Unique Blood

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Hunter Wilde just wanted her blood , he wanted to be a stronger Vampire and he also just wanted a blood bag.When he finally found Williow the girl believed to be the blood supply , and at first he does want her for her blood only but then he falls in love with her.Williow knows nothing about this things around her she doesnt know she's being hunted by thousands even millions of things! will Hunter keep her safe from those things, and himself? will he keep her away from the prince and the king ? and more importantly , will she love him back?

Sorry for any miss spelling , I was writing in a hurry and well ...... I'm a crap spell

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Unique Blood

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Submitted: May 26, 2012



"Turn on the news, turn it on now!" my sister Summer barged into my room without knocking.I was sitting on my bed with all my developed photo's spereded everywhere

"What?" I said reranging the photo's cheching to see if there was any of them I didnt like, I didint even hear her.

"Turn it on!' she demaned and flopped down on my bed her strawberry curls flopped as well.

"Arrr, you messe-" I was about to say she was messing up my stuff but she impatiently interupted me

"Turn it turn it turn it!" she repeated dounching up and down , I gave in and handed her the remote and tried hoplessly to save my pictures three were messed up only one I could save that's Not that bad I guess.She turned it on the news at nine and the hot reporter guy spoke

*"The four deaths since Thursday is still under investagation* " Guy, was his name he's 24 and he was still in college.I know what your thinking, What? really? he's so young to own his own new's channle!

Oh did I forget to tell you that ,well yeah he owns it ,his dad does anyway and a couple of other buisnesses.Guy was young and handsome had perfectly combed blonde hair and a great smile, a reporters smile and he was very fit and he has gorgeous sea blue eyes.

*"they are believed to be animal killings but things are still under close eye"* He didnt smile like he usually did , this time he had a sad face

"Can you believe it!" My sister turned to me"They dont know what caused it yet, they're saying it was an animal attacking, can u believe it , an wild animal LOSE!" Okay so you would think she would be remorsed or you know sad because four teenage girls were killed an there was a possiable killer animal on the lose, but know my sister , my crazy hiper lunctic of a sister, is exstited! crazy right but I get it if you lived in our town you would too.We lived in Mackenzie City our whole lives ,Jesse, our older brother in college, is 19, Summer is sixteen and Roman and I,were twins, ,were both fifteen and our little brothers six , his name is River .In our small town everybody knows everybody and that means no secrets not with everybody in your buisness, I mean our town isnt THAT small it's big , and there our like five high schools and lot's of stores and the houses are grand( I picked it up from Roman, I was just testing it, do you like it? Well it's Grand if you do!) our town is great, exsept for everybody being in everyone elses buisness. Right now the usually rumor , which I dont mind buying into it , is ' stay out of the woodds, there's something bad in there'.But really , the only good thing,other than the town looking okay and there being sights to see (there's lots of turist) , the only good thing to me is the beach that's hours away but still I love to go.

"Did you guys here?" Roman walked into the room, without knocking to, I mean does ANYBODY Knock around anymore!

"what's with this not knocking thing?" I said outloud but it's not like they cared

"YES! can you believe it ! Finally SOMETHING happening in this town!" Summer said

"Yeah! I know right!.........I mean it's sad and just horriable that those girls got malled but ......" He cut himself off and leaving us to fill in the blanks since we two got it , its bad what happen to them, but it's just FINALLY something exsiting in this damn town!.............I know what your probable thinking , Were horriable people and we are dispicable? well you try live in a damn boring town with the same crazy boring people all your life and then out of know where something different and exstiting happens even though that same thing was completely bad , and try not being happy or atleast okay with it!

"Guy's I really need to get this down" I complained.THey were messing me up I was working on a project and I was almost down now, thanks to Summer, I had to take two more pictures and I still wasnt down with my first task on the project.They left and I finish in an hour trying to get everything to look okay I scooped them all up and put them all on my desk .I took a shower and changed into a small grey t-shirt and some pink boy shorts with polk-a-dots thenI went to bed.Well, I tried to but I could stop thinking about that animal attacking, it was so werid and it gave me strange feelings in my stumic but soon after hours of watching Tv trying to get the animal attackings out my mind I still couldn't sleep after three in the morning , So I got up and went down stairs to the kitchen and saw Roman snacking on a sandwich

"Hey " I said and went to the fridge

"Hey" Roman said with a mouth full of food"Couldn't sleep?" he asked but it reall sounded like he said'Cood sleee"but I understood

"Nope.You?"I said sitting next to him and opening a bowl of grapes ,already washed, He just nodded

"Scared about the attakings?" He asked when he finished his sandwich

"NO!" I lied

"yeah you are" he saw right through it then said,"Me too" He turned on the kitchen wall flat screen and watched some cooking shows while getting some grapes and drinking chacoloate milk. Then we hered it , it wasn't that loud and we could bearly hear it , it was a howl.I grabed the remote and pushed mute and me and Ro listened, hoping it was our imaginations running wild.

