Anima- outcast

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hundreds of years ago the world began to fall apart as the disasters ended, two new races began, the A type known as anima and the G type known as genius. in the new harsh world a group of anima seek out a place they belong.
as an young boy name Crow went on an journey to find other like him, he met up with an young teen name Taraki who agree to join him after he save his life. On there journey they met an older teen Ara and then later an young girl name Cornelle. As the four travel are the world they learn the dangers of being different and what it mean to seek out there true place.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Anima- outcast

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Submitted: March 10, 2013




Weeks have past since the fake fight and weeks have past since the groups of anima have stay in the house with the man and his family, in no rush to head back into the world where they are hided because of what they are. Anima, also known as A type humans who have been giving the ability of a certain animal, they are fear around the world. They aren’t born this way but created as when an child or teen has an near death experience where they could die they became half of an animal in order to survive. It unsure why this has occurred in the world but it said due to the destruction of the world it said it god punishment for destroy the world. Not only anima have been brought into this world, but also genius also known as G types, super smart human who are hated by the humans and use as slave, and unlike the A type who get arrested or kill G types aren’t are fear as it more contain as they are an genetic condition which only occurs in some bloodlines.  The g types are humans who are skilled in one skill that shown to be far above others, as one could be skill at fighting while another skill as computers they are advance then normal humans, which give them the name Genius.

The four sat around thinking of what to do next, there fearless leader Taraki read the maps looking for a town where it full of food and shelter and they can blend in without trouble. While Cornelle made clothes for her fellow team mate, being the only female she tries to prove she just as strong and powerful even though she hate to fight and has no experience in traveling or hunting like Taraki and Ara do. Each one of them anima and different species, they had learn to live together even though they are different in each way, especially the youngest of the group, young Crow who was taken care by a family of genius he has no idea what the real world like or have common senses. With Crow around he keep everyone on edge as he always flies off leaving Ara to track him down, with his wolf senses and hunting skills.

Soon it was time for them to leave the comfit of a home to the harsh world that the new kings have made; leaving, Crow was all happy as he was able to continue with his mission to find other anima. As Crow ran out the house all happy flapping his wings around like crazy as the black feather fell from his wings, he was in full smiles and happy to be on the move, feeling like a trap bird he hated being in one area for to long. In his new clothes of a black tank top and black pants, with his two feathers in his black feathery hair, the feather unlike his own was white with red tip on one and blue on the other. With a small red back pack that he carried on one shoulder, he flew around in joy not caring if he was seen. Taraki ran out calling him to come back, annoyed that he flew out the house like that showing the world who he was. Taraki was the second eldest and second tallest, he made a lot confuse to what gender he was because of his girlish face this is why he was called Tara by Crow. Due to his appearance he tries to look like an male in clothes sense as he wore red top and jeans, he rush around trying to catch Crow carrying an black jumper in hope to it on him to hid his black wing mark on his shoulder that prove he a anima. Tired he push back his blue hair as he tried to fit it so he could see, as his fringe begin to grew too long for him. Then he shouted out annoyed ‘you can’t fly around showing your wings and mark, or they will throw you in prison’

‘I hate hiding my mark I’m proud of being an anime and I refuse to hid it’ shouted Crow with tear coming down his face, making his brown eye grew big making it harder for Taraki to say no then Ara came out and put the jacket on crow and every time he took it off Ara put it back on him and it was now a test of will Taraki watch the same thing over and over both unwilling to stop. To people outside of the group it was wired to see a adult have an full out war with a kid and obey a bunch of kids, but in truth Ara was just a teenager who can’t talk more then one word and is really kind, despite his scary appearance he get when he mad. It may not look it but Ara is like a loyal dog to Crow even at the moment it seems more like he an older brother. Cornelle ran out and shouted ‘don’t leave me….’ She stop and seen them not going and ask ‘what going on?’

