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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Cruising in Paranoia

Submitted: July 15, 2010

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Submitted: July 15, 2010



The temperature was near its 50's, steam rising from my nostrils. A 10 of redhead sitting on a notebook placed just over my lap.

There we're plenty of people around, but inside the vehicle, in weather like this, not many would want to come investigate a lone car parked a little way off the gas pumps.

Breaking the weed is such a meticulous process for someone such as myself. I can't stop until ALL sticks, stems & seeds are clear of the produce.

You're fingers get sticky, & the aroma itself is enough to water the mouth. THC.

Then the door opened & the homie hopped on in.

"You almost done?""You know i take my time nigga." "Damn," he replied,"only reason i dont mind is 'cuz u do it good."

"Thank you sir," I answered," I got enough for one though." "Roll it up then." he told me, tossing a pack of Purple Haze blunt wraps on the notebook.

Aight then, I thought, stuffing the rest away back into the little plastic wrap it came in, tossing all the stems & seeds just out the door through a cracked window.

"Hey hey, chill, chota." My homie told me, tapping me repeatedly on my shoulder. Cops. This'll get interesting.

Turninginto the station the police cruiser parked directly off to our left side, about 20 feet down, its driver staring our way since he pulled up into the property.

We were calm though, this happened pretty often, and under the cover of the side profile provided by the little space the window DIDN'T cover on the door, i was busy rolling us a fatty.

The car turned on, headlights reflecting off the whitewall before us, accentuating the darkness of the windowtint as we pulled out of the parking spot.

We hit the intersection to drive off, & i looked back, confirming a suspicious cop still staring our way. Even by this time, he was already out of his vehicle, but stood next to it the whole time, glaring at us.

We pulled out, & crossing the next street, turned up the jams. Me and my homie looked at each other, & started to laugh. The night was JUST about to begin.


This was gonna be a good one, i could already tell, holding up the brown blunt before me. It was ALMOST finished.

I brought the left over roll to my lips & licked down its edge, then plastered it to the rest of the blunt, sealing our fate for the night. The taste of grapes tinged at my tongue.

"You got the light?" I asked. "You rolled it, you light it." My homie said, handing me his favorite torch lighter, its smooth silver shape fitting nicely into my palm.

A click of the button & the flame caught on, almost singeing my brow. Then i put the blunt to my mouth & the brown to the flame.

The first hit is always magical, you get the full flavour of the wrap & the weed all together. & it burned its way down my throat, but the cough is what you DON'T want, so i held it in.

The rule is simple: Puff, puff, pass. You take in two lungfulls of the joint or blunt, whether in succession, or with a quick pause, butit's always 2 and nothing more or less.

More, you break the rule, & that's a party foul, less, & you're bound to be called a pussy at LEAST.

The second hit i took was even better than the first, since i still had the first hit encapsulated in my lungs... Twice the power.

I held it for a while, & just as i blew the smoke out, thebeat of a familiar tune began, & i knew then my night would be awesome. "Successful" by Drake, Trey Sonz, & Lil Wayne.

Passing the blunt over to my homie at the wheel, he took his hit & chilled, & i could feel my face pull back a bit, stretching my vision to new heights, although we were in a car, i felt miles above it already.

THEN, the bass kicked in.

2 tens & an amplifire, wired by one of the best freelance system installers i know, SOUNDS HEAVENLY. I honestly dont know how he does it.

The seats trembled. The rear vew mirrors shook, & the high was wonderful. It was just the right time to hit the freeway.

Climbing up the on ramp, we hit a steady 65 mph & kept it steady. Without cruise control, & high as hell, this man is one of the best drivers i know, & the ONLY one i trust to drive when we're GONE.

We passed the commercial area of our city, bright lights flashing on all sides, switching lanes to the sound of the chorus. THIS is the life.

After hitting it a few more times, passing the blunt between us a couple hits at a time, the blunt started to die out, it was ROACHING time.

Here it was that we came upon the offramp, & took a turn into the neighborhoods across downtown. SEAT BELTS OFF. You never know what kinda shit can happen.

At a turtles pace, THATS how u cruise the hood. Nothin over 20 mph, then ur just checkin in. But with what little weed we had, we figured we'd enjoy a little fireplay.

It's not exactly the safest idea to cruise around certain neighborhoods at half past midnight, especially if ur vehicle isnt familiar to the place, u tend to draw alot of unwanted attention.

The roach burned at my fingers, it was just too little already, but still smokable. So i did wat i could, & made a BIG mistake.

Without wetting my fingers, i put the roach to my lips and inhaled. BAD IDEA.

