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Chapter 6 (v.1) - The details unravel

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Submitted: September 14, 2012



*'' codys p.o.v ''* ''-next day-'' I walked across the hallway to get to the cafeteria since it was lunch now.I went into the cafeteria and saw luna and ran motioning me to come over.I went over to them and sat besides ran since i was scared of luna.''hey idiot''luna said. ''wha-do you want!i said timidly like i was speaking to a bully. ''well i thought you wanted to no about why i said i was a vampire but nevermi-''luna said.''wait go ahead ran''i said slowly.Ran grinned and said why don't luna tell her story and by the way it makes it a lot realistic if-(bang) luna hit ran on the head and said ''fine ill tell it''.''okay i said. luna took a deep breath then said ''i was ten when my parents were killed by anti-vampires.They are the ones who killing all vampires since they hated how they betrayed the humens just by sucking their blood.''so basically the anti-vampires are vegetarians?''i said. ''NO you idiot!'' luna said'' ''now let me continue''. ''the anti-vamps had a nickname,it was called ''A-V-C'' and that standed for anti-vamps-cooperation.They kept killing almost every vampire they see.Until one day our vampire court rulers made out a plan that involved me and ran.To make us bounty hunters for the A-V-C.The A-V-C found out and killed our parents just to chase us out of our court rulers plans.So me and ran were furious and bowed down to kill all the members who were involved to kill our parents.I told you that i was a vampire to avoid any confusion that led to the A-V-C to find out where we are.But me and ran are really vampires ,and so we ask you to not tell anyone''. ''i understand''i said. ran said''oh and we vamps have powers,i have the power of mind reading and also Reappearing and dissapearing whenever i want to''. ''So how does it work''i asked. ''So...You saw a girls bra when you were seven am i right''ran said while smirking. I blushed and said'' how do you no!''. Luna said '' wow a pervert and a pervert what a brotherly bond''. i said '' well luna what kind of power do you have huh?''. luna said ''well first of all its not called my power its called an ''anthisity''(anthisity means power in vampire terms that i made up XD)''And second my anthisity is fighting,technopathes (technopahes means controling technology and solid objects and humans with your mind)and flying''. ran frowned and said ''yeah she has 3 anthisis while i have two hmph!'' luna said ''and we can control our tempts to drink blood so don't act like a wimp when i introduce you to other vamps''. ''is that it?''i said. they both nodded. Luna noticed somthing and said ''i've gotta go i sense A-V-C members around this school come on ran''. i stood up and said ''what about me can i come?''. luna smirked and said ''wow last time i checked i thought you were a brave perv''. ''hey! this is my true self! Thats just my persona so please....''i said. luna groaned and said ''whatever lets just GO!''she grabbed my wrist and we all followed where luna was going. ''*lunas p.o.v*'' I stopped around a corner and saw a boy with blue hair and sapphire eyes he was handsome and he was completed with a swaggering body. I gasped and said ha-hayiko-koi.The boy smirked and said ''suprise...kitten'' he said with a cool voice.

------------------------------------- authorsnote:Who is hayiko?How does luna no him?Will ran and cody be jelous?Why is he here?Find out on the next chapter of xXlone vampXx.

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