You Give Me Butterflies!

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Daisy had never thought that history would bite her behind like that. What had made her late grandfather make such an important decision for her? Especially when she was only a couple of days old and she couldn’t defend herself!

As she grew up and become a young, beautiful woman, she found out that things weren’t always as they seemed with her family. Her parents had had been in on something that included her having no freedom to have a boyfriend. She knew that they were keeping a secret from her. From that day on she vowed to always find out what it was.

Who knew that that newly made vow would backfire on her? What had she gotten herself into? Why had she even bothered when something worse was waiting for her in the dark? What would she do when her enemy makes a dangerous promise?

What will happen when he threatens to make her his?

Will she succumb to his pressure or will she fight for the one that she loves?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Characters

Submitted: March 17, 2013

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Submitted: March 17, 2013




Daisy Adams

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Short Bio: Loves to help others even if she receives nothing in return, which sometimes defeats the purpose of her job as a Psychologist. She wants to help the humanity and believes that she will get good in return, albeit, sometimes this can make her very gullible. Believes in love and refuses to accept defeat, which can be her strongest point. She doesn’t let people put her down, has a habit of imagining future possibilities a lot, and buy ice-cream for strangers.

Diana Callum

Diana1 photo 3.jpgDiana2 photo 4.jpg

Short Bio: Daisy’s best and most trusted friend, and has attended the same primary, secondary, and college as Daisy. She is a Chef and loves cooking for people and making them feel happy.

Eion Del Bosque.

Eion1 photo 5.jpgEion2 photo 6.jpg

Short Bio: He is half Spanish on his mother’s side and British from his father’s side. He is a lawyer. He is a generous, kind and sweet person, with a hint of edge. He is not a person to mess with when you’re in his bad books. All around, a good guy who wants to make the world a better place by helping people getting Justice.

Brandon Carter.

photo 7.jpg Brandon2 photo 8.jpg

Short Bio: Does what her wants. Headstrong and doesn’t listen to other people’s advice or criticism. Doesn’t care about anybody but himself and lives a fact paced, scheduled everyday life. He doesn’t like it when anything doesn’t go according to plan albeit always has a plan-B. Doesn’t believe love exists – even if it could, he wouldn’t waste his time in it. He has a surprising weakness that stems from his childhood.

Abigail Jenson

Abigail1 photo 9.jpgAbigail2 photo 10.jpg

Short Bio: Brandon’s girlfriend. She’s bitchy and conceited. Does whatever she wants and doesn't care. A Fashionista, and can come across very judgmental towards people who can’t afford brand names clothes, or just less fortunate, and thinks highly of herself.

Amelia Carter

Amelia1 photo 11.jpg Amelia2 photo 12.jpg

Short Bio: Brandon’s elder sister. Is the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of her company that her parents (who passed away) left for her and her siblings. She is very straightforward, strong, and sometimes even bossy. At home she is a lot more relaxed and quiet. She is a black belt. She does not take any bullsh*t from anyone, even if it be her younger brother.

Emily Carter

Emily1 photo 13.jpg photo 14.jpg

Short Bio: The spoilt brat of the family. Refuses to listen to her elder sister a lot and wants to do her own thing. She attends University, where she is studying Business Law and loves to travel.


Hi, everyone, remember me? Yes, I'm back for good! Thank Heavens!

I'm so sorry for disappointing anybody because of my long, long, long absence. I'll make it up to you by writing new story, and this one will be it. I really hope you like it and help me improve. I know, I know, another story - it's a really bad habit - when I've got several more incomplete. Forgive me, my strawberries!

I tell you, it feels a bit weird and even awkward as I've started writing again. Deja vu! I have NEVER been more stuck on choosing a title. This time it was really difficult, but I thought, meh, it'll do, because at least it's relevant to the plot. What do you think?

Enjoy, read, like and comment, and all that fun stuff.

I'm really looking forward to hearing your from you.

Lots of love! :)

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