‘Well since crow woken up he became more stubborn and proud to be an anima and refuse to hide his mark even if it will get us all killed’ shouted Taraki annoyed. Cornelle look at her travel companions and wonder dose she really want to travel with these guy who always fight and aren’t a team at all. Each one of them does what they want and rarely cares what happen to others. Standing there watching Taraki shouting at Crow while Ara still trying to keep the jacket on Crow, while he just kept trying to fly away. It was pointless and really a pain. Cornelle stood there as the wind blew her long silver hair, as Cornelle got tired of this she scream and as she did the three fell to the ground and was knock out as Cornelle walk over and put the jacket on and zip it up and grab there stuff and got the all ready to go. As they woke they said there byes and left, Crow felt the wind touch his smooth fair skin waving away at his friends. As they followed Crow grew annoyed at his jacket, he wanted so much to remove it he tried his best to remove his jacket but was unable to do so, as he ask Cornelle how to unlock his jacket she refuse saying she didn’t want to lose her life over his pride. So instead Crow made it his mission to annoyed everyone and complain until he got his freedom.

 ‘Are we there yet?’ complained crow as he smiled and clung near Taraki

‘for the last time no, if your bored go watch out of travelers’ said Taraki looking away from Crow and started rushing away trying to get as far as he can from Crow.

‘You know I like it better when you taking care of me’ shouted Crow.

‘I have a question why is Crow the only one with a phone and you with an I-pod? While me and Ara has nothing’ ask Cornelle with her arm cross as she was annoyed that she has nothing

‘Well his brother pay the bill and I won this, also you have a sward even if you can’t use it, so dose Ara’ said Taraki.

‘Not my fault why did that man give us sward were only 13, I get Ara but why us?’ complained Cornelle.

‘we are kids traveling in a world where people want us dead, I can’t use my anima like you guys can, so I need a sward, Ara the hunter and you he felt sorry, I guess’ explain Taraki thinking about it as he stay in front of the group as they walk on the path.

‘I didn’t get a sward’ cried Crow as he climbing onto Taraki like a kola, Taraki push him off and said ‘knock it off, you’re a ten year olds you can’t use a sward, also you have wings that can control the wind you don’t need a sward’ Crow then got up and said ‘well if I can beat you in a sward battle then I can get a sward, deal?’

‘What? I’m not going to face you with a sward, you haven’t had the training’

‘look I may have never use a sward before like you, who battle with a sward master, so it doesn’t matter right fight me, I never question your leadership and do what you say without panic and if I win I get a sward’ said crow making it harder to say no.

‘Fine but I’m not going easy on you’ said Taraki and pull out his sward that was tied to his belt. Holding the sward he got ready and crow held Ara sward that was twice his size and Crow could barely hold it or had the right stand. As the match begin Taraki attack and went for Crow, in panic dodge his move and hit the sward away from him, everyone knew he was going to lose but as Taraki attack Crow, his clumsy change and he became a pro sward men as he knock Taraki sward out his hand and knock him over as well in just one move, no one seen it coming or what he did, as Taraki lay on the floor Crow pointed his sward at his face and smiled. Taraki shouted out mad ‘what the hell? How did you do that you can barley hold that sward’

‘I’m a G type’ said crow as he throw the sward in the air and grab the case and court it in the case. Cornelle clap in amazed and crow gave back the sward to Ara and Taraki got up and growled ‘you an A type not a G just because you live with a family of one doesn’t make you one, it genetic’

‘anime are child who are going to die or near death experience, I was a G type before then and still one they call it fighting type I can fight any way I want without any training and be a pro, more training I get the better, mille show me how to fight I learn the sward by watching you fight Cornelle and ara and won’ he explain smiling. Taraki growled he was furious that he lose and the worst thing was he lost to crow the youngest and clueless member, he felt his pride fade away crow gave him a big hug and said ‘I maybe a better fight but your always my leader, love you’ as he hug and poke him returning to his childish ways. Taraki push him away and said ‘you still not getting a sward, not till you grew more and if we find another sward maker who would be willing to make you a sward’ than stared walking as Crow sat up and fix his black messy hair he smile and jump in the air as his wing came out and he shouted ‘hay Ara till than can I borrow your sward’ and Ara was going to give crow the sward and Taraki rush over and grab the sward and shouted ‘no, that too big, we got a lot of ground to cover so stop messing around’

‘you know guys it might just be me or are you trying to impress me, when I met you, you three were like a team now your just useless it was a miracle we pull it off for this long’ she said stopping and look at them with a smile

‘why in the world would we want to impress a girl?, especially one like you, were only like this it because crow still a child and need to learn, raise by the idiots he get what he want we need to brake that’ growled Taraki.