"Did you hear that" He whisphered and I nodded .We heard it again louder this time , like whatever it was , it was coming closer

"there's it again!" he whisphered and went closer to the windows

"Dont do that! what if it's outth-" I was cut of my a loud , angry howl that I couldn't place what the animal was before but I know it now! a WOLF"S HOWL!

"That souded close" He whisphered and made his way over to me.A couple of more howls went off and then we heard foot steps coming down the stairs

"OMG!" Summer said very loudly

"Shh, were trying to determine where the wolf's are!" Roman tryed to whispeher but you could tell in his voice he wanted to yell

"WOLF'S!" She practivley yelled

"SHUT UP!" me and Roman whiphered/yelled at the same time ......wait does that make any sense, 'whisphered/yelled? I mean I bet your like 'Can you do both things at the same time? one's quiet and the other one's loud......well let me try to explain it because you can, you know when someone tell you a secret and you be like'WHAT?" kind of liud when they asked you in a hushed tone, and they get mad because they didnt want you to say it so loudly so that be like 'NOT SO LOUD!' and there still whisphering but they kind of yelled it , like there voices got louder but was still in a whispher.

"Sorry" she whisphered and sat on the couch while we tried to listen

"What are you guy's still doing up?" The voice made us jump ,and we turn around to see Lissa coming downstairs in her light blue robe. She's are nanny, she's 21 and blonde and tall and crazy amazing blue eyes.Our dad is on ANOTHER buisness trip some where and wouldnt be able to come back for atleast a month, so are nanny , who takes care of River (other than us) had to stay the night here watching us.She got paid tripple for each of us but she being herself,said she would cout me and Roman as one person since we act like we are anyway's.

"Nothing!' me and Roman said and sat down at the same time

"We heard a bunch of-" Summer didnt get to finish because of the howls started again, but this time it was different than the first and the others and way louder .It scared the crap out of me.

"Holy crap!" Summer said

"that one was ......." Roman didnt finish off , not wanting us to know what he was going to say , even though we knew he was going to say it was scary.

"Go back to bed guys" Lissa said sternly and we did, but I went into Roman room not mine

"That's so scary.What if that was the wild killer animal.......and it's pack!" I said

"Yeah! and it was so close to our house, you could here them!" Roman agreeed.We started watching movies and then Summer came in and we all stayed up watching movies .

I had it agan.The dream, it was as scary as it was the first time .It's been happening ever since my fifteenth birthday . I was walking in the woods and heard the loudest nastest and dont forget strongest growl ever.I ran and ran and then saw the wolf before it growled at me , showing his teeth that seem like needles and his eyes weere big and creepy grey, like it was souless not to metion he was big and I mean BIg , like taller than me big and i'm 5'4 .HE"S TALLER THAN AN HUMAN!!.It looked like it wanted to tear me to shreeds or something , I ran and ran for what seemed like hours but was only a few mintues and I didnt get anywhere.No seriously I got Nowhere I was still in the SAME SPOT!I screamed and screamed and was finally set lose and ran then I was in a village and I fell every head turned my way woundering what was wrong and I screamed 'wolf!' but when they looked around , they didnt see a wolf it was gone and everyone turned to do there own business not caring about me. It was then the next day and I was stupidly outside in the woods, it couldnt control myself , and I walked in the woods and came short oon a cliff and heard the scary growl again.I turned and saw the wolf and it came may way and I backed up but couldnt anymore because of I was at the cliff, with really pointy rocks at the bottom and as it grew closer I saww its eyes the grey turned more Silver like and acually shined and I was hipnotized at its color and walked to it.I couldnt help it either , it was like it was telling-No ordering me- to silently somehow and I could do anything.It ends just like it always do......me getting closer and closer and then the wolf pounced and it's on top of me and I could smell his woody smell, and he looked down at me and his eyes changed and he stayed looking in my eyes and I his.

