Gemini Chapter 1 - A Pure Engagement

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A story that tell's the story of a lone boy that must stop a growing threat before it engulfs the world. The question is will he be able to? A story of love and gain.

Chapter 1 = The arrival of the "hero"

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Gemini Chapter 1 - A Pure Engagement

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This is the first thing I uploaded so bare with me, also i did a check but i may have missed something so if i did then I am sorry.
Gemini Chapter 1 - A Pure Engagement
Inside a gloomy darkened fortress on the outskirts of a deserted town. A girl with silver gray hair and red eye's as well as a revealing outfit that makes her look elegant and beautiful at the same time reads a paragraph from a book as a storm rage's outside in the darkness of the night on a full moon.
???: "In the mist of darkness, on the day's of rebirth. A pact was made, to seal the demon's away. Few in number these demon's laid waste to our city's. Our sanctum's that governed the laws of are society. And the bastion's that held our only hope to battle them."
A bolt of lightning strike's the hills behind the compound shaking the house.
???: "If the head of the beast gets chopped off, then what happens to the rest of the corpse? Does it quickly dissolve into a pile of lifeless ash. Or does it simply regrow, taking on new traits that otherwise seem impossible?"
The storm grow's ever more intense as the girl continues to read, as the wind pick's up the girl closes the book and looks up at the water drenched window pane.
???: "The world we life in now, a world governed by magic. Is it so bad to hate this society? Is it really only worthy of being destroyed?"
The girl smiles and laughs to herself until a man walks into the room.
???: "Tell me Ace, what should we do, to stop these events from occurring?"
Ace: "My lady, I think we should act."
???: Very well then, I will leave it to you,  I trust you wont fail me."
Ace: "Thank you very much, I wont disappoint you!"
The boy with long white hair and red eye's leaves the confine's of the room
???: "The Sword Of Lunacy, Ace Nozaki! He'll carry out my plan's flawlessly!"
  After he leaves her room the mysterious girl smiles to herself. About a hour later Ace steps on a circle that telepor't him to another location.
Ace: "Well i am off, I'll be back one day Fortress of Solitude! 
Ace looks up at the wall's.
Ace: "Stay Strong."
Two Weeks Later in the city of Knowledge Aurora a dark portal opens up on the rooftops of a building. Out of that portal comes a slender boy with white hair and red eye's, on his left eye is a tattoo of a crescent moon that circles his eye.
Ace: "We'll it looks like I am here. I hate using the portal in the Fortress it always takes forever for a simple task. Owell... 
Ace looks out at his surrounding's to look at his destination but he notices something on a highway road below him.
Ace: What's going on here?"
Ace notices a chase where there are three bikes chasing after a monster that is running away.
Ace: "A lone demon that hasn't returned to the demonic realm, its pathetic really. 
Ace notice's that the people on the bikes are girl's and that there using magic to accelerate faster.
Ace: Owe that's right, its been a while but i forgot that in this world only girls can use magic and they get trained at special facility's called Academy's. The last line of defense against the demonic invasion that threaten's humankind."
Down on the street the three girls riding the bike's communicate to each other. One has a long layered haircut that is green and she also has green eye's. Her body is slender, however she is somewhat tall. Her name is Ayano. The second girl has red hair with a bun and red eye's. Shes a short girl with a small build. Her names Rayna. And the third girl has a small black haircut with brown eye's. shes short and her name is Sukuro.
???: "Ayano take up the left side!"
Yell's the girl that is driving in the front of the other two.
Ayano: "Will do Rayna!"
Rayna: "Sukuro you get the right side. I'll take the middle!"
Sukuro: "Roger, what grade is it?"
Rayna: "From what we have gathered Its a grade five. remember this is our first mission so be careful! After all we are still first year students."
Sukuro: "Grade five aye, from one to five we luck out with the highest rank, If at was a grade one we would be in serious trouble."
Rayna: "Cut the small talk people, lets finish this."
As they race forward to engage the demon, Ace watches them with a focused look.
Ace: "Lets see how they do against it. Helping them may be in my favor, however I want to spare there pride and dignity."
Ace jumps from building to building as he follows them. The team of girls catches up to the Demon and launch's an offensive. The leader holds her hand directly out at the demon that is running revealing the palm of her hand. As she does that Ace notice's a pendant that  dangle's from her risk.
Rayna: "Aqua Bolt!"  A blue blast of water shoots out of her hand
The creature stops running and engage's them... Doing a lot of jumps and trying to get close to them the girls engage him to the best of there ability's mixing magic and close range weapon attacks.
Sukoro: "Lightning Bolt!" A shock of lightning fly's out of her hand toward the creature.
Ace compliment's them on there combo.
Ace: Water conducts electricity, they have some skill but will it be enough?
