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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Judgement

Submitted: June 17, 2013

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Submitted: June 17, 2013



They reach a town that was full of people and everyone was busy and moving around, the three felt odd and that they stand out too much, as Taraki look and see Ara in his Indian clothes, crow still wearing circus clothes and his clothes were drench from the two before having water fight and got him involved.  As he look and seen the price for clothes and even for staying at an hotel, they couldn’t make it, it seem everyone place they go the prices get higher, even if they get more money, they had no chose ‘ok guys we need jobs so let find jobs, and we are not going till be have enough to last for months, were getting you two new clothes and also food, at sun set we will met up here got it’

‘yes Tara, we will find jobs’ said crow happy and taken order with pride and Ara look confused and though about what a job is and Taraki said ‘don’t call me Tara and Ara you keep an eye on crow ok, I will go alone and make sure he doesn’t run, get hurt or expose his wings’. Ara nodded and Taraki left them to find a job.

Looking around, everywhere he went all of them rejected him for being a kid and for having no experiences. He soon found hope when he enter a jewelry store where the shop keeper was about to buy some gold pocket watch of some guy.

‘That fake, you can tell by the work, if it get wets it will fade away’ said Taraki walking over and the shop keeper wet it and the gold came right off the man was furious and left.

‘My you got quiet an eye, are you looking for a job?’ said the old shop keeper with his glasses falling down.

‘I am but are you sure you want to give a job to a kid?’ he ask

‘well I don’t care what age someone is, now days kids are roaming the street homeless and with no families, thank to fear, any way all you have to do is wash the jewels and help me keep he fakes out and maybe even deliver them’ he said and smile and Taraki felt happy to had found someone nice like him. as he look in the old shop it seem no one else work here by him, so he must of been lonely, Taraki work there hard and did his best, he learn where many places were and even got to see old jewelry that have made it though the tragic disaster years ago. Working away he clean and told the keeper which is real and fake and even deliver jewelry that was broken and now fix or brought.

Out in a bed a breakfast Ara and crow work hard, well Ara, they got their job easy and Ara became the fixer and move thing around and even cook while crow greeted the guest show them to their rooms or table and entertain the kids. At the moment he was eating some cake while Ara was moving a table, it was in the front room where crow waited for guest or anyone needed help.

Crow phone went off and as Ara walk over and pick it up and open it, it was a blue flip phone and a voice came and it was a similar voice, Ara didn’t answer and crow seen him and grab the phone and said ‘hello’.

‘crow, your alive, thank god I though you would be lost or even arrested, why did it take so long to answer; said Ricky on the other side.

‘oh Ricky, hi and that was Ara my new friend he a wolf anime, he doesn’t talk much, I’m fine I’m working at an bed and breakfast since Tara think we need job’ explain crow sitting on the table as Ara move it to another room.

‘So where are you? And also your on speak, don’t worry were at school’ said Ricky.

‘Oh hi everyone, where we are, Ara are we?’ said crow and Ara pointed at a map and crow look at it and the Ara pointed at a flower and crow said ‘where in maow’. On the over side mille look at her map and look for maow and said ‘that really is a place, they travel far, but this town has no anima and they hate G and A types a lot’

‘don’t worry Tara told me not to show that side, I know the rules, were only staying here till we have enough and I’m sure in two days we will go, maybe’ said crow and a tall guy walk to crow and ask ‘what are you doing, on the phone and eating on our tables?’

‘Oh your that lady husband, I’m crow and this is Ara were working here, I’m talking to someone I haven’t see in ages and might never see, so is it ok?’ he said all cute.

‘You’re a worker and I can’t let it slide’ he said trying not to crake.

‘I will give you my cake’ he said.

‘That my cake, it from here’ he said looking at him confused.

‘Ara will make you a cake, a huge one and I will help with this cake making, cake make everything better’ crow said happy.

‘ok, only for a few more minutes than if your still talking I’m taking it’ he said and wall off, he was a sweet man but because of his height and looks he made many scared of him.

‘’hay crow, do you still have the phone we gave you’ said Kayla.

‘no, Tara said that it could have a tracker in it, so we traded it in for a new one, that phone is now something else, I have a new one with the same sim card, we check for bug before’ said crow.

‘Smart kid I want to meet this girl’ said Kyle.

‘it a guy, he a fish anima, his name is Taraki, so your fine and I’m sorry about what happen before, I was going to tell you’ said Ricky upset.

