Trust Me (BxB)

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"Trust me, I'll know your past off by heart within the time limit of a month," he stated, grinning uncannily at me.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Trust Me (BxB)

Submitted: February 20, 2014

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Submitted: February 20, 2014



The Internet and my phone is basically my life in a few short words. I can't go a day without either of them; I'm always on Instagram and Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat. I have lots of friends, to be honest; everyone at my school knows who I am. In a nice summary, I'm basically one of the most popular kids at the school. Barely anyone dislikes me, and of course my best friend Isabella would never even dare say the words 'I hate you' to me, she's basically like the sister I've never had. 
My name is Hunter, and I'm fifteen at the moment, soon to be sixteen in a couple of months time. Name a social networking site and I have it. As I said before, yes, my phone is my life and I will always treasure the gift that the world gave to us that is, the Internet, but sometimes things don't go my way on them. When they don't, I'll fix them. I don't know why I'm thinking about that ever happening though, so far it's only happened twice, and that's not that many times considering some people get into arguments up to fifty times-a-day; I try to push myself out of them if someone tags me or mentions me in one. 

"Hunter, come downstairs for a second, please, hunny!" my mum yelled, rather stating it than asking it. I groaned in reply, locking my phone and placing it on my bed with care. It's an iPhone, so of course I'm going to have to be careful with it; it's not like I'm handling a Nokia. 
When I finished trailing down the stairs like a snail, my mum greeted me with a warm smile and sat me down the couch. This was already beginning to feel a little weird. "Hunny, I think you spend too much time on your phone and less time outside or around your family. Can you please stop using it? Just for a week, maybe?" I boggled my eyes wide.

Is she insane? I can't go a day without my phone! I thought to myself, tensing up a little bit. 

"No way, lady!" I snapped, and stormed back upstairs to my bedroom, letting my phone slip back into it's everyday place; my hands cradling it like a baby. I decided to update on every one of my apps about that talk. 
Once I did, the likes, reposts and comments flooded in. On Facebook, one of the girls that I know, Tiffany, said something a little weird. 

'Hey, can you meet me outside of that restaurant just around the block from your house? I need to talk to you.. :)' said the message. I raised an eyebrow and quickly replied for the time, and she wanted me round there now
So I quickly straightened myself up and headed out of the door, ignoring my mum. The restaurant wasn't so far away, like Tiffany said, it was almost right behind my house. I decided to take my time walking since the outdoors felt a little odd and I thought I may as well get used to it while I can. 

I soon spotted Tiffany, she was standing there awkwardly, twiddling her thumbs, the wind blowing through her strawberry-blonde hair. When she acknowledged me, she raised a hand and beamed at me, the smile fading away, as I didn't return it. "Hey," Tiffany murmured, grimly. 

"What is it?" I snapped, grinning to show the hostility was an act. Tiffany stiffened up and looked directly at me; we were around the same height. She clenched her fists. 

"I-I like you, Hunter!" she blurted out, leaving me to be surprised. I get the feeling girls like me at times, but I never expected one to say so out loud in public to me.
I tensed up and stared at her with wide eyes. 

"I-I..." I stuttered, choking on my own words, my cheeks burning up a little and my eyes feeling slightly heavy. Before I knew it, I was crying and in frustration, I fled back to my house. 

What was that? Aren't you confident? my own self taunted me with a devilish voice, and its creepy and twisted grin seeping into my mind. 

"No, no, no, no!" I yelled, kicking the door open. 

"Hunter?" my mum yelled my name out as I ran upstairs into my room, the tears still streaming down my face. I plummeted onto my bed as fast as a bullet, and dried my eyes. 

Are you afraid of having a girlfriend? myself taunted yet again. 

"No..." I murmured, hiding my face in my pillow. I decided to check Facebook to see if Tiffany posted anything; and she did. 

'Hunter is a pussy... he ran off crying when I said I liked him :'( </3' I grit my teeth as I read the first comment. 

'hahahahahahha, i always knew he was a fag! X'DDDD #aids' so that's the conclusion? I'm gay? I thought to myself. No... I... my thinking paused there. 

Everyone thought something was up; your little game's failed, Hunter! the taunting voice came back. I bit my bottom lip and read the comments as they flowed in. Gay, gay, gay, gay and gay they were all about me and that sexuality label. 

If you are, where's your little Prince Charming, huh, buddy? the voice began to get harsher and harsher as the minutes went by and as the comments soon hit 100. This is bull... I can't believe this all happened over me running away from getting a girlfriend. I don't like her that way, though, I don't find her attractive, I don't like her personality that much, yes she is sweet and shy, but that's just not what I want from a girl. 

Soon, my best friend (as I must've mentioned) Isabella decided to interject the homophobic comments. 

'Wtf is wrong with you all? He only ran away from a girl because he's never been in a relationship before! Fuck off!' yeah, she knew me inside and out. I've never had a girlfriend before. Never. I decided to turn off my phone, then, though. The argument had commenced and people were liking Isabella's comments as well as some homophobic sexist one's. I decided to just turn my light off and go to sleep. 

This day was the death of me and my expressions, emotions and everything. 

You can't change me, no one has for the past year. I'm still the same... 

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