‘one like me, what that meant to mean?’ shouted Cornelle getting frustrated with Taraki hatred to women and how he treat her like trash and not part of the group.

‘Look girls are just pointless and unnecessary and I think we would be better off without a girl in out group’ said Taraki with his arm cross and looking away.

‘Crow cause more trouble than me, I’m the one who been taking care of your wounds’ she shouted.

‘the only reason were traveling from town to town is because of him, since he want to find anima, I made a promise to watch and protect him and that what I will do, Ara is as well doing the same thing so if you want to join us never say anything bad about crow or kick him out f he gone were all gone, stupid bitch, come on Crow, Ara we got more land to cover’ shouted Taraki mad, he was more mad then ever, they never seen him that mad and as they walk crow grab Cornelle arm and pull her along following Taraki and said ‘be happy, if you show your weak, he will run all over ya, stay strong like a true vampire’ Cornelle thought about it and smiled and agree with Crow and the four travel once again it wasn’t long till another agreement went.

They soon reach the new town that was busy as others, with the home and shop next door to each other and cart move around as car were rare to find in these area since fueling a car was hard and expensive so many just have cartages pull by horses, it cheaper and you don’t have to travel miles for petrol. It was close to being a city if the building were bigger and if there was more traffic. Traveling around trying to get there way though without being separated as they were push, the four got separated and so they called out each other but there voices never past the crowed. Soon Taraki found Cornelle just in time as someone jump in water, Taraki push Cornelle in front of him and hid behind her so he wouldn’t get wet, as the water hit her soaking her from top to bottom, annoyed she turn around shock and shouted ‘why did you do that?, my clothes are drench’

‘If I got wet I would have a tail, beside that pay back’ he said and started walking looking for his fellow companions.

‘Why do you always shout, your never happy and always have that Scottish accent on, which mean you shout a lot’ she complained.

‘Because if you haven’t notice I hate girls, any type of girls so when you around I’m madder than normal also don’t you hate being around males so it off that you are traveling with them’ he said

‘hay, it not my fault I have trust issue ok, living in a house with only my mother anyone would be like that, I never really see anyone but my mum’ she complained

‘Then why did you join a group of guys after meting them for half a day? We could easily rat you out or leave you to die’ he asked looking around though the crowed.

‘don’t know, only that I was alone yet I wanted to come with you guys, maybe because you are like me, near death experience when we could have died not for the anima soul we have a bond’ she said with a straight face poring out her feeling only to relies Taraki wasn’t paying attention while eating some apples that Crow and Ara had as he found him. Cornelle was annoyed as he didn’t even hear her answer, Crow pass an apple to her and as they sat at a bench thinking where to go and how to stay together the place was huge and they could easily get lost unless they had someone who knew how the busy city works. They thought sitting at the table would be the safest place but soon they were push and Crow had enough and wanted to fly which cause Ara and Taraki trouble, Cornelle was asking around if anyone knew where the closes hotel was but no one could hear her or cared about a child.  Soon Crow push Taraki over and knock Cornelle over and he fell with her and as he landed on her she scream out, she didn’t use her bat scream which would knock everyone out but a normal one shouting ‘get off, get off you pervert’ people stop and look everyone talking and calling for help Taraki got up and shouted ‘what you problem? Crow knock me over, seriously get over it already’

‘Than get over you hate toward women’ she shouted and started to cry and ran off and Crow said as he was being held by Ara under his arm like a stuff toy ‘I think she scared of man even boys, it must be hard traveling with them maybe that way she has her own tent and has a bath alone’

‘everyone has there own bed, but you wont sleep in yours and she a girl, let find a hotel’ said Taraki and started pushing his way though and crow look at Ara in confusion still not understanding a word Taraki just said and look for him for help, but Ara didn’t say a word and forgotten everything that just happen and followed Taraki like a lost dog.

