Venom: Hush.

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - Chapter 08 - New Mission.

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Submitted: July 22, 2011



Chapter 08 – New Mission


Katrina woke up with a start. She looked around her unrecognized surroundings with a confused expression. She was about to shout in when Fleur’s hand clamped around her mouth.

“Shhh! Don’t scream!” she brown eyes warned with a hush.

Katrina looked around the car and finally, her eyes landed on the driver. “What the hell happened?” she demanded to the stranger and her friend. “Who brought us here? How did we get here? I – we were–”

“He saved us,” Fleur answered to her questions with a thankful gaze at Cruise, who had glanced back. “You fainted. Don’t you remember? I got the keys to your house though … and food. He followed me back to where you were and helped us! Kat, Cruise can take us to a safe place!”

“Cruise?” Katrina asked hesitantly, looking at his side profile.

“That’s me,” he confirmed. He smiled back at her but didn’t receive one back. A smirk left his lips as he turned his attention back onto the road. They were already on the motorway. “Not a cheery one, are you?”

Katrina cleared her throat. “Erm, thank you very much for saving us, but we can take it from here now. You can drop us off over there, where the next intersection ends. I know this area. So you don’t need to worry about us strangers.”

Cruise slowed down the car to a stop and turned the engine off. He turned around, as much as he could, and threw Katrina an incredulous look. “You think you know what’s really happening out there?” he challenged. “You won’t last a minute without my help.”

“We can handle it, we’ve done it this far,” she reasoned. “And never mind you being able to help us, I’ve already addressed that and even thanked you for it. God knows who you are and what you’d do with us!”

“Listen Kitty-Cat–”


“Whatever, Kitty-Cat,” he ignored her, and received a frown. “I doubt I’d be stupid enough to rape or kill either of you when the rest of the world is in difficulty right now. Not that I would in other circumstances and I’m not that kind of guy, be rest assured for God’s sake!” His eyes were as stony as the cold boulders against crashing waves of the sea at night.

Katrina felt slightly embarrassed by her outburst and stayed quiet. She crossed her arms in front of her and leant back against the seat. “Sorry,” she mumbled after a paused and blinked up at him. “Thank you for your help. We appreciate it. You went out of your way to protect us when you could have left us to be eaten” – She heard Fleur whimper beside her – “by those Blood-suckers.”

Cruise smiled faintly. “Good,"
nodded curtly. " Now that the confusion has been clarified, shall focus on getting out of here?”

Fleur screamed when a grotesque body slammed against her side of the window. It was burning in places and smoke was coming out of it. The red eyes were disgustingly jutting out of the skull as it screamed in blood-lust.”

Fleur pushed herself away from it and was glad that the window wasn’t cracked. “Oh mon Dieu!” she cried out in her native language as she saw more coming at them. “Ils sont là! Comment sur terre peuvent-ils nous voir? Lot d'entre eux! Oh mon Dieu, ainsi de nombreux!”

Cruise stepped on the accelerator and the tires screeched in protest. “Ne vous inquiétez pas Mademoiselle Fleur,” he replied to her, as the sports car raced forward.

“Oh, my God – that was so close!” Katrina exclaimed whilst looking out behind them, watching the blood-suckers unsuccessful attempts at catching them. Her heart was still hammering in fear and adrenaline when she turned back around. “Fleur are you alright?! And what on earth were you both rambling on about?”

Cruise smirked at Fleur through the rear-view mirror. “It’s our little secret,” he retorted.

“You think this is a game? Grow up! I mean it nearly got Fleur!” Katrina shouted. Her hands started to tremble so she hid them by crossing her arms again.

Cruise just made a grunting sound and didn’t say anything.

Fleur was going through hyperventilation, when she found an carrier bag lying around the floor and began to breathe in an out.

“Are you going to be sick?” Katrina asked and rubbed Fleur’s back.

