Venom: Hush.

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Chapter 12 (v.1) - Chapter 10 – Kitty Cat

Submitted: May 21, 2013

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Submitted: May 21, 2013



Chapter 10 – Kitty Cat


Katrina eyes were cloudy as she thought of what her parents would be doing right now. She was very worried about their wellbeing, as one would in such a hellish time, and refused to let herself breakdown.

“…In my workplace, you see,” Fleur was explaining to Cruise. She had already shifted herself in the passenger seat next to Cruise. “I - It all happened so fast that all we could do was … run … just run. I mean … I – I mean I just … it’s just so … unreal, don’t you think?” She was gesturing with her hands, as if to make him understand her rambling thoughts in her mind.

“I totally get it,” Cruise said, “Feels like a bloody nigh’mare.”

Katrina sighed and leant the back of her head against the headset and closed her eyes for a moment. The mental images of her laughing parents’ faces came into focus. Their kinds brown eyes were shining in delight and happiness. She was missing them terribly for the first time in and very long time.

She had had moved out from her parents’ house when she was eighteen to live on her own, to work and live in independent life from her overprotective parents. All she wanted to do now was to find them and curl up in their warm and protective embrace, like a caterpillar would within a cocoon until it was ready to face the world. Right now she had to be strong.

“Oh mon Dieu!” Fleur cried out in French. She was pointing at something in the trees on her side of the window. As the trees draw closer and closer, her eyes widened more and more and she gasped. “We have to save it, please, we have to,” she begged Cruise and turned to him.

Cruise pretended not to listen and kept on going.

“Hey, can you stop for a moment?” Katrina asked, but the car had gone past the poor cat. “I don’t believe it. You would actually leave a poor, defenseless and helpless little kitty all alone?”


“You better listen to me, Mister,” Katrina threatened. “I know karate.”

“Fine,” he caved in, “But you will look after the cat. Feed it, bathe it, and everything. I don’t want any distraction from the real mission.”

“Mission?” Katrina caught on quickly, “What mission?”

“Heh, nothing, just having fun with wordplay, that’s all,” he smirked. He reversed the car about ten meters back and then nodded towards the cat on the tree.

“Hurry right back girls - go get it, Miss. Tenaces!” he cheered, trying to avert her attention.

Katrina stopped in mid exit when she yelled, “Stop calling me ten-asses!” She huffed annoyingly and climbed out.

“I – It’s meant to be pronounced as tenaces, Kat, not like ten-asses,” Fleur corrected her and proceeded to follow her out.

Katrina stared at her friend. “Who’s side are you on?” She demanded, throwing her hands up. She stood in front of the tree where the cat was meowing in distress, as if it knew something they did not.

“It was funny the way you said it,” Fleur giggled. A smile that reminded them both of how things were before the world went topsy-turvy in an endemic, living nightmare.

Katrina couldn’t help but smile up at the cat in response. “Hey, little cat,” she coaxed and reached her arms out. The cat didn’t budge and just watched her with unblinking eyes. “Come on. Come here!”

“It’s alright, kitty,” Fleur joined in and stepped forward. “We will save you.”

Katrina watched in sadness as the little black and white cat sat helplessly atop a tree branch. As if it knew that these humans could be its saviors, it started to meow, walked up and down the high branch.

“What is it, kitty?” Fleur asked. “Did the bad monsters try to eat you?” She pouted up at the cat and it meowed back and began to gradually walk to her side. “Come to mama!”

Katrina looked around herself when she thought she heard a strange sound. “Don’t move,” she whispered, but it was too late. A bunch of blood-suckers came scrambling towards them from nowhere.

“Er … girls? I think we have some guests,” Cruise called from the car.

“Aren’t we lucky,” Katrina retorted, and watched as Fleur had finally grabbed the cat. “We can’t even rescue a poor little cat without having these monsters coming for us! Fleur, move over, I’ll climb the tree and bring the cat down!”

Cruise got out of the car and stood with the door open, gunning down any blood-suckers that got too close. “Are you crazy, Miss. Tenaces?!” He exclaimed, glancing at her as she started to climb up the tree trunk like a monkey. He shook his head at her in disbelief and punched another creature in the head before stomping on its skull. It’s cracked and spurted dark bloody liquid.

“Careful, Kat!” Fleur sobbed and covered her mouth with her hands.

“Fleur, get in!” Cruise ordered, and told Katrina to follow suit. “Forget the damn cat!”

“Never!” Katrina retorted it defense. She was sitting on one of the highest branches in the trees that were halfway up.

“Then we will leave without you!”

“No, Cruise!” Fleur protested.

“I’m only trying to get her to come down,” Cruise whispered and made a face like he wasn’t serious about leaving Katrina.

“Oh,” Fleur sighed in relief and got into the back of the car seat. She watched the throng of the blood-suckers getting bigger in numbers.

“It’s like they can smell us,” Cruise stated in awe. Can they smell human blood? He thought. “This is bad,” he whispered, “Kitty-Cat, we don’t have time. We gotta go. Now!”

“Er ... slight problem … there’s good news and there’s bad news…” Katrina put timidly. “I … I can’t get down.” Her face looked like a scared small child.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Cruise unhappily, “Don’t do this to me. Just come down, the ground won’t eat you up.”

“Don’t patronise me and get me down!” She ordered.

“You’re being ridiculous, right now,” he said, and climbed back into the driver’s seat as the murderous throng of creatures crowded his car. He had to wind up his window just in the nick of time. “Shit,” he swore.

“It’s true,” Fleur insisted. “She can climb up the tallest mountain but when it’s time to get down she panics!”

“You don’t understand!” Katrina was shouting from the outside. Unbeknownst to her, her voice was attracting more of them gradually. “How come more are coming to me than either of you? She asked, scared.

Katrina was helpless and sitting in tree and tried not to get grabbed by the dead hands below her. She was about six feet high from the ground, but it still appeared too low as she watched the creepy blood-suckers reach out for her frantically.

“There’s only one way to get out this situation,” Cruise yelled within the car, “I will run them over and park it further down the down, come out here and distract them and you can run to the car. You will have to jump down, but if you want to die it’s up to you.”

Fleur was sobbing in the car. “Get away from them!” She cried and hugged the rescued cat to her, which was hissing from behind the window.

Cruise shot down several more blood-suckers from the roof screen. He was standing out of it and watched them fall. “I’m leaving you here if I don’t get an answer,” he warned.

Katrina looked down and her vision swam round and round. She thought she would faint and so closed her eyes. She heard something crack underneath her and her eyes flew wide open.



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