The scarest thing was his gaze , it made me feel like an freaking piece of meat, he looked like he wanted to get me alive! I woke up screaming again this time waking up my brother and sister , I said sorry and then Lissa came to see what's wrong and then told us to go back to sleep and we did well not me I didnt want to have that damn dream again I went to my room and watch tv all night intill I fell asleep and thanks heavens I didn't have that dreamagain when I did finally fell alseep.

"Come on lets go guys" I heard Lisa's voice but thanks to that dream I didnt get much sleep, it felt like I just laid down and now it's time to get up.Arrrrgg!

"Come on" she was in my room , I could tell then I felt light weight sitting on my bed.A ray of light came from the window and I groaned ,knowing she pulled the curtains back , and pulled the covers over my head

"Come on lazy bones it's school time" I groaned again.I forgot that school was today! I felt her tugging on the sheets and I let them go, knowing I had to get up .
"Get up girl!" Lisa said as I got up but kept my eyes closed I know this house with my eyes closed, every inch.

"Finally!"Summer exclaimed as I joined them for breakfest

"Overslept again" my brother laughed .I did it last year in ninth grade and in eight , both on the first days but this time it wasnt m y falt it was the damn dreams falt!

'Shut up" I said to them both as I pour me some corn flakes

"Come on you guys, River has to go to get to his new daycare on time .Move your butts.Now"She ordered, and we listened hurrying.Lissa isnt mean or really stern its just we like her so musch and respect her it's not her falt her sweet voice couldn't be mean, the girl didnt have a mean bone in her body. I ran upstairs to grabe my camra pro lense( I know it's stupid to bring such a good camra to school but I promised my friend Nat that I would show him the camra and bring it to school, he went on vacation to brazil(I've been there last year to see my grandmother) and wouldnt be back intill today.

"Can I see?" River asked when I got in the back seat of the car and Isaid not right now I didnt really feel like taking them out of my bag I didnt even want to gert up now but I had to because of school.I took my camra and tried to see if I could get anything good,but there wasnt anything as predicted.We pulled up at Mac high and got out

"Okay guys do you know where that new daycare is?" Lissa asked confussed

"Nope " Summer said and left us to find her friends

"Umm we dont know" Me and Jonah said "Sorry" and then we walked up to the school.I went to my locker and Zac , my bestfriends boyfriend was waiting at my locker.Confussed I walked slower, I've never really talked to him except of the polite Hi or how you doing or something as Misc(it means Random) as that.

"Hi " I say when I reached him"

"Hey" he said and smiled at me

"I dont know where Toni is bu-"

'Yeah, I'm not looking for Toni , I was looking for you" he said "Our aniversery is coming up and I dont know what to get her, but your her bestfriend you must know right....or can you atleast find out while being discret?" He pleaded

"Sure" I said

"Look I know it's a lot to ask but--" He cut himself off probable "Wait!what? for real? you'll do it!" his eyes grey wider than mine...if thats possiable"Thsnk you thank you!" He said and hugged me.I didnt return it , I was to surpised to well I wasnt going to return it anyway he always made me feel werid,the way he looks at me and all.He pulled away and went down the hall I was stuck for a mintue but then I got myself together and went to home room.


"Hey" Toni smiled up at me"You watched the news

"hey" I was about to say yes when Celeste head cheerleader and bestfriend of my sister said

"No, who waches the news?" then sat down and twirled her hair in her fingers

"Smart people!" Toni playfully mocked and Celeste made a face

"Guys did you see last nights news?" Jerry another friend said as he sat down in the seat in front of me he sat on the back so he could face me

"Yeah" I said

"Creepy what do you think it could be?" Toni asked

"Hey" Mack said as he entered the room"Did'ya hear that last night Williow?"

"hear what, the news?" Celeste asked confussed

"No" Mack said sitting down next to me "Last night a bunch of wolfs was right outside they were so loud"

"Yeah like they where coming to your house!" I said "It scared you didnt it?" I smiled at him

"NO!" he said and pufft knowing he was

"Right" I smiled

"You mean you two saw WOLFS!" Celeste voice grew louder as she said each word and people turned to look

"No I didnt see them I was to scared to look outside" I said

"Not me I saw them ALL" Mack told us" There was like seven or eight and they were actin' freaky then a big one came lookin' all narly and it growled and they all shut up before that they were so wild and crazy howling and growling at Will's house like they wanted in!" he said

"What? MY house?"I asked No way could they have been.what would they want?"No way?"