Cornelle far from her friends was lost in the city with her eyes red for the crying, mad at Taraki for what he said, but mad at her self for what she did. She couldn’t help it her voice came out on it own, she wanted to say sorry but she was so furious. Walking around the place trying to find a quite place to calm down where she could be alone to think and figure out how she meant to find them again or if she should even head back. In the park she listen to the door and seen the people walk past her, talking about her and the way she look, many call her the vampire because of her pale skin and the way she dress, when she use her anima she was truly a vampire, as her bat wings came out with her fangs and purple eyes, that sometime turn red when blood is spilt. She didn’t find anything wrong with what she wore and her silver hair, hearing what everyone said and what they think she felt more left out then normal, alone in a city full of thousand of people yet she felt like she was in an unpopulated area with only the grass to talk too, she miss her friends and how they would fight and argue, none afraid to say what on there mind and stand up for each other, they were truly a family. So it was settle she was going to find her friends as she got up and walk she found a teenager who was dancing around as she was by herself, she seem lost or confused yet she smile and move, Cornelle had a strange feeling about her but didn’t understand. Her hair was long and orange with brown eyes, she was tall and remind Cornelle of a fox as she move around playing, she didn’t know if she was an anima or not but something was odd about her as she ran over to her and asked ‘excuse me do you know where the closest hotel is from here?, I lost my friends I think they might have gone there’

‘Aren’t you a cute girl and British too, I will be happy to find your friends with you, since a pack must stick together, so what do they look like?’ she said in a happy voice, her accent was strange it was one not heard lot and she was very loud so it was hard to understand her a bit.

‘they are boys one very tall with long black hair, with him is normally a kid who look about 5 but he really ten and he also has black hair and with them should be a kid my age with blue hair but look like a girl but he really a guy I think’ she said explaining the three. The girl picture them in her head and said ‘got it, by the way my name is Gabby’ then she grab Cornelle hand and pull her along as she ran though the crowed.

At a fancy hotel the three stood at the counter and Taraki did all the talking while Ara kept crow in line as he ran around looking at everything, and wanted to climb the stairs.

‘Do you have a parent with you?’ ask the man behind the counter with a book in front of him.

‘We are travelers, Ara our guardian, but he can’t talk much, he hurt his throat so I will deal with the talking and he can just sign, so how much for a room for I guess four if she come back’ explain Taraki thinking if he should get a bed for Cornelle.

‘well the cheapest room is $200 that just for bed if you want food it will cost more, and you will have to be out before 9’ he explain.

‘Any cheaper room, we can two or one I know they wont mind, this is the cheapest hotel here, can’t you give us a room where it doesn’t take every money I have’ complained Taraki.

‘there one but it wont fit four, mostly one, I could get you a room for 90 but you have to be out before 6 since it owner will come back you will have two beds since the other room are lock and it a suit but everything will be lock so it just a bed, if you want a wash there a bath house down town’ he said checking the room.

‘Great well I guess that will have to do, Ara, Crow get over here’ shouted out Taraki and the two walk over and the form came and Ara went and sign them. Taraki told Crow about the rules and there wake up call crow said ‘but that early and where do I go for the bathroom?’

‘there a toilet you can use down the hall from your room, look it the best I can do and I’m not meant to be doing this, take it if you want or leave it’ he explain and as Taraki knew he had no option Cornelle and Gabby came in and Cornelle said ‘there you guys are leaving me in the city alone while you guys go to a fancy hotel’

‘It the cheapest hotel in the city and you ran off, who your friend?’ ask Taraki.

‘This is gabby she help me find the place, so what room are we getting?’ she asked.

‘A two bed room where we can’t use anything in there but the bed and were using a bath house, unless you have $200 dollars, because that all I have and I’m not spending it on a hotel’ explain Taraki.

‘I guess that will do’ said Cornelle upset and gabby push though to Ara and said ‘this is the guy he so hansom, hi I’m Gabby what your name?’

Ara look at her confused and Crow jump in and said ‘that Ara he doesn’t talk much, so I will say what he wants to say’

‘Oh the silent type I can deal, hay Dem you giving them a good room?’ she said as she move to the worker behind the desk.

