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"So... seriously, where's Aleksander?" I spoke up, breaking the awkward silence between Isabella and I, the silence that polluted the environment around us since we departed from the hospital. 
She giggled and nudged me. 

"You don't need to know his whereabouts! Damned stalker!" Isabella nipped me in the side, making me yelp and swat her like a cat, herself laughing again. "I really don't know," she sighed, "Sorry." 

"It's OK... I just- never mind," I stopped talking, hugging myself. I didn't want to let anxiety overcome me as I thought about all of the false possibilities, so I simply let the silence stroll back in. 

When we were almost back at my house, Isabella suddenly flinched, for no reason, which wasn't like her, so I asked: "Hey, what's wrong?" and she just looked off somewhere and tightly gripped my wrist, dragging me somewhere. "Isabella!" I yelled her name, but she didn't respond. "Tell me, what's wrong? Did you see somethi-" 

"Shut up, idiot!" for her, that's harsh. I took offence and scowled, rolling my eyes also. 

"Bitch." I mumbled, Isabella still unresponsive. 
When she finally stopped, I pushed her aggressively. "What was that all for?" I hissed, still scowling at her. Isabella smiled. 

"Come," she motioned, beckoning me over to where she was walking: near the useless park. 

"Why are you going here? I fuckin' hate this place!" I yelled negatively, flailing my arms around angrily. She laughed, kept silent and pulled the most serious expression I ever saw her pull, then led me past the park and over near a band of trees, all uncomfortably close to each other. The grass around the area looked pretty dry and withered, so my gut already ached of anxiety. Was she planning to kill me here, or something? That was worrying. 
Luckily, Isabella took me past the squished-up trees and beyond it was clear woodland. 

"I saw someone run into here, dunno where they are, but I'm pretty sure they looked familiar. Almost John familiar." I flinched as she mentioned his name and emphasised it with her tone. What the hell was he doing around here? Oh God no... if I'm jumping to the obvious conclusion to start freaking out about I may as well kill myself... I got caught up in my deep thoughts, so much that I didn't realize Isabella had disappeared; I was on my own. 

The area I was stuck in was a wide-open patch of land that was surrounded by the skinny trees that were too close to each other for comfort and had patches of dead grass here-and-there, but overall, this was a bad place to be standing when Isabella clearly mentioned that she saw John crawl into this woodland. I was dead meat if he came since he's probably still angry at me for rejecting him and kicking his stomach in. Not my fault I felt violated! 


I flinched. Shit, shit, shit, shit! I started cursing in my head over and over again, time after time until I heard another twig snap, then I was done. I sprinted into the woods pretty fast, then soon stopped at a tree. 
I realized that I was quite a bit away from the clearing, so the thought that I was same was obvious, but the scared side of me urged me on to run as far as I can into the woods and get lost, seeming better than to fall into John's grasp; it was a stupid, stupid, stupid idea! So I rested by the tree for awhile until I felt my anxiety shoot up as I heard another twig snap. "Fuck off!" I yelled, holding my head and kicking the tree. 

"I'd rather not." yeah, it was true, it was John's voice. 
I flinched and sharply turned round to face him, moving slower and slower every time I was close to meeting his face. It basically felt like my feet were nailed to the ground and I couldn't turn round to face him without braking or cracking some bones. 

"What do you want?" I snapped, fully twisting myself round, himself shrugging and edging closer to me. 

"Just... strolling. I saw Isabella notice me so I ran into here. Guess she'll be tied in the trees for a while, if you get me." I rolled my eyes and looked at my surroundings: trees, trees and oh, more trees, except the patch of the sky above us, hidden amongst all the damned leaved on the fucking trees

"She's going to find me, you know." I mumbled, himself breaking out into a fit of laughter. 

"I fuckin' doubt it, man," John grumbled, edging even closer to me, myself eventually pressing my back up against the tree behind me, feeling more uncomfortable than ever. 

"What do you want from me, asshole?!" I snapped, raising my eyebrows and widening my eyes, to show that I was feeling slightly hostile. John let out a soft chuckle and pressed his lips against my neck then bit down, myself releasing a wail of agony. I didn't feel turned on at all, this hurt: a lot. "G-Get off m-me!" I snapped shakily. 


"What do you think, dickhead?" John faced me then frowned, disapproving of me not reacting in any polite (or pleasant) manner what-so-ever. He then looked around the environment then pursed his lips. 

"Well," he started, "I've got one thing that should really be making you suck my dick just to get it." my heart started thumping against my ribcage and my legs began to feel pretty weak. "I've got your boyfriend." 

Submitted: March 10, 2014

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