Sukoro engage it in close ranged combat doing a series of high speed kicks and dodges.
Ayano: "It seems like this thing cant resist magic and it is somewhat slow, that may be its weakness."
Rayna: "No kidding, we have to stop it before it gets any stronger."
Ace Continues to watch them in discontent. The demons continues to attack them while avoiding there attack's.
Ace: "There just amateur's. Is this how the world operates now or do they have no other choice. Looks like I may have to step in before they die."
The demon raises his hand and out of it comes a blast, an orange beam of pure energy.
Rayna: "That's a dark blast, dodge it! Don't let it hit you, If it does then you'll be a goner!"
The three girl's move out of the way, however when they break formation the creature goes after one of them and knocks her off of the bike she rides. Ayano is the one that it targets.
Ayano: "Ahhh!"
With the rider in pain the bike twirl's out of control flipping Ayano off of it.
Rayna: "Ayano!"
Rayna turns her bike's around to go straight forward at the demon.
Rayna: "that bastard! "
Rayna rushes in but it jumps out of the way before she can make a direct hit.
Ace: "I've seen enough, time to step in. "
Ace holds up his sword and looks at the jewel that is encased in the center of the hilt.
Ace: "Sword of Lunacy, grant me strength"
As the creature jump's  in to hit Rayna a flash of light slices right through it. As if a piece of paper was just sliced in half. On the street below the creature, a man that is wearing black clothing and long white hair stands there looking at the girl's and then at the creature.
Ace: "I've observed enough. Demons that abuse the weak should just die. There is no honor or dignity in it."
The renegade demon jumps back in pain and say's to Ace.
Demon: "You, your a demon also so why are you saving them?  Aren't they your enemy as well!"
Ace: "They are not, for they have not done anything against us, your just being influenced by a corrupted individual!"
Ace puts his sword to face directly up and then slices downward killing the creature in one swing. After that he walks over to Ayano who is crouched on the ground.
Ace: "Are you alright? Here let me give you my hand."
Ace offers a hand to Ayano to help her up but Ayano slaps it out of her way.
Ayano: "What the hell are you!"
Ayano slaps the hand that Ace offers suprising Ace.
Ayano: "Your a man yet you are able to fight the demons with no problem!"
Ayano look's down at the floor and lets out a few teardrop as Ace say's.
Ace: "Huh?"
Ayano: "I am sorry but I don't make friends with things that are unnatural. However you do have my gratitude for stopping that demon."
Rayna run's over to him to see how Ayano is doing, but when she see's the man she draw's her sword at him.
Rayna: "Why don't you explain yourself right now! This part of town has been blocked off!"
Ace looks at them with an upset face.
Ace: "Listen I just came to kill that demon! And I am not going to let the target of my mission kill other's! 
Sukaro snap's at him!
Sukoro: "We were doing fine on our own!"
Ace points at Rayna.
Ace: "And If that creature would have hit miss red hair over there it would have been game over. Is that what you want?"
Ace uses a form of magic to erase there memory's of him then he uses another spell to teleport away. The girls look up at the stars in confusion.
Sukoro: What the hell just happened?
Rayna: "I don't know, the target is dead over there however!"
Ayano: "Last think I remember that demon knocked me off of my bike and then its all blank."
Rayna: "It's the same with me. It feels like I am trying to remember something that we aren't supposed to remember."
Rayna receive's a communication response.
Intercom: "Are you girls okay? The target is lost so you can return to the Academy! Very Well done."
Rayna: "Roger, were moving out lady's! Back to home base."
Ayano: "Right!"
Sukoro: "We are off then!"
The three girls get on there bikes and ride back to the Academy, meanwhile further away on another building rooftop Ace stands there thinking to himself.
Ace: "That could have gone better, those girls didn't even thank me. However my mission here has not progressed in any way except for me slaying a lesser demon. I think its about time that I try another approach. Maybe one that will allow me to target a larger range!"
Ace smiles to himself as he looks at the big building that has multiple story's and alot of blue lights in it.
Ace: "The Academy, sanctum for both magic and military... Information gather's at the most populated area's."
Ace smiles to himself then he disappears into the night, three day's later on a sunny day three girls talk about there latest mission
Ayano: "Hey Rayna, just what happened back there, it was weird but you and Sukoro should know since you were both awake?"
Rayna:  "I have no idea and I don't really care. The thing that matter's is that we succeeded"
Sukoro: "It's strange, we try to think about it but the events are blocked out of our minds."
Rayna: "The way I see it is that the demon is dead, if someone did interfere with our mission however I will find them. It's supposed to be forbidden for anyone outside of the Academy to witness a mission like that!"
