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Chapter 7 (v.1) - An old time boyfreind

Submitted: September 15, 2012

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Submitted: September 15, 2012



*''lunas p.o.v''* Hi-hiyakakoi?i said nervously. ''suprise kitten''he said. *cody's p.o.v* ''Wait you guys no each other?''i said. Hiyakoi ruffled his hair and said ''of course she's my girlfriend''. I dropped my jaw and said ''huh\". Luna said ''don't tell me... Hiyakoi your working for the A-V-C''.Hiyakoi said '' yes...But i only joined it to see you again''. Luna said ''whatever i can't belive you joined the A-V-C''. Hiyakoi smirked and said ''but its for you''. Luna drew a sword out that had a cross on the handle and said ''it doesn't matter,boyfriend or what a fight is a fight'', Hiyakois smirk grew bigger and said '' If u say so''. Hiyakoi drew his sword out. He threw a knife at luna but luna catched the knife with just 2 fingers and threw it back at him.Hiyakoi couldn't dodge the knife so it went in his arm. Hiyakoi said ''sweetie stop playing hard to get''. Luna smirked and said ''i never said this was easy.Luna activated her anthisity and used her telopathy.Hiyakoi flew against the wall from lunas anthisity. Suddenly, hiyakoi disappeared. Luna clenched her fist. ''what happened''i asked. Ran said '' hiyakoi must of used his anthisity ''speed skip''.(speed skip means skipping the place you are quickly) Luna said ''i guess he ran away, what a wimp''. cody said ''luna d-do you love-'' luna said ''no''. Luna walked away from the room. I said ''whats her problem''. Ran said ''i'll tell you tomorow''.

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