‘The cheapest room’ said Dem.

‘Hmm they can stay with me, my room top floor to the right, but the bath broken so we will go to the bath house, let go’ she said happy and led them to her room on the top floor, it was a full on suite with two bed rooms both with two bed in them. This place was made for famous people and yet this girl had the room and Crow asks ‘how you get this?’

‘I’m a traveler but I have so much money, too much so I spend it on places to live any way come Ara I will show you the place’ she said and grab Ara arm and led him around Crow follow but was push away and walk over to Taraki and Cornelle and said ‘I guess I’m not needed, dose she hate me?’

‘No she being a typical female, judging people by there looks, she wants Ara and trying to drag him away, stupid girls’ growled Taraki.

‘Maybe she want to get to know him, beside not all girl do that, I didn’t’ she said looking at the couple and Crow asked ‘so she hate me because of what I wear? and also she wont just love any guy, she a fox they mate for life’ then he left to explore and the two shouted in confused ‘she a fox?’ right then they knew she was an anima and if she did fall for Ara she will join the group which Cornelle wanted, she wanted another girl and Taraki didn’t, he wanted no girls and another would just be horrible. So it begins another battle between the two to get or separate Ara and Gabby.

 She showed the group around the city and Gabby never left Ara side, which annoyed Crow and Taraki hated it. Cornelle made sure none of the two would get involved. The city was huge but with Gabby they got though the place without getting separated or lost. ‘Ara I’m tired can you carry me’ said Crow tired and gabby said ‘you a kid you should be full of energy, beside how old are you? Cornelle said you ten but you’re a bit small, like a 4 year old, even act like one, and the name Crow what that meant to be?’ crow look at her shock and felt like crying and Taraki shouted ‘hay it not his fault he look that way and he was given that name by his brother, what name is gabby you stupid bitch’

‘What are you a boy or girl, and are you scotch or Irish, I know they are around the same area but the accent is different and your one change?’ She asks Taraki she wasn’t trying to be harsh or pick on him she just wanted to know she was very curious and not afraid to ask question.

‘I’m a boy and I’m nether look you told us to come with you but you kept hanging around Ara talking away and acting like where not here and we are tired of it’ growled Taraki.

‘my bad, also why is your hair blue?, I know it not natural’ she ask and Taraki was about to hit her and Crow jump in and said ‘because we are like you’re a fox and before you go any closer, your linking arms with a wolf’ and she look at them and Ara and jump back and shouted ‘what?’.

As the five were in a quite place far from any people and hidden form the city Gabby asked ‘so you know I’m a fox and he a wolf and you guys are what?’

‘Fish, vampire bat and he a Crow, his name gave it away’ said Cornelle.

‘I see so I been interested in a wolf, that odd but it will work since we are both animas’ she said happy.

‘there no way your being with Ara for one he our friend and your not taking him, plus he doesn’t know who you are you crazy girl’ growled Taraki.

‘What of cause he dose, I been with him the whole time’ she said not understanding a word he on about. She then look and seen him hanging around Crow and as Crow seen her and hid behind Ara as he was scared she would pick on him Ara stood his ground and growled and Gabby ask ‘what going on, what did you do to him?’

‘Nothing, Ara can speak only one word at a time but he can’t remember anything, he remember us because he has a bit of us in his book, my scale, Crow’s feather and Cornelle’s claw’ he explain

‘That hurt, I can’t believe he broke my claw for his book` she complained.

‘I see, hay Ara I’m gabby here my claw’ she said and her nails grew into fox claws and she broke a nail and gave it to him and ara look at it and crow said ‘that Gabby’s claw she want you to remember her, even though she evil, picking on me because of my size’

‘I was asking, it not every day you see a dwarf, beside it what I do, foxes are beautiful and sly but I’m a bit curious I must know everything that way I travel the world, also why is your name Taraki and Cornelle they are wired names?’ she explain running around like a fox chasing her tail with her ear and tail out.

‘What with your name, Gabby is that a fish?’ snarled Taraki.

‘Gabrielle, it a nick name, I understand Crow but not everyone else, Ara I guess is a wolf like name but Taraki sound like a girl’ she said as she hug Ara who stood there holding his book looking not even paying attention to what going on.

