove me crazy, I was scared I crossed a line but before I could say I wwas sorry and that she should forget my question she answered me

"Yeah"She smiled and bit her lip, andlaid back down.

We dated that whole summer , she taught me french and I taught her how to play the guitar.I was in love with her.She made me realize what a jerk I was and that the world doesn't revolve around me.But I messed it all upright before I left at the end of the summer and I cant get it out of my head.I was thinking this all while Iwent through endless classes and while people said hi to me or tried to get my attentionand I tried to listen I tried but I kept seeing her face in my head, the girl I loved but couldn't have anymore.I tried to get her out of my head and focus , i kept saying to myself'she's just a summer fling, she's just a summer fling' but It wasnt working , well I did stop thinking of her, but saying she was a summer fling felt wrong on my tounge.

Two days back and I hate it already, I miss Kennedy so much but i''m doing better , I can now get her out of my mind, It's the second day of school already and everyone wants to know what I did, I just tell them I saw the sites and I surfed , i left out kennedy

"Hey Cade" Jake said as we sat down at the lunch table , where everyone who's popular sat and everyone who wasn't wanted to sit, but really it was just a seat, but I was just like them last year , I thought this was the life to sit here, and I acted like it, and now I dont even care about some dumb seat but I was trying to get back to my old life

"S'up" I said to jake and the rest of my friends"So, what's new?" I asked


"Same old same old dude"Miles said.Then Zac Fuller said

"We got a new girl" That caught everyone tention alright

"Really" Jake said sitting up"Is she hot?"

"TDB's hot" that's Third .Degree .Burns.

"No way," Nic Tomble said"So , she's hotter than Madison Kyle?" he asked , his voice dripping with scarcasim

"Yep" she said and they all started asking is she hotter than blah blah blah, and all .I got up and went for a coke and when I got there I saw a bruentte and she bent down to get her soda, her hair fell off her shoulder showing a birthmark shaped heart and my own heart sped up


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