Venom: Hush.

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Chapter 07 – Damsel In Distress.

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Submitted: April 10, 2011



Chapter 07 – Damsel In Distress.


Fleur was desperate for Katrina to come back to consciousness and tried to awake her by shaking her shoulders, but it wasn’t working. Her ears caught something in the air, a noise that she didn’t want to get closer any sooner. She looked up at the broken gateway in front of her, to the left, and then at her friend who was slumped against the wall.

She stood up from her knees and hastily started to drag Katrina up and away – towards the shed – and pulled with all her might. Her grunts of effort were too loud even for her liking and she clamped her mouth shut tightly, in case one of those blood-suckers was nearby. It took her a while to drag her friend into the dim box, however, she scolded at carelessness when she saw Katrina’s lower arm.

Katrina was now soundlessly laid down on the dusty mattress with a scrape on her skin. Her arm had scraped against something sharp when Fleur was busy pulled her through the splintered doorway.

“Oh, no,” Fleur gasped in a whisper and covered her mouth guiltily. She was sure that the scrape wasn’t because of the blood-sucker because it wasn’t there before, so she had nothing to worry about – minus the epidemic. With a small whimper of dread and a final look – she was praying for her to wake up now rather than later – and scuffled back out. She waited to look at the friend who had saved her today, and closed the door after her.

Fleur had a mission to fulfill. There wasn’t anything thing to hold the door in place from the monsters so she left it close just like that, and inched past the gory mess in that lay in the middle of the yard. She quickly stepped outside and her heart sped up rapidly. Not trying to let her paranoid thoughts get to her, she focused on making her way around the whole block and into Katrina’s house.

The sky was bright and sunny in comparison to what was happening today, with a baby blue background and rich, foamy clouds or whiteness. They reminded her of candy-floss and her mouth watered. That’s when she remembered, she hadn’t eaten from yesterday morning, and neither had Katrina. And that’s when her stomach rumbled, making her self-consciously wrap her arms around herself and quicken her small, yet quick, pace.

Her eyes darted everywhere that she could get to see as her feet were tapping along the asphalt backstreet quietly, nonetheless, she still wasn’t fond of those small sounds. Everything was too loud for her and she was afraid that she would get caught. She couldn’t believe that she was actually doing this and felt brave enough. But she was indeed. She had to be strong, just like Katrina was.

She turned a corner to the left, recalling from her memory that which way they had come from, and met with another backstreet that was elongated behind her. All the time she was checking in all directions whilst she kept on the move. The sooner she got what they needed the sooner she could get back.

Get back to where? she asked herself bitterly. That wasn’t even a safe place for them and they still got caught. That was when she stopped just before the backstreet was going to end. Her feet were only about half a meter away from the end of the wall. Fleur took a deep breath and jumped at the corner and checked if there was anything around it. Nothing. She let out that breath that she was holding in. She turned her head to the left and so the footpath leading up the steep slope. Nothing there as well.

That was when she dashed around the corner on her right, not caring if her one inch heels were making that echoing noise again, and went round another corner to land on the house that Katrina’s abandoned house was sitting for her. She was glad that there were no monsters of her nightmares there anymore and tumbled into the front door. The front broken to pieces door that was hanging off the hinges. A rotting kind of smell overwhelmed her senses and she thought that she might have thrown up, if she didn’t have her mission to uphold. She looked around her surroundings and saw that the keys were exactly where they were left, and she grabbed them out of the open purse from the ground after rummaging through it. Now, as she held the bunch of keys in her hands triumphantly, she dashed into the kitchen.

Everything was wrecked – correction, almost – and she went for the fridge. While she was picking up foods and drinks, she looked around it for a container. Thankfully, she came across a green, grocery basket and piled the food in it. After one last look into the bottom units and stacking some tinned food as well into the basket, with the keys safely stowed in the pocket on her blouse, she picked up the basket and headed back outside.

She decided to go back the way she had entered and was feeling too fortunate that she wasn’t caught yet, and felt more fretful. What if those things were only watching me to get me in the end? she thought frantically, and stepped outside with the heavy load. She picked up her pace as quickly as she could and hurried back for her friend. The weight was weighing her down and she regretted filling up the basket to the fullest. It’s done now, I’m already … nearly … halfway through … won’t take me long, she tried to convince herself.