‘I like my name and get your hand off him, I swear girls are just a pain and waste of space, Crow, Ara come one and Cornelle you can come or stay what ever but us guys can’t hang around a girl like her she already hurt Crow feelings’ he said and Crow ran off and Ara seen them leave and followed and Cornelle said ‘well here a hint if you want to like in this group get Crow to like you, Ara is like a dog to Crow, loyal and dose what he say and like who he like while Taraki has to protect Crow so upset him he will not let you get close to being in this pack, I’m one your side but  rather not be on there bad side, also my name my mother gave it to me, she wanted an unique name that no one would have and be my own’ then she ran off.


At the bath house they found there own cell where they could show there mark in pride and Cornelle was alone in the cell next to them with a wall in between so no one could see her. Taraki refuse to go in the water wearing a towel and Crow swimming in the water that was deep enough for him to swim while Ara lay in the water watching Crow with his ears out and tail. Cornelle alone sat in the water with her mark showing that was on her back near her shoulder it was a black bat. The others were in plain view too Taraki was on his rib with was blue water moving that circle into each other without touching and Ara was a wolf head that was on his chest. Peace and quite the door open and Cornelle turn and hid her mark and crow look and as they worried someone was coming try to get him to hid his but wouldn’t and Crow drag Taraki in and then his tail came out and Taraki grab a towel and cover his fin and made it look like he was wearing a towel. As the person enters it was Gabby, in her towel she walks in and shouted ‘hay guys I ask where you were and I decide to join you lot, great idea to ask for privet on what was your excuse?’

‘Hay Gabby and it was all Taraki plan’ Cornelle explain going back to her old position on showing her back and relaxing in the hot bath by herself. Gabby walk over to the guys side and Cornelle said ‘that the guy side’ as she enter and they seen her Crow said ‘it gabby, I though girls won’t aloud here?’

‘They are not, get out of here you pervert, this is the guys side’ shouted Taraki throwing the towel over Ara and pushing crow away to hide anything.

‘Why? you are a fish, that blue tails with stripes what type of fish are you?’ she asked.

‘one that going to kill you if your don’t get out’ he shouted and as he got up he forget he can’t stand and fell back down and she look down and laugh and Taraki was in rage and he grab a pot and was about to chuck it then Cornelle grab her and pull her back to there side and as the two girls sat there and Cornelle ask ‘why did you do that?, Ara might not remember but the other two will and your making it worst for your self’

‘your such a scary cat, why not do it sure they will hate you but if they are your friends it wont matter right, I want to be bold and do what I want and feel like, because others would hate me make no difference, I want to have fun don’t you’ she explain with a smile.

‘You’re an odd girl, but even so why did you walk on them having a bath?’ she asked still confused about that.

‘No idea, I wanted to say sorry and see that tail of his, I guess I should have ask to see it later’ she said and giggled Cornelle smiled and on the other side ‘so why can they see us and we can’t see them?’ ask Crow laying sitting next to Taraki.

‘Your not meant too but girl are idiots that don’t know that’ he explain mad.

‘So she not going to be joining our group?’ ask Crow.

‘she never ever going to be in this group, she nothing but trouble and is going to get us killed, tomorrow were leaving her and this town behind’ growled Taraki.

‘What about you Ara do you like Gabby?’ ask Crow and Ara look and turn his head like he was confused like he had no idea what going on. Crow laugh and Ara smiled back happy.

That night they headed back to the hotel and stuck in the room with gabby she said sorry and did try to be in there good book but after awhile that ended when she wouldn’t stop talking and asking question about their swards, their past, hair styles and anything about them. Taraki head was about to exploded, he hid in the room but her voice went thought every rooms and he couldn’t block her out and his head phone broke so he couldn’t use his I-pod.

‘When will they shut up?’ growled Taraki holding his pillow over his head while in his bed trying to block them out.

‘Don’t know but she love to talk, we should join them Ara and Cornelle are out there, let go’ said Crow and drag Taraki out of bed, Crow wasn’t tired and hated being lock up in the room and Taraki knew he can’t sleep unless they all go to bed. Heading out the three were sitting around and she was chatting away as Ara sat there spacing out and Cornelle was tired and look like she was on drug as she swings her body around.