Fleur shook her head … but then vomited. She made a degusting sound to herself and spat out her morning cup of coffee and toast into the bag. Suddenly there was bottled water in front of her from Cruise, who was still looking ahead. She thankfully took it. “Thanks,” she whispered.

“Welcome,” he responded.

Katrina shivered in thought when the red eyes came to her mind’s eye. “I wonder who the first one was,” she wondered.

Cruise cocked his head to the side. “What?” he asked.

“Well there’s got to be someone at the beginning who must have caught the virus first, right?” she asked thoughtfully. “I was just wondering to myself on who it was, that’s all. I mean … don’t you wonder how this occurred? There’s always a beginning.”

Cruise didn’t say anything right away as he was also wondering the same thing. “You’re right, there is always a beginning,” he agreed. “You know, me and my group of mates had been thinking the same thing. We are thinking about doing something about this mess.”

“How do you mean?” she asked

“We are going to do save the rest of the world,” he paraphrased. He caught the hesitant look on her face and laughed. “You’ll be surpsised how well organised and determined we are, especially when most of the world’s population is either dead, a mutant, or a deserter.”

“My thoughts exactly…”

“Well, then,” he grinned, “we are not so different after all. That’s why I decided to help you damsels in distress to come with me. The more we are the better we will be at killing off these things.”

“First of all, we aren’t just some ‘damsels in distress’ – that’s ignorant – and second of all, I think that it would be best for me and Fluer to join you in fighting these, these monsters!”

“Good to hear, not that you had a choice in it or anything, I mean, it’s your planet as well. It’s our duty to help save it. Bring it to the way it was; safe.”

“Yeah,” she nodded.

Fleur sighed and threw the bag of vomit out of the window just as quickly she had opened it. “Urgh, I need the toilet,” she announced.

“Can’t you wait? We’ve not got long to reach our destination.”

“No,” she whined. “And I think I might be sick again. I need some of those sick bags.”

“No problem, there’s a petrol station coming up next in about five minutes drive,” he instructed. “There’s got to be a lavatory in there,” – he paused to think for a second. “You’ll have to wait until then, Mademoiselle.”

“Alright,” Fleur waited patiently.

Five minutes later he rolled the car to a stop next to a gas pump, which was to their left side while the empty roads were to their right.

“Hey, want me to go inside with you, in case of any undesirable guests?” he asked her politely.

“Please,” she nodded.

“ ‘K. You, Miss. Tenaces, ” he nicknamed her in French, “Are staying in here until we come back out. If you see any one of those bloody things just beep the horn and we will get to you A.S.A.P. Oh, here,” he reached into the glove compartment and got out a shiny, black, and dangerous object. He held out the gun for her to have.

“Are you insane, I’m not touching that!” Katrina cried and moved away from his hand.

He rolled his eyes and pointedly laid it on the passenger seat to his left. “Suit yourself, Miss. Tenaces,” he repeated in French. “Lock the doors.”

“And what is that you keep calling me?” she asked curiously, but he was already out of the door.

“Miss. Stubborn,” Fleur opted to answer, and hastily closed the door after her as she caught onto Cruise’s arm. She looked behind her nervously.

Katrina scoffed. “How dare he?” she asked herself. She locked the doors from the inside and, watched carefully, as Cruise had kicked the glass door open slowly with his own gun poised and steady. He checked that the dead man was actually dead and then went somewhere out of sight. Probably looking at the back, searching for the toilets, she decided. Fleur had disappeared with him.

This left her very aware of her surroundings. The silence of no cars, no people, and no anything alive was pressurising. She didn’t want to be one of those people who would lose it, turn crazy. She wanted to have control. Yes. Control is good. Control is good.

She peered through the darkly tinted glass all around her and the hair on the back of her neck stiffened. Something wasn’t right. Or perhaps her paranoia was finally seeping into her skull. She didn’t feel safe even with the concealment of the windows and the locks.

Not a moment after, her instincts were answered. A sound of a loud gunshot was sounded from inside the building.