When she turned back in to the second right corner of the backstreet, where Katrina was, she smiled desperately and walked back inside the yard with the food. She left it against the wall against the white concrete wall and opened the door of the shed. Surely Katrina was still laid in the same way and still unconscious.

“Katrina, please wake-up!” Fleur wept and sat down on her knees. She shook Katrina again, roughly, but to no avail, and laid her head against the mattress to cry into it.

“Er … I can see your underwear from ‘ere,” someone commented, causing Fleur to scream out in shock.

Fleur turned around quickly and had already grabbed a half broken brick next to her, and threw it before she could think.

“Ow!” The man cried, and touched his forehead. “Shit, I‘m bleedin’ – thanks a lot lady!”

“I – I – I’m so sorry,” Fleur stammered and stepped out of the shed nervously, “I thought y – you were one of the, erm, those things!” she pointed at the slob of mess on the ground.

“You hit me with a bloody brick and then say sorry?” he hissed through gritted teeth, although, he was clever enough not to raise his voice loudly. Suddenly he smiled. “No problem,” he chuckled. “Just messin’ with ya – oh, blood hell, is she dead?” he asked suddenly, looking past her.

Fleur glanced behind her and then back at the stranger. “She fainted,” she explained and her eyes watered again, as if her eyes were pumping transparent lip-gloss.

He nodded. “A lonely woman in a world of chaos,” he empathized.

Fleur blinked once and a thick trail of gloss fell down her cheeks. “On the contrary, she was the one who killed it,” she retorted, and pointed at the gut covered ground. “And she’s not just a woman and she’s not lonely, she is brave and she has me.”

“Impressive,” he grinned slowly. And then he looked around himself and whatever else was staring back at him. “On the other hand, I think we should get out of here before anything else finds us and get to a safer place.”

“Wait, were you following me?” Fleur asked innocently.

“Yes. Initially I was going make a dramatic escape with my car when I saw you carrying that,” he confirmed, and nodded to his left where the basket was, “So I thought I might as well follow you, what if you were in trouble? A thought came to me, what is a gorgeous like you doing all alone? A damsel in distress that could be in need of my help perhaps? So I went after you.”

She blushed and gave him a little smile. “I’m alright,” she muttered shyly. “I think we should get out of here like you said, as quickly as possible,” she added hastily.

“Gladly,” he sighed, and walked past her to Katrina. He titled his head and studied her. “Alright Sleeping-Beauty, let’s go,” he announced to the unawake Katrina and picked her up. He was carrying her on his shoulder. “Pass me the basket, beautiful, and we’ll head for my car” he said.

“No, our plan was to get my friend’s car,” Fleur implored. She couldn’t understand why they had to change the plan since that was the only thing of late that she was so focused upon completing. “I have even got the keys! That’s why I had gone to get along with the food…!”

“Listen to me, girl, I think it will be best if you both stick with me,” he stated, “Look at it this way, you and your friend won’t be alone in that ugly place. It’s best if we all stick together, OK, foxy-lady?”

“It’s Fleur, not foxylady,” she corrected with a trembling smile, and passed him the basket in his left hand. If she was in a cartoon movie she would have had hearts shining in her eyes.

“Fluer,” he tested it out and went outside, heading towards the road. He kept his pace steady and his eyes alert, even though he was still keeping the lighthearted conversation going. “French, right?” he asked, and walked up the steep footpath.

“Yes,” she whispered frantically and kept pace with him. “I am so glad that we found you, er, Mr…”

“Cruise Mitchell,” he winked at her. “But since we’ve already become such trusting friends, I say we’ll be alright on a first name basis.”

She didn’t know if he was being sarcastic or not and went along with it. Right now, all she was desperate for was to get into the safety of that van. “It’s so creepy without any people,” she whispered again, and they seemed to walk on and on until they turned the final corner onto the main street. An empty car space away, stood a white sports car. It was the latest.

“That’s my ride, get in,” he announced and set the green basket on the ground without dropping Katrina. Then he opened the backseat on the other side from Fleur that was next to the road, and carefully laid Katrina inside. He asked Fleur to strap the passenger belt on her, closed the door, and then walked around the back of the car to retrieve the basket of goods to stow in the boot. After he locked the back he climbed into the front seat.

