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Chapter 3

I told Alex what had happened with the call. We stood there just confused. I knew one thing though. I had to find out where my dad was and I had to do it right after graduation. I knew that this was fishy. Something was going on here and I had to find out what had happened or what was happening. Alex and I didn’t stay at my house for much longer. It was too quiet except for the snores from the drunken. When we pulled out of my street we were both quiet but once we hit the highway and began heading out of town to a hotel I broke down. The sobs were once than the ones at the school.
”I-a-m sorry” I finally spit out. He couldn’t pull over on the highway but he tried his best to comfort me from the driver’s seat. He shook his head. He knew just as much as I did that something was going on. That wasn’t just a call to check up on me or anything. He was whispering too. Why? There were so many questions that filled my head.

We reached the hotel that we would be staying at till graduation. I decided not to go to school till the graduation ceremony. There wasn’t any point to go anyways. It was a nice hotel that Alex paid for with some of his left over inheritance money from his dad who had died a couple of years ago.

“Are you okay babe?” He asked me with much concern. He put his arms around me and made me look into his eyes. I nodded my head and dried up the tears. I was going to forget what my daddy had said no matter how much effort it took. This was Alex time and I was going to devote it to this wonderful man that was now holding me in his arms. I felt better knowing that Alex was here. We got our room and even though I was a little tired from crying I knew I would be doing little sleeping for a little while but I wasn’t going to complain.

“Alex I want to tonight.” I said out of the blue. He would know what I was talking about. I wanted to and what guy wouldn’t. It was going to go my way and that was final.

“Rebecca, are you sure? I mean we don’t have to. It’s your choice.” He was in that uncomfortable mode again. I rolled my eyes at his nervousness. I nodded my head and smiled. He gave a nervous laugh and picked me up again like he always did. He cradled me all the way up to the room that we had reserved. Room 318. Perfect numbers. All I could think was this was perfect and my victory.

Although I thought that this was going to be awkward at the very least it wasn’t. It was magnificent and lustful. We were graceful and romantic. It was just as I had imagined. No, much more. We made love and it was perfect. His muscles and how I got to feel them and the way I felt them. I gasped for air every now and then. All the troubles, the uncertain, everything that we were disturbed over was in the back of our minds. The only thing that mattered was him and me, and that we were here and together.

Although I wish we could continue on with our love it was tiring and I needed a shower. I smiled at him. His glowing face. I never realized just how much he had grown up in the years we were friends till now. It was amazing.

I went to the bathroom and turned on the shower to hot. My hair was a mess but in a good way. I loved the new style. I got in the tub and stood there while the hot water drizzled its way down my body. It felt good and refreshing. Something I needed. The shower also gave me time to recap. I realized just how much I was willing to do anything for this man.

Once my shower went cold I got out and wrapped a towel around me. I again looked into the mirror and smiled. Even though this day had been strange and wonderful at the same time I had to smile at the here and now. The call never happened. I would keep telling myself till it was no more of a concern or a bother. I looked away from the mirror and headed back to the room where my man was waiting on the bed watching a movie. He looked up at my presence into the room and smiled that crooked smile.

To break our silence there was a knock at the door. I didn’t know who that could be. We hadn’t ordered room service of anything. We both, startled looked up at the door. Alex quickly got up and only being able to find his boxers that were strewn across the room went to the door. He opened it slightly, not wanting to reveal anything. There wasn’t anyone at the door but on the ground a single letter lay enclosed and wrapped in a red ribbon. Alex picked up the letter. It wasn’t heavy and didn’t look like much. On the front it read:

To Rebecca Lilly James

“Rebecca, this letter…it’s for you.” He told me startled. I looked up from my sitting position on the bed. What? I don’t know who would send me a letter. I didn’t respond, I just held out my hand for the letter. He gave it to me and I looked over the hand writing. I didn’t think I had ever seen it and if I did I didn’t recognize it. I opened it carefully, as if it was some sort of bomb. The letter was pink and had many flowers on it. The paper was scented strawberry and was neat. It looked expensive.

The letter inquired:

Dear Rebecca,

I love you. I know this is all strange but you will understand in time.

Be good child. Don’t talk to strangers. Don’t worry about me, just know that I have always loved you and I never left because of you. I know you don’t understand this right now but I know in time you will. I am going to be around but I can’t see you just yet. Be patient Rebecca. Just know I’m around and I will always be watching.

With much love,


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