A Family's Darkest Secret

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What would you do to save your family?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - A Family's Darkest Secret

Submitted: March 10, 2013

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Submitted: March 10, 2013




Oldtown is about 50 minutes or so away from Lonaconing, both very small towns with not so many people. When Autumn Lavin married Chris Preston almost everyone in the towns showed up. JP, Chris’s little brother was there along with his friends Charlie Summons, Tony Sines, his cousin David Sines, Daniel Shockey, Brendon Orr and a few others. David’s brother Rob Sines was Chris’s best man, they been friends since grade school. David was obsessed with Jessie, Autumn’s baby sister and maid of honor. Jessie was the youngest daughter of John and Norma Lavin, she had brownish blonde hair, hazel eyes, she stood 5’ 4” tall and weights a mare 110 lbs. A beauty everyone thought, miss perfect in some’s eyes, she had amazing grades all thru school, was a cheerleader since middle school, a member of the FBLA and FFA. All the guys around town and at school thought the best part was her being single. She wasn’t looking for a boyfriend since she just broke up with one. As she walked down the alie, that’s when David’s dad Allen got an idea.

A few days after the wedding Ron, Chris’s dad showed up at Allen’s house with Chris.
“Ron good to see you.” Allen said.
“Allen you called asking Chris and I to come over about the land.” Ron said Allen looked at Chris.
“What price is Chris willing to pay to get the land?” Allen asked.
“How much you asking?” Chris asked Allen.
“Something money cant buy, Rob is married to Chelsea as you know and I want a wife for David but there is only one he wants.” Allen said Chris looked.
“What are you asking of me?”
“We’ll give you the land for your new sister-in-law Jessica.” Allen said Chris looked at him wide eyed.
“Are you serious? I know she wont go for that.” Chris said.
“She doesn’t have to go for it, a deal will be made a contract drew up, it will be notorized and legal, she will have to do what she don’t want to do.” Allen said David entered the room. “He’ll make a good husband for her, he has a good paying job, she’ll be fine as long as she does what she is told.”
“I don’t know, I have to talk with Autumn that is her baby sister she is the last daughter, her family probably wont go for it either.” Chris said.
“We know they have money problems, they will see clear our way.” Rob said. They looked at each other.
“I’ll let you know.” Chris said. He drove home thinking about it, he had to get his in-laws and wife to agree on it. He pulled in the driveway to see Autumn was on the front porch.
“Hey hun whats wrong?” he asked.
“Nothing I just wanted to tell you your dad invited my parents to dinner at Allen’s house tomorrow.” She said Chris looked as he swallowed the lump that formed.
“Really? That’s nice of them.”
“We are invited too we just got the call. Jessie is allowed to come if she wants, she wont be off work til afterwards so she’ll be late.” She said Chris felt the lump grow bigger in his throat.

The next evening Autumn, Chris, Norma and John showed up at Allen’s house. They all walked in, sat down ate dinner and talked. After dinner, they all went to the den where Allen open up about the issue.
“Great place you have here.” John said.
“Thank ya John, you guys could have a place as nice as this too.” He said.
“Nah we cant afford it.” He said
“I know you guys have money problems, I am willing to help you guys out at a small price.” He said Norma and John looked at each other. “I also know your son needs back surgery.”
“What are you asking for?” John asked.
“My oldest son Rob is married. I have a younger son whom I want to be married. He has eyes on the woman he wants to marry and she is your daughter Jessica.” Allen said John looked at Norma.
“Sir with all due respect I cant agree to….” Norma started John stopped her.
“How much you offering for my baby girl?” John asked.
“John! NO!” Norma cried.
“Norma we need the money and she needs to grow up!” John said.
“A million for her to marry my son David. He has a great paying union job, his own house he’ll make a good husband to her. All you do is sign this agreement you’ll get half up front, the rest after they marry. Plus Autumn and Chris get the land they want.”
“All we do is sign the agreement?”
“Yes and my notary will notarize it then Chris and Autumn get their land you get your money and David gets Jessica. However if she does not marry him, they lose the land you lose the money.” Allen said.
“Deal.” John said signing the paper, Norma signed because her son needed the surgery. Autumn and Chris signed even though she didn’t want to. Jessie walked in after they all signed.“Sorry I’m late.” She said everyone looked at her.
“Jessie, I want you to meet your soon-to-be husband.” John said pointing to David.
“Hell NO! Why the hell I have to marry him?” she shouted.
“If you don’t, we lose the land and they lose the money to pay for LJ’s surgery.” Autumn said Jessie looked at them all.
“So I don’t have much of a choice do i?”
“No, you two probably wont deal with each other til the day you marry. Which I want it to be in the planning stage by next week.”
“So does that mean I can date other guys til then?”
“That’s on you but you cross him the wrong way, fuck someone else what David chooses to do with you is on you.” Allen said David smiled his evil smile at her, she swallowed the lump in her throat. She didn’t want to do it but her family was everything to her and her baby brother was always there for her.
“So let me get this right, if I marry him, my family gets the money? All of it no strings attached?” Jessie asked.
“That’s right, you must marry him or they lose it all.” Allen said. Jessie sighed.
“Well I guess I’ll be Mrs. David Sines soon.” Jessie said looking at her family then at David and his. There was a different look about him.
“Wonderful, we’ll send you guys the check in the mail, if she backs out, you’ll lose it all.” Allen said.
“Don’t worry, I don’t plan on backing out.” She said turning and walking out without saying another word to anyone. Her family walked out also and David was standing there behind his dad.
“She is probably gonna run. Can you please get her to stay with me.” David said he had one thing on his mind.

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