‘Don’t worry, I understand you did it so I could continue my mission and we will see each other right?’ crow said all happy and Ricky said ‘of cause, take care and don’t call us ok, we will contact you ok, we’ll see you’

‘bye crow, we miss you’ they all said and crow said with tears ‘bye guys, don’t worry I will see you all again, I will even introduce Ara and Tara, bye’  as they hang up and crow with tears down his face he smiled and Ara pass a tissue over and crow said ‘thank, I’m ok now let’s get to work and then make a huge cake’, he then smiled his huge smile and Ara patted his head and the two headed off to work.

Taraki was walking around delivering much stuff and soon enter the bed and breakfast to wear an owner of a gold ring was. As he enter and seen Ara carrying a huge box, he ask ‘what are you doing here?’ then crow ran in and seen Taraki and ran over and jump on him giving him a huge hug and said ‘you’re here, now you can help us make a cake’

‘Cake? Get off what are you guys doing?’ he asked pushing him off and putting his box down.

‘Working, we job jobs and were going to make a cake for the boss, for letting me talk to Ricky on the phone, hay are you the guy with the ring?’ he answered

‘yeah, I work at the jewel store where they fix and sell jewelry and watches, here the ring’ he said and gave crow the diamond gold ring and he then said ‘now let find Mr. heart, he going to give this to his wife, as an surprise, and were making a cake for them’

‘oh I thought it was for the phone call, any way I should get back to work’ he said and was about to leave and crow said ‘hay bring your boss over and have dinner with us, you can also stay over we have a room, it a free meal I’m sure she would love him coming over, so be here when you’re done ok and I will save some cake’. Taraki look and nodded and left the place with his box and headed back to the shop and started working again he told his boss about the dinner and they accept to go, Taraki hope they were invited. Working hard and delivering he hears many story and some guys talking about anima being in town, since some guy can sense when anima are around. Taraki wasn’t worried at first but even so the word spread and people grew jumpy and this means that they can’t stay along and have to be on their guard. Taraki had to worn the other and get crow to hide his mark, likely no one seen an anima before but some knew they have a mark that stuck on their till they lose their anima.

That night as they went over to the hotel, the two walk slowly in no rush the keeper said ‘what a nice night it is, it a shame that no one will see it because of the rumor of anima’.

‘Why are people so scared of them, has the town been attack by anima?’ ask Taraki.

‘no, we haven’t have any A or G types enter this land, we only hared rumor that some human are born with powerful skills that are better than any human, while other became mix with animals, the thought of super human or animal human brought fear into the place and now they fear them and if one enter they are arrest and hang, it a shame because it not the person fault’ he explain. Taraki thought about it and understood why they are scared but still it a shame that some people think this way. Even so he had to make sure his friends were safe and knew about this. As they arrive they were greeted and treated like royalty, and the food was wonderful and the cake tasted delicious because crow didn’t touch it all he did was eat the left over mix in the bowl.  It seem the owner and the keeper knew each other and were great friends and as they talk about what going on and about their new worker who seem to be friends. As the night ended and they went to bed and the place were quite, all dress in their pajamas they sat down and Taraki stood in fount of them. Taraki then said ‘ok guy we have a problem there a rumor that anima are in town and so the people are on edge, which mean we have to leave’

‘Why? If there are anima maybe we can befriend them, beside we have great jobs and friends’ ask crow confused and wanting to stay.

‘because anima who are found are arrested and beheaded no matter how nice you are or what you are even G types go though the same thing, this town is scared of us and hate us, so we can stay another day as long as you hide your mark and no one talk or uses there anima, go it’ said Taraki look at them serious and crow smiled and nodded and Ara look at them with his confused face then he nodded.

The next day the three went to deliver in their new clothes Ara in his brown top and jeans, Taraki wear a jumper and jean while crow still with his feather and wearing a sleeve less top and short but was force to wear a jacket, by Taraki. As they walk and deliver jewelry and food, the three try to figure out when to leave and where to go next.

‘I say a city’ said crow.

‘I never been to a city it will be busy and so no one will care of kids walk around, I guess we could find one’ said Taraki holding a box.

‘….’ Ara was thinking about it seem that what he always says, he really say a word but he go along with whatever crow ok with.

‘ok once we done this we will have some lunch and get our pay and leave, after saying thank’ said Taraki as they deliver the last of the jewelry. As they walk it started to grew dark and the rain started to pour and as it did Tamaki’s legs turn into a tail and he fell down throwing his box across the floor crow turn and said ‘were not meant to use our anime in public’

‘I can’t control mine remember, now get me out of here’ shouted Taraki annoyed at his stupidity and Ara pick up Taraki and crow grab the boxes and as the rush back. As they headed back the head of the town enter the hotel.

‘hello Mr. and miss heart, rumor spread you let traveling kids work here, if that true then they might be who we are looking for’ he said in a deep voice, he wasn’t nice and hated strangers and people who are different.

