Obsession Too Dangerous

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Jenna is a gorgeous girl. She has many friends and she is as beautiful on the inside as well. Her day isn't turning out too great, but to make matters worse... She gets kidnapped. Forced to love, Jenna acts out of scared and hatred. Will she fall for her kidnapper? Or will her drive to escape succeed?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Obsession Too Dangerous

Submitted: March 23, 2012

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Submitted: March 23, 2012



It was about eight o'clock. I was driving downtown in the rain and thunder. I sped up as I realized how hungry I truely was. I started looking for a diner or cafe or something just to get some food in my stomach. I stopped at the stoplight and looked ahead. There was a small lit up building not far from where I was. On the top there were big neon letters that said 'Berry's Family Diner'. The light turned green and I quickly floored my white 2012 Chevy Camaro.

Once I pulled into the parking lot diner I reached into my backpack and pulled out a black hair tie. I pulled back my long blonde hair and pinned back my side bangs. I quickly fixed my mascara so I didn't look like a total goon. After fixing my make up, I bent into the backseat and grabbed my DC sweatshirt and pulled it over my tank top. My legs would still get wet and cold because I had on shorts but they were Marquette college basketball shorts. I currently am on the Marquette girls basketball team. I am studying to be a Sports Rehabilitator and a physical therapist for sports related injuries.

I got out of the car and took my bag in with me. I locked the car and shoved my car keys into my sweatshirt pocket. I jogged inside so I wouldn't have to stay out in the rain too long and get soaked. I pulled my hood down as I entered the small diner. There were booths to the right of me. About four booths next to the large windows and there was six sets of tables scattered out in the middle of the room. A small family had settled down in one of the booths and were gnawing at hamburgers and fries. I looked to my left and there was a long counter and simple light fixtures hanging down above it from the ceiling. There were light teal barstools placed equally apart from one another before the counter. A middle aged woman with short curly red hair glanced up at me with her eye lids poorly covered with a large amout of messy blue eye shadow and winged-out liquid liner. She held my stare for a few seconds before looking down again at her short, chipped nails and mumbling out, \"Welcome to Berry's Diner. Take a seat.\" I nodded slowly. I slipped my bag off my shoulder and walked to the last booth. The cushioning on the booth was a pale pink and the table was painted a teal color with paint chippings on the floor. Everything looked so decrepit and old. I placed my bag on seat and slid down next to it. I took out my notebook and pen.

As I was thinking about how to start my paper, I looked around taking in the look of the dinner. There were random pictures and posters hung up on the faded pink walls. I looked more closely and saw that the walls were a candy pink and had small, light pink designs that looked like twirling vines covering them. I should get started on my homework.

I was about to start my homework, but then a young girl probably in her late twenties walked up to me. She was wearing a short pink dress with a little white apron tied around her waist. She had a small note pad and pen in her hands. Her dark brown hair was pulled back into a tight bun and she wore little make up. Her name tag said Amber and I assumed she worked here.

\"Anything I can get you doll?\" she questioned me.

I glanced up at her and put a small smile on my face. \"I'll have an iced tea and ceasar salad please.\"

She smiled back and said, \"No problem.\"

She walked away and I was about to start my assignment again but someone had sat down across from me in the booth i was sitting in. I looked up and it was an older gentleman. I smiled. \"Can I help you?\"

\"No, no. Just thought you were someone I knew,\" he spoke slowly.

He was about to stand up but I quickly stood. \"No reason to leave, sir. I have to get home anyways.\"

He smiled and nodded his head slowly. Then his eyebrows pushed together again and more wrinkles appeared on his forehead. \"Don't be gettin' in no trouble, young missy! Now drove safe! Goodnight.\"

I laughed and managed to reply. \"Goodnight, Sir!\"

I reached my car, unlocked it and got in and drove home. When I reached my apartment I turned off the car and waited inside for a few minutes. The rain had died down but it was still raining pretty good. I sighed and got out of my car. Once I was inside I threw my keys on the counter. I turned on the TV and the news was on. Tey were talking about your typical murder situation, so i just turned it off and walked upstairs. I stripped off my wet clothing and hopped into my small but comfy bed. I'm not sure when, but eventually, I fell asleep dreaming of better days.


Now don't be mad! I know it was short and nothing realt happened but I promise it will get WAY better next chapter. It will also be longer. REMEMBER: this is my first story and I want to make it good. I plan on updating either Monday or Tuesday. There is a slight possibility that it will be up tomorrow!! Hahah :) keep reading and I'll keep you updated! Next chapter will have more action and more details about Jenna's past, present and all that jazz :) love you bye!

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