‘I though you’re a vampire there night creature and yet you can’t stay up late?’ ask gabby.

‘I’m not a vampire, I might have a bat anima but I’m more human then that’ she said and as she was about to go she bang her head and woke up and went to get a drink in hope to keep her awake.

‘when are you going to bed, it 1 in the morning let go to bed already’ growled Taraki as he was mad he wasn’t getting his rest, Crow was wide awake but he was half asleep as he only could hear bit of what people say and got mad very easy. Sitting with Ara who just sat there unsure if he was asleep or awake

‘you guys are no fun, it a sleepover you stay up late and talk and eat junk, so Taraki you’re the leader right I hared Crow save you what from?’ she asked and Taraki was shock and embarrassed because there was no way he was going to say Crow save him from a circus where he was dress up as a girl and was a mermaid. Crow then said ‘he was force to work as the owner held his most precious thing and so I scared everyone away acting like the angel of death and me and Tara fled the area to find my brother, where is Ricky?’ he sounded drunk and way out of it, Taraki was happy he didn’t mention any of the girl thing but now gabby wouldn’t stop asking about his precious thing. He didn’t want to say it was his earring he had in his ear, Crow didn’t say anything but was calling Ricky who was mad to be woken up Crow put him on loud speaker so everyone could hear them. All Ricky could hear was Taraki shouting out get away from me, and I’m not telling you and a girl asking what is it. Crow then said ‘guess what we found a fox anime who don’t sleep and love Ara, and guess what were in the city and your right no one ever sleep’ he sounded drunk and he whispered to Ricky who could just hear him and Cornelle shouted ‘get of the phone Crow and get to bed, and gabby stop chasing Taraki’

‘also when people don’t sleep your ether really tired, mad or what they say drunk like, I think I’m half asleep even though I feel like I’m wide awake, any way tell everyone I love them and that I’m sorry for being a pain and leaving you guys, I should go because Tara just broke the door and having a full fit and about to kill gabby with his sward’ he said and hung up and Ricky look at his phone and said ‘Crow, what in the world, I should call tomorrow’.


The next day the four were kicked out the hotel and gabby was banned as the four moved gabby ran up and said ‘sorry about the late night, I was just so happy to be with others like me, so any way where are you guys going?’

‘far away from you, you got us kick out the hotel, we had to pay for broken damages I almost got arrested  and have Crow siblings keep calling and asking me what going on as Crow sound drunk and like the world was falling apart again’ complained Taraki.

‘Even so it was fun and next time we will go to bed at 11’ said gabby smiling.

‘sure right after I spend the rest of my money getting Ara out of prison and finding out how to get Crow brother from finding and killing me, your not our friend but an enemy, your no a friend at all’ shouted Taraki.

‘You’re no fun, Crow I’m sorry about the panic but you’re the one that called your brothers and I didn’t do all that by my self’ she explains.

‘I’m not a dwarf or a baby, also I’m not an angel of death’ he said half asleep as he lend on Taraki and gabby said ‘sorry I told them that he was an angel of death, they didn’t believe me anyway, they just think we were drunk’

‘they lock us up, lucky crow brother Joe dealt with it or we would still be in prison, just go away, we might see you around and when we do then we might hang out but right now I need to get the group back together and leave before anything else happens’ said Taraki and he held crow hand as he tried to keep Crow close by, as they walk to get Ara out of prison and find out where Cornelle was, it was a wild night and now they had no money and most of the pearls they had was gone, all in one night hell broke lose and the only good thing that happen was no one found out they were anima. Leaving Cornelle asked ‘what happen to gabby?’

‘Like I said girls are nothing but trouble, never bring a girl to our group again got it’ he said and kept walking as Ara carried Crow.

‘So she not coming, I guess that a good thing she too wild for me and not much of a fox’ said Cornelle and as they left tired and broke they were thankful the have left that city behind and hope the next anima is calmer and bring less trouble for them. while Taraki hope that Crow brother would stop planning his death and just give up.  

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