from the dust

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a girl winds up in her own writing

Chapter 1 (v.1) - from the dust

Submitted: November 11, 2011

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Submitted: November 11, 2011



the dust has rosen it flys under of the feet the enemy most think the man from the next town over is here that he will kill every one but after the dust has cleared she stands there amazing every one.She walks stumbles into town and slowly drops to the warm sun beaten ground as people run to her the rest of the town stares with one turn of their heads they see the sherriff.He glares down to the decaying women she slowly turns her head to him the man who decides her life here if shes to have a life at all because he can choose to kill her off or to take her into his arms as his wife. He took out his gun and pointed to her head she didn't cry nor did she look like she wanted too.Though she looked completely to her senses she didn't seem to feel that way she tried slowly to stand but her feet broke from their place and slid back down she turned her head to a more comfortable possiton and layed down knowing in her state she wouldn't live if they didn't want her but when she had finaly lost all hope he speaks kindly

\"darling i see you are in some trouble\"

she winced glaring almost into the sun and calming but slightly happy said

\"yes sir i have gotten in some trouble but you pointing that gun at me is not helping\"

\"oh sorry mame\"

\"oh its fine\"

he picked her up and walked to the doctor as they walked in the doc put down a large pair of glasses he chimes up and says in his sweet toned voice

\"i've never seen this beaut of a lady sherriff you sure shes not a roulette you know they come here and be spys still don't know whats to spy here\" the young girl chimed in sayig gently but a little assertion said

\"well am i gonna get fixed or not\"

\"oh right sorry mame lets get to it\"

he picks up what in her mind looked like poison but it was only rehydration medicine she jumped slightly as he handed her the bottle of the blue liquid the doc said

\"mame its not gonna kill ya hun just drink it you'll feel better\"

she slightly sniffed at the top of the cap and smelt no poison and drank she felt revived because she hadn't drank water for days she was left to fend for her self when her town couldn't handle her not behaving like them..............


God make that bell ring now i can't wait carol cried to herself then bing bing bing the bell had gone and she was free from them free from the torture days of school she arrived at home to the screams shed never heard anyone scream like that she ran to the kitchen to find her father trying to stab her mom with the kitchen knife carol screamed and saw her fathers gaze set away from her mom and he droped her to the floor she laid and looked in horror at him staring at her only child carol knew what he wanted to do it was either her end or her escape either one would be scary she ran and her mother screamed in her own horror she just was paralyzed to the floor he ran for her and almost grabbed her shoulder but she shrugged it off and kept running she knew if she closed her eyes maybe shed go quickly so she did and.... on that day in her own world she died her father stabbed her to death as the news report says and her mother also didn't make it she was dragged to the bathroom and drowned

but in her view she didn't die she lived and it was new not her old life but a totally new one but a world she knew so well because it was her own the world she created from her mind and her hands her world she called from the dust this was her new home now she was standing in the town of empire and the sherrif saw her and she fell to her knees taking the role of her character jonie who had been left to herself dyhradted she fell to the ground and she remembered writng it out she would be saved by the sherrif hed love her but she was still young in her mind so real love was an ackward fact of life but she live there and write the rest in her real view she tried standing but she fell

so hows chapter one i hoe u like it i know no sense of editing but i hope to find someone (hollymaybe) to edit it

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