"Yeah I saw them ,they were in the back of your house , just outside your gates" he said this as a mact-of-fact face"You didnt look outside?"

"No I-" I was cut off.

"Hello class let's get started today" the teacher Mr.Brack said and told us to take a test then pass it back and we did my friends headed to there right desks

I was half way through my test and then the door opened and in step Mr.Lockwood and someone behinde him

"Hello, I'm sorry to interupt but I have a new student here......" I stoped listening I didnt really care I was trying to make this stupid test make sense but I couldnt it;s too hard 'Dumb stupid test! why can't they be easy for once! I yelled inside my head

"Hi" A deep sexy voice said I looked over and saw the hottest guy I ever seen! He had dark brown hair that was curly and even went into his beautiful eyes they were green. and he even had a sexy smile.his beautiful green eyes were almost hipnotic.But the only thing is he seem arragant and egotistic

"Hi" I said and turned back to my stupid test

"Do you have a pincle" he asked again and I didnt so I just shook my head no and looked at the test even though I couldnt focus

"A pen" he pressed and I looked up into his charmingly sexy smile"No sorry" I said and I went back to my test and stayed that way trying to figuar out impossiable problems then before I new it, it was the end of class.I only had half of the test finished ! Damn i'm so going to fail !Mr. brack collected our test but told me to stay.

"You've been slipping that test counted for 70% of your grade" he informed me "If you want to pass my class your going to have get a tutor"Great. just freakin' great!Mr. B also told me he's goigng to see who he can get to tutor me and that he'll inform me as soon as he could.I waked out of there and went to the library before lunch.I couldnt find anything onart so I stareted to leave I got up off the floor and then bumbed into soething that felt like a brick wall.Nope not a brick wall i baged up and looked into the face of the hottest guy i've ever seen......mr. green eyes from Mr.Bracks class

"S-sorry" I blushed like an idiot and moved so he could go pass but he did the same and we blocked each others way again then we did it again and he chuckled and steped aside completely

"M'lady" he said and an really hot and believeable british accent and motioned his hand for me to go pass.I laughd and headed out the library forgeetting about my worlds history book I was suppost to check out and went back for it and saw him sitting in my seat his books were sitting on it


I could still smell her intoxacating sent.I new I found her but I still couldnt believe it was acually her, if Simon new he would be pissed I didnt share my new blood bag machine.The only one I would need if the rumor surves right..I had to report back to Ginger would be happy....that IF i told her which i'm not, she would want her to drink for herself.The odd thing is the girl didnt seem to be able to be glamered sure she did want to look away that part of it but she's still not suppost to turn away from me intill I tell her I was glamering her.Apperently like Ginger said she is very speical to us........I just couldnt wait to drink her blood, the smell was mmmmm!The smell grew closer and I new she was coming back

"H-hi" she said.Her sexy voice was sort of raspy and quiet and her pouty lips were just crazy hot.She came to my shoulder she had long curly brown hair went almost to her back her big milky brown eyes was really cute and she had curvs in all the right places.I couldnt wait to have her I smiled up to her as she looked down

"Hi" I said cooly

"I um forgot um...." she didnt finish and I laughed , I new she forgot her book I just wanted her to say it.

"Your.......?" I egged her on

"Book , my history book" She said and looked at me

"Oh right here" i handed her then book and our fingers touch.I did it on purpose.She looked blank like 'nobody's home blank' then she came to and started looking at me her already big eyes grew wider and she stepped back

"I-I-I have to go" She stormed out the room leaving me nothing but her delious scent .I cant believe I'm the only one that found her I cant belive I just NOW smell her the way she smells you could smell her from anywhere I dont get it .She must have been spell bound.A witch is protecting her even though I dont think she knows about it.

I couldnt go home smelling like this, everyone would smell her on me even though we only touched by the text book exchange her scent is to strong its all over me, not that I mind.I would have to get it off .Oh well I have a few blood-whores in this town time to go vist.Then I got a wiff of something different , something I didnt smell before but was practicly right under my noise.I smelt wolf and some of it was on her.What the hell? is there an wolf in town and I didnt know ?


