Venom: Hush.

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - Chapter 11 – Demons From Hell.

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Submitted: May 22, 2013



Chapter 11 – Demons From Hell.


Cruise couldn’t believe what was happening. She can climb up like a ninja but a complete scaredy-cat when it’s time to come back down, he thought in disbelief. “Hey! Hey! You better stay awake, damn it, I am not kidding!” He shouted at Katina, and shot several more blood-suckers that tried to climb onto the roof of the car.

“Kat!” Fleur wailed from the backseat. She didn’t want her friend to die this way. “What are we going to do? We have to save her!”

He ignored Fleur’s rambling and concentrated on the danger at hand and decided to take them all on. An angry shout erupted from his throat and he pushed himself out from the roof screen, which he still had been standing out from – and stood on top of the roof with his feet on either side of the opening. Bullets shot out and more guns came out of his pockets when the first ones became of no use. He was shooting and kicking them all at once.

Meanwhile, Katrina’s vision was losing focus more rapidly as she looked down; she was too high from the ground for her liking and still couldn’t get herself down – certainly not when she had attracted so many monsters. So … this is how I die… She thought weakly. She couldn’t help it, and as a result of it fainted. Thankfully, her unconscious body fell to her right – against the trunk of the tree – and away from the gaping mouths of the blood-suckers below.

Cruise and Fleur let out sighs of relief.

Cruise had killed so many so quickly that he felt more invigorated to send more to their deaths. He was feeling incredible adrenaline rushing through his blood. His usually bright hazel eyes were now full of fortitude and narrowed. “Shit,” he muttered and pursed his lips. He threw away his empty guns below that fell into the car.

“Where are you going?” Fleur gasped frantically and saw him jump high over the thirty or forty or so blood-suckers.

He flew over the groaning blood-suckers without much of an effort and did a somersault and landed on his feet without difficulty. He started shouting to get their attention away from the car and the – dangerously keeling over – girl in the tree. “Hey, you blood-sucking-zombies, look over here! Oi, you demons from Hell, yeah, look over here! HEY.” He provoked them.

Cruise saw her appearing as if she was growing dizzier by the minute and her grip on the branches was loosening. He was about ten metres away from the girls and the monsters. He had to get them to follow him and this had to happen soon, otherwise Katrina would be vampire-zombie-meat.

The blood-suckers all began to turn his way and go where the noise was coming from. They saw Cruise and grew more fervent in their breathing, their bloodshot and red bloody eyes – some were nonexistent and many were just hanging from their sockets – and their dead, bony, and grey fleshed hands reached out ardently to grab him. Their feet pressed against the asphalt road quickly into anxious steps. It wasn’t long when picked up their paces and some were faster than the others.

“Oh … OK,” Cruise said before running off as fast as he could. “Follow me, idiots! I’m going to send you back to Hell!” He led them into the forest and hid himself behind a tree that was enough to hide his frame. His breathing was fast and shallow from running hard, but he had learnt to control it and listened.

A random blood-sucker walked by him. He slowly but quietly brought out his knife and attacked the skull. Surely, it fell onto the grass with a disgusting squelch. He continued to kill them off one by one until he finally came to an opening of the road and stretched his muscles. It hadn’t taken him long because he was well trained and practiced a lot by himself.

He watched as Fleur was sobbing to herself. She was pacing back and forth from Katrina, to where she saw Cruise disappear and then back towards the car. All the while patting and hugging the rescued cat to her bosom. Katrina was still leaning against the tree and her limbs limp. “Hey, miss me?” He smirked.

“Oh mon Dieu!” Fleur blubbered and ran up to him. “You’re fine! You’re OK, thank goodness! Katrina is still unconscious. What are we going to do?!”

Cruise put a hand on her shoulder. “Calm down, everything is going to be alright,” he assured.

She nodded swiftly and sniffled.

He looked around them and saw no blood-suckers whilst walking over to the infamous tree. “Yo, Kitty-Cat, wake up,” He called, got no reply and sighed. He then proceeded to climb up to where she was, put him over her shoulder once more and jumped all the way down to land softly on the grass.

Fleur thanked him unrelentingly until she got into the back seat with the sleeping Katrina. “I – I think we should leave now,” she advised.

“Right, we should,” he nodded and climbed into the driver’s seat. He turned around a bit to look at the cat. “…Are it coming with us?” He asked disheartened.

“Of course Angel is coming with us,” she sniffled and scratched one of the cat ears. It purred and closed its eyes.


“Isn’t she the cutest? How could I leave her?”

“It’s going to get us into a lot of trouble, you mark my words.”

“No, you won’t,” Fleur hugged the cat to herself.

He closed his eyes and turned to face the road, started the engine and opened his eyes to come face to face with another blood-sucker. He stepped on the gas pedal and the car roared to life and went over the creature, killing it completely.

Katrina stirred in her sleep as he struggled against the belt across her chest, only to calm down once more and fell into a deep slumber.

“Next time – I don’t care if it’s a bunny rabbit – we are not going to put our lives in danger just to save it,” he said adamantly, and shivered in thought of the cat being too close to him, “You got that?”

“A – Are you … afraid-”

“I am not afraid of a cat,” he chuckled nervously, and kept glancing at Angel through the rear-view mirror.

“Angel is so cute. He won’t hurt you, look,” she guaranteed, and scooted over to show him the cat. Its yellow cat-eyes flashed dangerously.

Cruise almost swerved the car into an abandoned Van, which had fallen into a ditch, but reclaimed his control over the wheel before it was too late. “You get that thing away from me,” he warned.

“Oh,” she pouted. She looked over at her sleeping friend and also decided to take a nap.

The cat curled onto her lap and started to snore.

He watched the sky turn dark over the half hour as he drove past fields and – dead animals – and grimaced. Did the virus effect the animals, too, or did they stay dead? He thought to himself. Soon his eyes started to droop and he caught himself. He grabbed one of the water bottles and poured the cool contents onto his head to awaken him. He didn’t care if his top got wet and opened the window to dry off.

There was another hour to go until they reached the theme-park and he needed to stay awake. He hoped that he would get there in time to save Jay the others. The car zoomed faster as his urge to reach his destination got stronger. “Don’t die on me, Jay. I’ll get there,” he muttered and increased the pressure on the speed.



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