With dry fingers, the force of inhalation can over power the friction between ur fingers and the blunt, and that's exactly what happened.

Once i inhaled i took a the roach along with me, & right as it hit the back of my throat i began to cough. HARD, REPEATEDLY.

It tends to cause some fair amount of humor, & i got to admit, it was a stupid mistake, so i couldnt help but to laugh at myself the whole time i was coughing as well.

But i knew this was bad, & that just begun the downward spiral.

You see, you can't OVERDOSE off of THC, but if u can't control ur trip, it is OBVIOUSLY a substance that can cause serious mental trauma, inducing paranoia in most cases.

A mental break down is always the scariest thought in my head.

So the spiral began, i knew that as soon as i began coughing, the thc would be pushed through my system much faster than it was already moving, increasing my high to new levels.

It took me about 10 minutes to finally stop coughing completely, but i could already feel the difference.

Suddenly i saw a light throught the rearviews. THEY'RE FOLLOWING US.

My heart began to pound wildly.

By now, the system was banging "The Martian" by Lil' Wayne, off the Mardi Gras mixtape.

Such feeling in the music.

I looked once again at the rear view and the lights were gone, but i felt no better inside.

I looked about, from time to time, paying close attention at the intersection for any signs that our followers were on our trail. And they WERE.

We came across a 3-way split, & i saw the lights again, they had switched vehicles, sneaky bastards, but they wouldnt fool me, & neither would they catch me, i was prepared for anything.

As the light turned green for us, they turned in behind our car, & stayed a good pace behind. Carefully. Stalkingly.

"Hey" i told my friend. "I know." He replied, his eyes staring into the rear view, he always seemed to be able to take the thoughts right out of my head, &i could do it back.

We had known each other for years, & been through alot together. Life's a battlefield, n we we're always side by side.

He picked up speed little by little, & still the vehicle behind kept pace. Paranoia was setting in. Questions, reeling, FLYING through my head.

Hitting Central Blvd we cut right, driving in the direction back towards the commercial center & the mall. The turned right too.

With little cars around managing the roads of town a little after 1am, my driver gassed the car up, sending us flying down the more than 1/4 mile road.

Our followers pouned on the pedal as well, switching to the lane beside us, gaining on our vehicle little by little, but to someone like my homie, it would take a lot more than that to get our advantage.

He jerked the car onto their lane, cutting their lead short & forcing them to break before slamming into us. Now we're talking.

Paranoia can balance out with enough adrenaline, my silent mental limiter. With enough adrenaline coursing through anyone, thoughts turn from anything, sadness, paranoia, or glee, to survival.

I held on to the car handles & pulled the commando knife out from under the seat. My friend saw me do this, then looked me in the eyes and nodded.

Coming up on 802, he took a sharp left & gunned it down another empty stretch of road, our pursuers close behind.

Just past the railroads & onto Military, then we're safe, I thought to myself.

We flew over the tracks, landing about 5 or 10 feet from where we shot off, luckily driving on lifts softens the landing, but that wasnt the case for the ones behind us, &they slammed into the blacktop with force.

89 mph down a 45 isnt exactly the smartest decision one could make, but at the moment it was the ONLY decision we could. Luckily, Military was already in sight, and luck was on our side.

We hit the green on Military Highway, turning left towards my neighborhood, just a couple blocks from the light, & i could see my homie calculating his next move.

The car stayed in close behind, a perfect game of cat & mouse, & THIS mouse, was about to get the cheese.

They sped up & got just behind us as we came to our final stretch, we were still on the inside lane, & were about to doublecross.

Then, it happened.

Having slowed to about 60 from the turn back onto Military, my friend cut hard across two lanes& into La Lomita, my hood, my home.

We hit the curb good, & we heard the front scrape a bit, but we're just relieved to see our pursuers were baffled by the move, their brakelights glaring in our rearview.

He gunned it down Father Mestas, & cut left on Florence, then straight across Jo Ann into the ditch that led behind my house where he cut the power n we ran off quickly into my backyard and around to the front of the house.

"Hold up." I told him. "Yea, imma light the black & mild on the ashtray" "Aight." I replied.

I quickly opened the front door and cut the porch lights, leaving the house in complete darkness, then walked over to a seat & took the black from my homie as he passed it to me.

Just then, as i was inhaling, the familiar glow of our pursuers car came quickly across the house, & vanished down the street.

We stared off into the distance for a bit, & i blew a smoke ring or two. Then, without warning, we burst into laughter.

This night was DEFINITELY one to remember.

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