"Damn, that new boy is hot!" A friend of mine, her name is Fran, said hot like Hawt. exsagerating every letter in that word.We were at my house

"I know right!" Toni said

"What's his name ?" Tonni asked, she's Toni's little sister she's fifteen, Toni's older by a year.

"Hunter wilde" Cori informed us as she intered the the sitting room.It was big and one of my favorites rooms in this big house of ours.the floors were hard wood and there was a kitchen right by there an kitchen that loked right out of a magazine then theres two step you go down and the couch and the big flat screen tv on the wall in front of it the carpets were white and felt great under your feet and the couch was red and had a part of the couch where you could lay down , on the sides big enouch to sit on, there was a little couch on each side like little stools but big enouch for someone to sit on there was , close to the couch but on the side. Tonni and Toni were sitting on the couch and I was laying down on the floor working on my photo's trying to see hat ones were better and which ones were the rejects.Coris my sisters friend , there both cheerleaders , Cori, like my sister, had blond hair , she was a dirty blond , tall , lean, and had bright green eyes and dimples and was extremely mean I looked back down at my photo's have caring what they said.

"What! How did you know his name before me?" Tonni said getting upset , she was the gossip queen if you needed to know anything about anyone you go find her , and her not know before Cori is saying something

"Well I have my ways" Cori bragged "What are you doing?" I heard Cori say and then next thing I know a couple of pictures was snatched up from the carpet and my head snapped up , I was bearly listening to them and when the pictures were snatched up I was suprised and confussed ' what the hell" i thought as my head went up

"WTF!"she said looking at me and I realzied which pictures she had.The first one was of her brother Kyle it was black and white and he was by the bench it llooked like he was about to drink his water from the water bottle it was in mid air and he had on football shorts but no shirt and his curls was a mess , I had it in the 'ok' pile .The second one was of her boyfriend , he was a football player too , he was hotter than her brother and that 's when he was still wearing a shirt and had the football aimed like he was going to throw it , this photo to was in black and white.I really liked them , they were not posed and I caught them at the right moment .I had pictures of the whole team to , some just didnt have there own , some just didnt fit for a picture alone and some did , I had many of other guys that were alone to.I was in the photography club and that was my assiment to take pictures of them , the schools teams , I have to get some pictures of our soccer team as well.

"Hey?" I say 'what the hell was that for?"

"You taking pictures of my boyfriend ?" She said getting mad and very loud. I huffed , what did she think I wanted them or something , as if!

"There for my club" I say and get up taking the photo's from her, well I tried but she wouldnt have that

"AND, my brother !" SHe says loud again

"Look , I had to take pictures of the team , for photography club " I say grabbing my photo's off the floor showing her the team and almost everyone had sepert photo's "Now, can I have them back" I say and held out my hand.She calms down and handed them over ' hmmp , as if I would ever be intresseded in her egotsitic boyfriend and air headed brother. Hot or not.

I put all the pictures in my satchle and sat back down on the floor they were still talking but I tuned them out before

"................... so how ?" Fran asked Cori

"I'm just good like that" Cori bragged with a smile and I held in a groan.

"Okay you guys , no worries I'm here" Lizza , another one of my sisters friends. Cheerleader , beauitful , lean and mean.You know the type , the ones that make you feel like crap without even trying 'I use to have that shirt , only in a small " She'd say with a smile or ' Wow that's a lot of make up, did you try to make yourself look more ugly ...if possiable' then she' laugh and say' Just kidding after every mean thing like that helps.Shes conceided and has an ego the seize of texas. The two blondes huge then sit back on the couch

"Not to be mean' TOni said , in a ' as-if-I-could-care-anyless ' voice"but , what the hell are you two doing here?" she said in the sweetest voice ever

"To see Summer , of course" Lizza said in a duh voice

"Then why arent you with her then?" Toni said matching Lizza'a tone

"Because we need help" She smiled then turned to me.Not good.

"Yes you do" Toni muttered and I faught back an laugh, un sucessfuly to

"Shut it" Cori said and she to turned my way."We need your help"

"Yeah , were not going to playcate you , were just going to come out and say it" Lizza said

"Ohhh, the twin idoits learned a new word " I laugh at TOni's jeer and Tonni tried to keep her's under control , she was afraid of them, which I dont understand why

"Shut up goth" Lizza said with a smile , i'm starting to think she thinks it softens the blow or something.She calls Toni goth because her hair is like pitch black and she likes to paint her pnails black but she's not goth , in fact I dont think she knows what she likes. She wear what she feels.

