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Luna Hime was a lone wolf.She was cool and collected.Many boys and girls fear her but admire her for her looks and soft side.One day a playboy (Cody Harmpson) transfers to lunas school.He meets her when he gets cornered by a gang of anti-vamps.Luna saves him...Then tells him shes.....so what will change their world?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - xXLone VampXx

Submitted: September 11, 2012

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Submitted: September 11, 2012



xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx *codys p.o.v* I walked into my new school -harveson high.I smirked to myself as i thought about the many admires he'd get.I opened my locker.A boy next to me said to the other guy '' hey did you hear that luna got elected as student representative by the student council?'' The other guy said '' yea i heard luna had been forced to do it'' i said ''now whos this luna girl'' i said as i smirked evily'' the guy said''oh shes luna hime the most feared girl here in this school but luna is very pretty '' i walked off going to the student council room cause i knew luna would be their. I opened my door and shocked to my suprise saw... The porcelain skined girl with blonde hair and sapphire eyes she had a perfect figure along with perfect clothes.I gawked at her and she said'' Hey idiot gunna stand their like a Idiot like forever!''I snapped back to reality and smirked then i said'' im cody and who may you be'' i said as i clapsed her hand gracefully. She slapped it emotion-lessly and said ''Some one who isn't intrested''.She walked past me and left the room.I smirked ''this girl is intresting'' i said to myself as i sat down on a chair. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx authorsnote:HI! In-case ya wondering wat p.o.v means...It means point,of,veiw.

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