“Nice car,” Fleur said without emotion.

“It’s my baby,” he grinned. “OK, Fleur, where to now?” he joked as if he was a taxi driver.

“Why aren’t those monsters coming after us?” Fleur suddenly asked in a hushed voice, and was glad that the windows were tinted. They made her feel less exposed.

“Careful what you wish for, sweet bee,” he warned and started the car.

“Fleur,” she corrected.

“Pretty girl,” he smirked, and glanced at her from the rearview mirror to see her blush.

Fleur smiled a little. But when she looked at her sleeping friend, she felt sad again and she wondered when on earth she would come to.

“So where were you both headed off to before she decided to faint?” he asked, and drive the car. He didn’t even bother to wait before the red traffic lights.

“Anywhere but here,” she sighed, and she started trembling. What am I doing? she demanded to herself mentally, and put her head in her hands. I’m so silly to be flirting right now. However, I am truly relieved to meet someone. Someone so helpful and kind.

He didn’t say anything and understood how she must be feeling. To lighten to mood, he wanted to put some music on, but instead there was breaking news on the radio.

“…And people are urge with the utmost earnest to stay inside their homes, lock and bolt every entrances until help arrives,” the news reporter was announcing. “Do not go outside, I repeat! DO NOT GO OUTSIDE. The mutants are highly contagious and will attack any living human being! They are fast, they dangerous and most of all, they are infectious!” The lady’s voice paused a moment before she continued with the news.

“Oh, my Lord…” Fleur gasped.

“I have just received further information that the infected mutants feast on human blood…”

Fleur started crying to herself and Cruise focused on the road ahead.

“…And the sunlight hurts them to the point that they scorch under the heat. I repeat, sunlight is deadly to them! But the virus that these mutants carry can evolve. Let’s not hope that it happens. Ladies and gentleman, we may have our very own, real life blood-lusting Vampires on our hands–”

Cruise turned the radio off, which left Fleur’s muffled sobs to be heard in place.

“Mine … my chocowate bunny…” Katrina mumbled groggily in her sleep. “Chocowat … bunny wabbit…”

Cruise and Fleur instantaneously gave each other amused looks and for a minute, and then they started laughing. It was semi forced and they both new, but it helped to ease the tensed up atmosphere even if it would be for a little while.

“Maybe that’s why they aren’t outside…” she whispered in realisation. “They’re afraid of the sun!”

“Apparently,” he replied as he rounded a roundabout.

“You already knew this?”

“I thought you had known as well.”

“Well, we didn’t but – the one that Katrina, my friend here killed … it was outside in the daylight…”

“Perhaps they are evolving already?”

That made her grow more frightened and she slumped in her seat.

He felt the need to make her feel protected. “Don’t worry, Fleur,” he said, getting her attention in the rearview mirror. “You and your friend will be safe with me.”

She smiled thankfully at him and nodded.

After a about a good ten minutes, she decided to ask him something. “So, what work do you do?” she asked stammered. “I – I mean … before all this happened?”

“I was a … a pizza delivery boy,” he answered carelessly, and stopped himself from hitting his forehead against the dashboard. That’s the answer I could come up with? he thought regretfully.

“Oh,” she murmured. “That’s nice. So you can make pizza?”

“I just delivered.”


“Yeah.” He couldn’t very well have told her the truth, or to anyone, other than those few who were also like him.

She studied him subtly. Cruise had short, medium blonde hair with grey eyes, and stood at the height of six foot two. He was powerfully built, looked like he enjoyed going to the gym and certainly didn’t suit delivering pizzas. “You didn’t strike me the kind who would work as a pizza boy,” she observed quietly, and put her indeed on her bottom lip thoughtfully.

“Pizza deliveries…!” he answered under his breath, and mocked his own answer. He sighed and set off on the motorway. “I could’ve chosen something impressive like…”

“Come back, cute wabbit…” Katrina murmured in her sleep again.

I’m surprise she’s lucky enough to be dreaming about chocolate bunnies,” Fleur said brightening up a bit.



I'm not so sure about this chapter.

I tried to take people's advices and write this one that is less horror-filled and more lighthearted. But ... I feel like it's missing something...

And yes, Cruise is a perve. With a secret. ;)

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