Fear: by Winchester Unicorn

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The great Saius has retured to destroy all of Afalla. He has no mercy for the weak, and takes no prisoners. Will Aris, a boy from west Koran, have enough strength to save the planet, or will fear overtake him?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Fear: by Winchester Unicorn

Submitted: May 01, 2013

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Submitted: May 01, 2013



Darkness filled the sky. The moon did not show on this night, nor did the stars. The wind blew just a bit, but other than that, everything was completely silent. Trees did not quiver. The grass was still wet with last night’s rain.

In the middle of a forest with no name, a pond glistened. If you had been at this pond, at this specific time, on this specific night, you could not tell that it was even a pond, for it was too dark. But then, suddenly, a noise broke out.

This noise was simply a small flick of a fern in the total darkness, and so it could be shrugged off easily. But no, this was no mere animal. This was Saius.

Several cloaked figures glided into position around the pond. A particularly large shape was at the very end of this circle. You would not know it, but I will tell you know that he was covered completely in red.

“Saius”, a voice hissed. No one moved. “Shall we begin?”

“Might as well”, the one named Saius answered. “I’m bored already.”

His voice was cold, like ice, and calculating like- well, math I guess. But nevermore, it was an interesting voice. Have you ever been in a conversation, and someone you are talking to has such an interesting voice that you wished they would just keep talking forever? Well, now you know what I mean.

The pond suddenly quivered. A great ripple followed, so that water splashed out and nearly hit the cloaked people. Suddenly, a great stone figure (kind of like a batholith) rose from the depths of the water.

Saius looked up, admiring the sight. His plan would work! He was going to rule- he stopped thinking of his accomplishment. He had heard that some of the attendants could actually read minds. He didn’t like that fact.

Once the great stone stopped moving, Saius approached it.

“Could someone please come here?” he asked silkily.

No one walked up to him. They knew what would happen if they did. Only death came from approaching the great Saius.

“Well, then”, he continued. “I will have to pick one myself.”

One of them suddenly fell, choking and sputtering. It looked pathetic really, to Saius. They had to die without honor, simply because of fear. A blue flame rose from his body, and up into the sky. The stone quivered like a massive cellphone, receiving a call.

“It has begun”, Saius said in an even mightier voice. “Who wants to celebrate?”

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