No. She needed to focus on not feeling scared. She could do all that once she, Fleur, and Cruise were in a safe place. It didn’t matter how obnoxious and annoying he may sound to her, he was still humane enough to save her and her friend, and that was alone a huge help. She just did not want to let her guard down and particularly when she was on the lookout.

About ten slow, taunting, and worrisome minutes later, the door opened. A sigh of relief flew out of her parted lips and her eyes lit up welcomingly. She opened the locks for them to climb back into their seats.

“There was one already in there!” Fleur answered Katrina’s silent questions, “But Cruise was very brave and careful. He shot it.”

“It only gets ‘em in the ‘ead,” he stated. “Remember that girls. The ‘ead.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Katrina nodded.

“I bought some crisps for you,” Fleur mentioned and passed a packet of salt and vinegar flavoured crisps with trembling hands. “Here. You must be famished.”

“Thanks,” Katrina smiled for the first time in ages. “I knew something bad had happened and was worried about you both.”

“I know, I was so scared of being alone in the toilet myself, so he stood outside for me. When I came out he had killed it. And we decided to grab a few necessities as quick as possible and leave. There’s barely anything left on the shelves.”

Cruise restarted the car but just then his mobile phone rang. “Hang on, I might as well top up the petrol. Plus, the phones are still working amazingly well,” He joked, and then answered the mobile phone whilst getting out of the car. “What is it? Yeah – yeah … yes, I know that. Why? Fine. Whatever. Keep me updated.” He hung up, climbed back inside and grinned at the girls. “Put your fun faces on. We’re going to Light Water Valley Theme-park!”

The girls stared at him as if he was stupid and didn’t know how to respond to that.

He has finally lost it… Katrina thought.

“Seriously,” he said, and the grin was gone, “I need to save a group of friends that ‘ave realised how wrong they were. I owe them BIG TIME! So … couldn’t just say no. They’re in a bit of a trouble.”

“What kind of trouble?” Katrina asked knowingly.

“Do I really have to answer that?” he asked drearily.

Fleur sighed and put her head in her hands.

“Might as well save them, after all, we have to stick together,” Katrina nodded resolutely. “They deserve to live just as much as everyone else on this earth. Let’s go.”


“What did you call me?”

“Bonne!” he repeated. He knew that she was misunderstanding him and he enjoyed letting her.

“Alright, that’s it, which language study did you get back in high school, Urdu?” he mocked half heartedly with a smirk.

She blinked once for what seemed – almost – dramatic. “Yes, I did…” she replied.

Cruise looked pokerfaced at her.

“In fact, I speak my native language fluently,” she smiled genuinely.

He just gave her a look of confusion and then laughed it off. “Ah. Bonne alors! We best be goin’,” he turned around and started the car. “Oh, how do you say ‘I love you’ in Urdu?” he asked out of the blue, as he pulled out of the petrol station.

Katrina replied in Urdu, pretending to be serious. Fleur was trying to hide her snickering behind her hands, since she had already known the actual meaning behind those words. She and Katrina knew each other enough to teach each other a few words and phrases in their languages. Katrina on the other hand didn’t get the hang of French very much though, but Fleur was quite good in remembering many Urdu words.

“Say it again?” he asked. After several attempts later, he finally got it right and was proudly repeating the phrase to Fleur. Unbeknownst to him, he was repeating ‘I am insane,’ as if it was a medal.



Disclaimer: Yes, I'm writing a disclaimer. I wish I owned Light Water Valley Theme-park, but I don't. :'( So there.

I used Google translator for French - hope it made sense! Also, I thought I'd put some light hearted humour. :/

Anyway, I apologise for not being on-line/active again. I have a new baby niece Nini (lol, it's a short nick-name for Inayah), so life is incredibly busy these days. The only time I get free time is just before going to bed. lol So I help baby sit her every day and when I return home I am really tired, but this time, I decided to do some writing. And I'm so glad that I did. I've missed it. I've missed you all. Ah, Booksie! <3

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