Trust Me (BxB)

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Chapter 20 (v.1) - 19

Submitted: April 12, 2014

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Submitted: April 12, 2014



We spent the whole of Monday chatting with my dad and my mum butting in now and then, she was still focused on getting a job so she wasn't in the room much. Turns out my dad's grown to approve of Aleksander, they were basically chatting and laughing half of the time; it was awkward. Strangely enough they had too much in common, music wise, TV show wise, interest wise, it was all too scary, so I ended up ending the awkward conversation.
We stayed off school for the whole day, and now we had to go back. Great. I didn't want to face John at all, but it had to be done... I could not go to school without John being there, after all, he is in most of the top classes, like me, and is beyond popular, so it's going to be hard to miss him. 

It was break now, and I was just coming out of lesson when, "Sup, Hunter?" John smirked, following me out of the doors. I grit my teeth and kept my head down. "Hunter?" John poked my cheek. I tried hard not to rise to this, but when we were outside, he gripped my head and smashed it in to the wall next to us. I swear I felt blood when I touched behind my head. "You should really be more polite," John sniggered, running off to his little band of friends. 
I was left, rubbing the back of my head when Aleksander must've spotted me and ran over to me. 

"Jesus, did he do that to you?" he growled, casting a dirty look at John. I winced and nodded as he touched the wound. "Follow me," he murmured, grasping my wrist with a light grip and leading me towards the nurse's office. 

"Who did this to you?" the nurse asked me bitter-sweetly, examining the cut John inflicted on me. 

"John Travolt." I mumbled, narrowing my eyes as I said his full name. She sighed and got some bandages out of a small, wooden box she had behind her and began to wrap the bandages around my head. 

"This may look ridiculous but you can push your fringe out of the bandages." she smiled. "Also, he's always putting teens in here, even year sevens, trust me." I fake-smiled at her and rose up from the chair, staring at Aleksander as we walked out of the office. He eventually caught the held stare, so I bit down on my bottom lip. 

"What is it?" Alek smirked, stopping in his tracks. I realized that we were on the other side of the school where not many classrooms where, only medical offices, which weren't used that much, to be honest. Hesitating, I held his hands and blushed slightly. 

"Thanks for, um, helping me, I guess..." I mumbled, loud enough so he could hear me. He chuckled. 

"Any time, babe." I instantly heated up even more when he called me 'babe', so I stammered a little bit and changed the topic. 

"We have English next, right?" 

"Yeah. I like it," Aleksander beamed as the bell rang. Did I forget to mention that his make-up's back on his face? I don't know why, but I still find it sexy... 

Yeah, yeah, yeah, homo likes his boyfriend's make-up, nyeh, nyeh! Why did that damned demon have to sneak back when I'm perfectly fine? 

"Hunter, why are you wearing a bandage around you head?" our English teacher questioned, standing staring at me with a pencil in her hand. I gulped and shook my head, taking my seat quickly before she could say anything else to me. Isabella came running in and immediately taking her seat next to me, glancing back at Aleksander with a funny look, probably referring to the bandage around my head. He mouthed 'John', making her grit her teeth. I don't know why she takes everything that happens to me seriously, yes she's my best-friend and she's like a sister to me, but there's absolutely no reason for her to flip out after every tiny thing that happens to me. Whether I'm hurt or not, she'll take anything with me involved seriously, which is rare for her to act serious in a way- "Hunter!" the teacher snapped, waking me out of my thoughts. She asked me a question about the topic. 

"I..." I mumbled quietly, blushing since I wasn't listening. Sighing, the teacher rubbed her temples. 

"See me after class, please." I slumped back in my chair, chewing down on my bottom lip. 

"He must just be a bit dazed, miss," someone shouted out, making the teacher snap her head toward them. I sat up and looked at who shouted out. Joshua? I folded my arms almost immediately as I realized he was the one who defended me. 

"I guess so..." she murmured, rolling her eyes then continuing with the classwork. 

"You lucky shit, Joshua defended you..." Isabella grumbled, jealously overflowing in her tone. I giggled. 

"At least I don't get a lecture from Miss. Grumpypants," we both laughed together until Isabella nudged me harshly in the side as Joshua walked out of the classroom. I cast her asinister smile then waved Joshua over to where we were, near the stairwell. "Thanks for that, by the way," I smiled at him, noticing Isabella scowling like a six-year-old at me. 

"No problem, bro," he returned the smile and glanced at Isabella. "Hey, Izzi," she blushed slightly, so I tried to hide my laughter, "want to hang out after school? I haven't gotten to see you after that party, what about it, huh?" I saw her turn as red as a tomato while nodding with so much power, I was surprised her head didn't fall off. "Nice," Josha mumbled before walking off, down the stairs. 

"Eeeeeeppp!" Isabella squealed, dazed. I burst out into a fit of laughter while she happy danced. 

"Why's she so happy?" Aleksander suddenly said, appearing out of nowhere. I still couldn't stop laughing since she looked like a monkey who had found some drugs and happily taken them, resulting in what she was acting like now. 

"Joshua asked her... if she wanted to... come over his house. Looks like... they're gonna have some... fuuuun~" I said between laughs, gripping onto his shirt to prevent myself from falling over; he soon wrapped me in his embrace, resulting in my laughter fading away slowly as my cheeks began to heat up.

"Why don't we come over my house tonight? I was thinking of just me and you, then maybe some Saturday night the whole gang? I know you hate Penny, but she's included?" I nodded instantly, maybe a little too quick for a response. I was dreading seeing Penny again, but I guess it couldn't be helped. 

She's better than Lucy though, let's just say that, man... the voice kindly pointed out, sounding slurred. I nodded my head slowly, still wrapped up in Aleksander's hug. 

"We'll call it a night." I smirked as I pulled away from him. 

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