Trust Me (BxB)

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - 4

Submitted: February 21, 2014

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Submitted: February 21, 2014



When we stepped into the building from the back door, Isabella let out a high-pitched squeal and turned to Aleksander and I. "Guys, guys, guys! Look! It's Joshua!" that's her crush and the host of the party. His house was pretty big, so I was guessing what has become of the whole popularity needs now. 
I just gulped in response. 

"Oh, right. Never seen him around before... he's fit..." Aleksander murmured, receiving a light punch from Isabella and a scowl from myself. 

Haha, jealous bastard! the voice decided to chime in on the awkwardness, forcing me to roll my eyes in annoyance. 

"I'm going over, wish me luck!" Isabella took in a deep breath and wandered over to him, looking over her shoulder and winking at us both. I bit my bottom lip so I wouldn't smile in front of Mister Kawaii. He'd comment on it, I just know it. 
I saw Aleksander smile from the corner of my eye; I raised an eyebrow. 

"Wanna ditch this place? I'm not a party person," Aleksander suggested, smiling as he faced me. I looked around the drunken teenager infested area then rested my eyes on Isabella who was already taking shots with Joshua. I sighed. 

"Yeah, sure, whatever," I mumbled, following him out of the door. 

The sky was already beginning to get slightly darker as we began walking to Aleksander's house. He'd offered for us to go to his house instead of mine since my mum is normally always in and my dad (who I practically never see) is always out. Apparently his parents are always busy with work so he's always left by himself most of the time; I kind of felt sorry for him, at least I see my mum. 
I still should be very thankful that he got me out of that mess of a party. 
When he opened the door, his house was actually pretty darn big. Bigger than mine, for all I know (and not thinking dirtily). Although my 'Act like you don't care' side kicked in, and I acted like I was oblivious to the environment around me. "Soo," Aleksander awkwardly said, looking at me like a six-year-old. No, really, he was looking at me like he wanted sweets or he lost his stuffed toy, this made me immediately raise an eyebrow.

"What?" I asked him sharply. He rolled his eyes and dragged me up the stairs, I was figuring he was dragging me up to his bedroom; and I was right. His room was infested with band posters and pieces of paper with doodles and scribbles on, and his bed was basically all black, so was the rug... and the walls... nearly everything in his room was black, to be honest. "I see you really love the colour black," I joked, placing a hand over my mouth so he wouldn't see me sniggering. Aleksander simply just smirked and nodded. 

"Yeah. I like it," he sighed, looking at me awkwardly. "Why do you act so cold, Hunter?" I widened my eyes and shot him a dirty look. 

"Excuse me?" I snapped. Aleksander just raised his hands in the air to 'prove' he was innocent; I scowled then exhaled. "I guess it's mostly because of what happened a couple of months ago, or how I quickly refer it to, a year ago," I sat myself down on his bed and looked up at him as he began thinking. 

"What happened?" he asked, smiling slightly; I grunted. 

"Like I'd tell you." he rolled his eyes. 

"You're going to have to sometime. I mean, I've heard that you used to be fun to talk to, always joke on about things, take things lightly and always make anyone smile. Now, now, I don't tag you as any of those, if anything, I feel like you've hit me over the head with a rock," his explanation made me shift around uncomfortably, and as he sat down beside me I shuffled away from him. 

"You don't mean that, do you?" I asked him through gritted teeth; he nodded, instantly making me slap him, lightly, on the cheek. "Rude," I pouted, folding my arms. Alek sighed and lifted my hood down, making me jump a little. "What're you doing?" I snapped. 

"Looking at you." he smiled. I tensed up slightly. 

Get it in your air-head that he's flirting, why're you so denial? my voice hinted, forcing me to grit my teeth. 

"What's your problem...!" I snapped, not realizing I said it aloud. Aleksander looked at me oddly. 

"Err, what was that?" he asked, grasping my chin to make me face him; I swear I must've turned pink. So my reaction was to slap him again. "Can you not?" I gulped. 

"Sorry..." I mumbled, looking down. I caught him grin. 

"Anyway," he started, "can we play 20 questions?" I nodded slowly. "All right, no passing by the way," then I'm dead, "What's your... um, favourite band?" 

"Asking Alexandria, easy," I boasted, making him giggle. Not laugh... but giggle like a girl. Dammit, Alek! I mentally yelled. I smirked. "Who's your crush? No passing." I definitely saw him gulp, but then he smiled...? 
Well, before I knew it, he was leaning in on me. 

Just endure it, faggot... the voice sighed. So I squeezed my eyes shut and felt him bring his lips onto mine. He actually tasted quite nice... I'm not gonna lie. So me being needy, I kissed him back. 
When he pulled back, I saw him smiling, so that put me off; I blushed and crossed my arms. 

"Well I guess it's obvious now, huh?" Aleksander smirked, looking at me with his damned irresistible, sparkling eyes; why must he be perfect? I nodded, keeping my right hand near my mouth, because I was literally beaming my ass off. 
Unexpectedly, Alek reached out for my hand and removed it from my mouth, accidentally revealing my smile. 

"Dude!" I snapped, hitting him on the shoulder. He rolled his eyes. 

"Why hide it?" 

"I... don't like my smile," I huffed, squirming around. Aleksander laughed slightly. 

"Shut up, it's cute." I growled slightly when he went to force a smile on my face. "Jesus, when did you turn into a dog?" I widened my eyes. "Or should I say... puppy?" I snapped, tackling him down on the bed, smacking his face. Although he kept holding my arms back from him so I was basically swatting the hair. "How cute," he chuckled, pushing me off him. I pouted. 

Weirdo the voice mocked me. I ignored it, looking down at the bed. Dammit, Alek... why are you so right about everything? Why can't I hate you? Let me hate you, for Christ's sake...

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