‘Yes we did they are nice kids’ said miss heart smiling but also worried about what he want with them.

‘see a robber stole from the jewelry store down town late last night and it seem it was an anima, so we think it was the kids’ he explain and Mr. heart said ‘it can’t be them they' re in their bed, also they can’t be anima’.

‘Anima is children who look and act like us till they turn into their true form, you can tell them from us by a mark, and do any of the kids have a mark?’ he explains.

‘I don’t think so, crow did have something on his shoulder, I don’t remember’ she said thinking about it and soon crow came running in and drop the boxes, he was drench and every time he move water came off him.  He soon seen them there and look at them confused and said ‘hi sorry about wetting the floor I will clean it up’.

‘Wait, can I see something?’ asked the head of the town, then he took of crow jacket and look at his shoulder, but nothing was there no mark he then said ‘nothing I guess you’re not an anima’

‘Hay was the other two?’ ask Mr. Heart.

‘oh Taraki fell over when we were running back so Ara took him out back since were wet and it closer to the first aid kit, don’t worry Ara train in health, he fine, I came here to let you know where back safe and sound, we’ll see ya’ then he ran off but the men knew something was up and as he look at his hand he see some brown paint on him. He soon slowly walks of the stairs heading to be the guys were hiding. In side crow and Ara were trying to dry Taraki but as they heard the door open Ara rush Taraki into the bathroom and filled the tube with water and bubbles and hid in there while crow greeted him.

‘Hay what up? Did you have something to ask?’ ask crow smiling and leaning on the door.

‘What behind the door?’ he asked.

‘Taraki having a bath since you know we just got out the rain’ he explain

‘Didn’t Taraki hurt his leg?’ he asked.

‘yeah Ara in there helping, you know’ crow said and the guy look and seen a black dot on his shoulder and he said ‘I see well have a nice night’ then he left and as he did he look and the guys stay there another day as it reach night they told their bosses that they are leaving tomorrow. Sitting in the bedroom after having there dinner Taraki said ‘that was too close, we need to be on guard more’

‘I hated lying but even so you got to be more careful, you should have known it was going to rain’ said crow smiling.

‘Shut up! It was a sunny day in any case get some rest tomorrow were leaving this town for good’ said Taraki then the door slam down and as they look and seen some police came in and the head of the town and as he walk in the cops chuck water at the three and the paint came off crow arm and Taraki turn into an animal.

‘So you guys are anima, I knew it cleaver covering his mark but I guess water isn’t your element’ he said and the three was taken to jail where they were lock up in the cell. No question or even a chance to say anything they were lock up and without any court.

‘Great, I hate this town and water’ shouted Taraki mad as he shock the bar on his cage.

‘But you’re a fish, don’t worry if we explain were good anima and didn’t steal any jewelry from the store we will be let go’ explain crow happy as he was eating some cake, it was unknown how he got it but Taraki had a feeling Ara got it for him.

‘hay Ara can you hear what they are saying?,  they are talking about us’ asked Taraki then crow pull out some paper and gave it to Ara and he wrote down what he heard as he pull his wolf ear out. Writing down as he finish and gave it to Taraki who read out what it said ‘the three will be killed tomorrow the young one, will be hang after we cut of his wings, it will get us a lot of money, the tall one will be shot and the girl will be..’

Taraki was full mad and started shouting out ‘you dare do that, you animals’

‘What just because he called you a girl everyone does that, it the face’ explain crow confused.

‘Not that, they going to cut and eat my tail, I’m not a mermaid’ shouted Taraki mad and as he shock the cage.

‘well it merman since you’re a guy but less you won’t feel it, while I will feel my wing, we can’t let that happen’ said crow and he started to cry, Ara hug him and tried to comfit him and Taraki said ‘no when it night and most of the people are asleep we will get out and get our stuff, I don’t care if anyone see our anima, this is war and we will show them to never turn on anima’

‘This sound like fun right Ara’ said crow happy and started to giggle and Ara was smile and look out the door. As it reach night Ara pull the bar apart and they snuck out and as they got out Ara put the bar back together to make it look like they were let out. Ten they ran and look for their stuff, cops came and tried to stop them so Taraki kick them and punch them away and Ara as well fought and crow flew around looking for their stuff once found and called them over and the three grab their thing and ran out as the gun fired and man shouted, the three bolted and never look back, dodging all the bullet they just made it out with their life. Far away they fell to the ground tired and injured from the punches they took and bullet they got hit by. Crow wings were tired as he was hit and Ara was shot in the leg. Taraki just got cut by a bullet the three took care of each other and hid in a cave for awhile till they were heal and the hunt for them was over.

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