Ayano look's at Rayna with a seductive expression
Ayano: "Even if it's a guy? Your a shy one, however your the only one here that hasn't had atleast a boyfriend. That must be hard on you"
Rayna's face gets all red with embarrassment and anger.
Rayna: "The mission is absolute! I don't care who it is!"
Throwing her hand back in a fit of rage!
Sukoro: "Admirable as alway's. "
Sukoro yawn's and then asks a question
"I wander if its true?""
Rayna: What?
Sukoro: A pair of people do much better when it comes to magic.
Rayna: Who know's. It's not like a guy can ever use magic anyway's. It's just not possible!"
Ayano: "If there was one then his value as a boyfriend would skyrocket. Just imagine how many girls would want him to be there partner.."
Rayna: "Pssh a false dream that will never happen!"
Sukoro: "I agree with you there. Its just to unreal."
Rayna thinks to herself.
Rayna: "However why do i feel this way? What happened in that mission!"
The girl's continue to talk. Another week goes by and Ace finally makes a decision for what hes going to do next.
Ace: "I guess I don't have much of a choice, I have to join the Academy, with no leads on anything related to demonic world it would be a foolish idea not to try to get in close with the Academy. Before i enter though I have to sign up for it... To the recruiting building!"
Ace heads off to the recruiting building, at the recruiting building he meets a lady named Subaru Higame. A teacher that works for the Academy. She looks at him with an odd look.
Subaru: Hello there, how may I help you sir?
Ace: Im here to sign up for the Academy!
Subaru: You have to be joking? Men cant use magic that's common sense.
Ace looks at her with a smug look.
Ace: Well I can.
Subaru: Prove it.
Ace: Very well then.
Ace holds out his hand and concentrate's then immediately a ball of wind form's
Ace: Is that good enough for you.
Subaru looks at him with amazement and suprise
Subaru: Impressive, so there is a guy that can use magic, here take this and feel out the questions that I ask.
She gives him a test and ask's him a series of questions.
Subaru: "One, What does magic mean to you? Two, Do monsters cloud your judgment? Three, Are you able to function as a team? Four, With great power comes great training, are you fit for that?"
Ace answer's her with a set of answers.
Ace: "One, It's the essence of everything in this world, without magic we would all die. Two, To me monsters are just like human's, they both have needs and wants and if they do wrong I will punish them. Three, Yes I can do anything that I put my mind to including being a team. Four, I have the patience and respect for the magical art's to learn as I go and I do not deny training."
Ace fills out the paper and gives it to Subaru
Subaru: "Okay now that you answered the questions we would like you to give us your name and age and then we will be right back."
Ace looks up at her and says
Ace: "My name is Ace Nozaki, I am eighteen years old."
Subaru: "Very well then, please give me five minutes to observe your answers with the others and I'll be back."
The girl leaves and in five minutes she returns with a piece of paper.
Subaru: "We have read over your test and we have decided that you are accepted to the Academy. In two days time I want you to meet me at this building at 11:00 am, we will meet your homeroom teacher than you will become enrolled."
Ace: "Okay, thank you very much miss."
Subaru: "Your welcome, have a good day."
Ace bows to Subaru then he walks out of the building. For the next two days I explored this awkward world learning its secret's and general perks. The two days seem to fly by and in no time I was faced with the day of the enrollment and I arrive back at the Recruitment office."
Ace: "Greeting's Miss Subaru, Im here to see you about enrolling. Umm forgive me I am a bit nervous"
Subaru: "Follow me then, I'll show you who your home room teacher is, she's also going to be your Combat instructor."
Ace follow's Subaru into the back room, sitting there is a young tan skinned lady with brown hair and brown eye's.
???: "Well hello there, you must be Ace. I've heard alot about you from Subaru."
Ace: "Hi, and you are?"
???: "Pardon my manner's. My names Kogiro Hasagi. Im your homeroom teacher as Subaru has already said. I have to say its strange that a boy could use magic."
Ace: "It is weird, ever since I was a boy I have had the talent of using it."
Kogiro: "It makes me wander."
Kogiro looks at Ace with a dark glare.
Kogiro: "Are you really a human."
Ace closes his eyes
Ace: "Hmm, what else would I be. Its not like I am some lifeless corpse that doesn't have a soul. I have an independent mind."
Subaru: "You have a point, however you do realize boy's never have magical ability's. If you go to the Academy theres going to be alot of friction since every student and teacher there are girls."
Ace: "I understand that, but I don't have any other choice, I want to help out this world."
Subaru: "Very well then, three things that you'll need to know. First the school itself, second the essentials that you'll need, and third the activity's you can do."
Ace look's at her with a curious expression.