"You shut up priss" No good. if they start to argue ...well more, they'll diffenetly end up fighting each other, they hate each other.Toni never told me why though but I never pressed it , I left it alone.

"GUYS!" I yell and they stop and look at me " Okay What do you want?" I looked at Lizza and Cori nowing it wouldnt be good

"Well " Cori started

"Your 'friends' with Mac"Lizza started , she used quotations over the word friend "I want you to find out if he likes me"

I laughed out loud ' she wanted me to help her! HA! to funny they had to be joking .

"What do you really want ?" I said while laughing

"I'm serious " She said and she sounded serious ,in fact dead serious.I stop laughing fast.' wait she really wanted me to find out if Mac liked her, my Mac?"Um if it'll make you leave then sure i'll talk to him" I say and I could feel Toni sarring at me

"Great!" Lizza said cheerfuly and left the room,Cori got up but looked at me

"YOur okay with this?" She asked raising her eyebrows

"Yeah , why wouldnt I?" I asked confussed but then I get it.Me and Mac have been freinds since forever , and people even say we look like a cute couple but were not, I dont have feeling for him , he;s like a brother and he feels the same.In fact he likes Toni, but before you go saying " he likes your other bestfriend and you say you'll ask him if he like Lizza, what kind of frien are?' well dont think that i'm a great friend if I do say so myself , I'm really going to ask Mac if he likes her , I want both my bestfriends together.

"Your going to ask him , really?'Tonni whispher as Toni gets up to get something to drink

"NO" I said loudly so she could hear' I just wanted them off my back" then I get up and sat on the couch and Toni comes back , if she was upset , she didnt show it.

"Hey guys" speak of the devil and he shall apear"What are we watching?" Mac smiled at us and sat next to Toni, as usuall.

"What you girls talking about .........Hunter?" Fran and Tonni blush and Toni nodds .I do nothing , I wasnt really paying attention when they were talking earier so iI have not the slightest Idea what they were talking about or who the hell Hunter was."What about you? your not obsessed like them?" he asked pointing his thumbs at Fran and Tonni

"Who's Hunter?" I asked confussed

"We'rent you listening ?" Tonni asked me with a smile

"No "

"Hunter's the new boy" well duh , I should have figured that out , I mean I know most people in my school so I should of none then new name should have belonged to him.

"Oh" I said blushing think back to when I saw him in the library , his wonderful smile.

"Ha, she's obsessed to" He said laughing

"Am not"

"Are to"

"Am not'

"Are to"

"Am not!" I say pushing him and he laughs.

Were watching some scary movie and the girl is alone in the hall way and its dark , she just got seperated from her boyfriend , they thought it would be 'romantic' to spend there anaversary in there having a picnic , candellight , in the old abandond house ......more like mini mansion and then some freak stuff happened ( not like that nasties ) , somehow they got seperated from each other and the killer has a friend helping him and they both are after the stupid teens .She's walking down the hall to the last door at the end her boyfriend went that way and she's stupidly trying to find him , i mean she heard him sccream , he's obviously dead , but we dont know that yet

"He's dead and you'll be to if you dont turn back around" Tonni yelled at the dumb girl .We were all on the couch I had on my purple blanket with darker purple circles on it every where .Tonni and Fran where sharing a red cover and Toni and Mac where sharing a light blue cover , very close together.She was reaching for the door

"Dont do it" We all begged her but she did it anywya and -Ding-dong!

"AHHHH" we all jump then laughed, realizing what it was , the door bell

"I got it" i said and Got up

"No what if it's the killer"Tonni whisphered

"Shut up "I laughed but I felt scared also I mean I know the movie was fiction but it was kind of scary and very gory.I look out the peep whole and see an friend of my.Marshall.

"Hey"He smiles at e and holds a package

"Hey , what are you doing here?" he lives nowhere near here

"Just wanted to show you these , since I would have to wait intill monday "Marshall smiled and his eyes twinkled" Can I come in?'" I liked Marshall he was sweet.He also was hot and had brown hair that he kept long , down to his neck and I loved his brown locks.His perfect smile and he also had a great body which I saw since we had the sam gym class

"Sure " I smile

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