Subaru: "The academy has two dorm's and six levels... You can easily navigate it by the staircases on the right and left side of it and the elevator in the middle. The two dorms are leveled off were blue is the higher one for seniors and staff... while the red one is for the lower grade's like first years. The first three floors are training level's while the forth hold's activity's and the fifth hold's extra facility's and the sixth is the head magus's area. The essential's you will need is as followed. The school uniform that is being made for the boys will be given to you as well as any other things you need such as your room number. Your class room number is A6, you'll see that soon enough and anything else you'll need is held in this.
She hands me a metallic armband
Ace: What is it?
Subaru: It's your PAC... Personal Arm Computer in other words... The third and final thing is activity's, the academy has a cafe on the first floor with tons of food as well as a food mart. Theres also an arena on the compound and alot of different things such as club's. Theres the student council and a few other neat things... I'll let you find those out on your own time!"
Subaru takes a deep breath and then continue's by saying.
Subaru: "So did you get that all.."
Ace: "It was alot but I do believe that I did."
Subaru: "Good your a quick learner. Im impressed"
Ace thinks to himself.
Ace: "If I wasn't a quick learner then Id be dead already."
Subaru: "Okay so are you ready to go meet your classmates"
Ace: "Sure why not, lead the way!"
Subaru takes Ace to the Academy. Since classes are taking place the hallway's and outside of the building are deserted. Subaru leads him to class A6 and then she tells him to wait by the door as she enters the classroom. When she enter's however a few particular energetic girl's say something to her!
Rayna: "Hey Subaru!" 
Rayna waves at her
Ayano: "Good day teacher!"
The rest of the class greet's her.
???: "Afternoon Subaru." say's a girl with long blonde hair.
???: "Good day Subaru." say's a girl with medium blue hair.
And then she says to them.
Subaru: "Everyone sit down, we have a special day today. Today a new student is going to join this classroom and its a unique one. Please help me welcome them!"
Subaru waits till they are all sitting down then she gives me the signal to come in. I walk in and hear alot of whispering in the background from other students. I also notice the three students from the demon encounter. It seem's like everyone at this school that is a student wears the school uniform which is a black shirt and skirt that has blue layer's going through the middle and down the arm side's.
Student 1: "Wow its a boy."
Student 2: "Yea just what is he doing here? He cant use magic can he."
Student 1: "I don't know, it would be a first if he could."
Student 2: "Just look at him thought he sure is a cutie."
Student 1: "Maybe you should take him then?"
Student 2: "No way."
On another side of the classroom three girl's talk to one another.
Rayna: "A boy?"
Ayano: "It must be a joke."
Sukuro: "It's strange, it feels like I have met him before.."
Rayna: "Pretty sure you'd recognize him easier than that."
A mysterious girl stands up to say something to him. She is an energetic girl with medium blue hair and blue eyes and she is short. She has a tattoo under her eye of a rain drop.
???: "So your our new transfer student. I look forward to working with you!"
The girl bow's to him out of respect. However the girl's face is all red.
Ace: Owe hi there.
???: Yeaa I am the first one to talk to him!
The mysterious girl jumps up and downs in excitement.
???: My name is Rika Kahori! It's a pleasure!
Ace look's at her and thinks to himself.
Ace: This girl is sure energetic.
He continues to think to himself but is interrupted.
Subaru: " You can start when your ready."
Subaru looks at me.
Ace: "Owe right, My name is Ace Nozaki, My last name is pronounced No-zak-i.... Its a pleasure to meet you all!"
Rayna looks at Ace and thinks to herself
Rayna: "He does seem familiar!"
Subaru: "Ace you can take your seat next to Rayna, she's the girl  that is the third seat in the last row. Shes our first year's top student. Shes quite skilled and she knows her way around the building pretty well.
Ace: "Very well then, thank you very much."
Ace tip's his head to her.
Ace goes over to his seat and then sits down and then Rayna whispers to him.
Rayna: "Hey there, if you need anything just ask me. It's kind of strange but you looked very familiar for some reason."
Ace releases a smile and says to her.
Ace: "That's odd because I've never met you before? If I need anything I'll let you know thought"
Rayna: "Okay then, you know its strange i never imagined that a guy would be able to use magic. Your a strange guy you know that."
Ace: "I've been told that alot."
Rayna smiles at him. 
Ace thinks to himself.
Ace: "It's a good think the mind erasing spell worked, however theres still alot of risk involved in this move that I've made. 
Ace puts his hand on his decks and closes his eye's as he think's.
Ace: The general rule of demonic appearance is that, demon's high enough in level can freely decide when there hair is white and there eye's are red, however in a fight if they use to much magic there hair will change to white till there magical energy returns. 
Then he yawns and looks up at the ceiling.
Ace: Also what suck's is that on the night of a fool moon the demons true appearance is revealed... I have to keep that in mind for it is one of the most hardest things to do with.. All in all this plan of mine is just going to make my life more difficult!"

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