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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Old Friends

Submitted: March 14, 2013

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Submitted: March 14, 2013




Been a week since the battles at the stadium and everyone was over fighting and agree to never do that again, thankful that word didn’t spread about them being anima, so for now they were safe to travel around without the fear of being recognized as an anima. Walking around all they wanted was a nice bed and clean clothes and no drama. No one ask about Crow meltdown or anything Crow seem to be back to his old self and return to his pride of showing his mark off, it was getting harder to explain it was a tattoo to the world. They soon found another town which was more of a city then anything, with cars and carriages people, no one stop and it wasn’t as bad as the last city as they were about to walk around easy without being separated like last time. They soon stop to take a brake and to figure out what hotel to go too, with the help of Crow’s brother Ricky he told them the cheapest hotels in city and it was up to them to decide which one, knowing where they are it was up to them to pick. As they stop and wonder Cornelle seen on a billboard of a famous singer she love and had to tell the world ‘omg it her it Renge the pop star we have to see her concert’

‘Omg, really? Get lost we don’t have time for singers who I never heard of’ said Taraki acting like he was exited but wasn’t as he return to trying to figure out the best place to stay.

‘You never hared of her she the best singer in the world and soon to be actress, everyone loves her and want to be her she been number one for almost a year, how can you not?’ she said all exited

‘Maybe because she a girl’ Crow said thinking about it.

‘Of cause you’re so evil dose your hate for girls run so deep to hate every single one without knowing them’ said Cornelle understanding and disappointed.

‘That not the reason, I don’t follow or care about famous people or anything, also I don’t have the time, I don’t see the point in knowing about other people who I don’t know or care’ said Taraki reading some broacher about the hotel they looking at staying at.

‘If so then I will teach you since I know everything, Renge is a pop star who been a singer for two years and getting more famous as the weeks pass, she going to be an actress as she staring in an upcoming movie, if we go to the contest you can meet her and you will love her too’ she explain exited and Taraki look at her annoyed and said ‘I rather not and that consent been out for months all the ticket are sold out and it in a week we wont be here, so get over it’

‘Rabbit’ said Crow and Ara then asked confused ‘rabbit?’

‘Alice is a rabbit who goes hop, hop’ said Crow smiling as he hop around as a rabbit. Ara confused keep saying rabbit, leaving Taraki who wasn’t paying attention to be confused thinking everyone gone crazy.

As they hit the city and look for the Reki hotel they run into a crowed as they stop and look around, Taraki ask ‘what going on?’ As Crow climb onto Ara shoulder he look around and said ‘it a blonde girl, it Range, and that the concert hall’

‘What? Renge just in front of us, we have to see her’ said Cornelle excited and she tried to push though but couldn’t make it past the first group. Crow look and shouted ‘rabbit’ Taraki look at him confused and ask ‘why do you kept saying rabbit?’ then though the crowed with guards keeping everyone away the teen pop star who turn and as she did her long blonde hair follow her hitting her fair skin, she seen Crow in the distant and as an huge grin appeared on her face, her blue eye began to sparkle like diamonds and she jump in to the crowd and push her way though before she jump out tackling Ara down, she held onto Crow tight, refusing to let go. Crow smiled and said ‘rabbit’.

 ‘Crow, you came back’ said Range with a voice that was soft and sweet the guys look confused and some police came over and some man grab her as he pull her along, she then grab Crow’s arm and ran Crow quickly grab Taraki arm dragging him alone, the other two follow as they all jump into the limo.

As they drove off Cornelle smiled and couldn’t hold it in her excitement ‘I can’t believe where in the same car as the pop star Range’

‘Crow you came back I’m so happy, and you got more friends that great’ said Renge happy and Taraki asked ‘what going on? How do you know this girl?’

‘She my friend, hay rabbit I’m glad your dream came true’ said Crow smiling and Renge smiled and said ‘I’m just glad your safe and sound when you left I was worried you would get in trouble again, I will take you guys to my suite where we can talk more I’m sure jay can’t wait to see you’.

At the hotel where she stayed at she had the whole top floor to herself, she had everything she could need and more and nothing was cheap. The place was spotless and as they enter Crow ran straight to the fringe and started grabbing jelly and ran to a chair, it was like he knew where everything was and Taraki ask ‘do you know Ricky?’

‘Who Ricky?’ she asked confused.

‘He my brother, he a genius like me’ said Crow eating some jelly.

‘I see and you still like jelly, you must be tired so you can stay here as long as you want, since your Crow’s friend’ she said as she smiled and Cornelle asked ‘miss Renge I’m so happy to be here and it like a dream but how do you know Crow and his name is Crow even though he was given that name by Ricky?’

‘I called him crow, because he is one like I’m an rabbit’ she said and walk over to crow as she got over an small orange and white rabbit came out and as Crow seen it he shouted out ‘Krista, you still have her’

‘why wouldn’t I you court her, you see Crow save me two year ago from these man and we became friends after that and he help me became who I am’ she explained.

‘Can you explain and you’re also an anima how?’ ask Taraki annoyed and wanting to know.

‘it a bit long I will tell you later’ she said and soon a lady came in wearing glasses and her hair in a bun she was in panic and shouted ‘why was I curse with a wild girl, you jump over the crowed and drag some children in, it all over the news, what are you trying to do?’

‘Sorry but I found Crow I couldn’t help it’ she said and stuck her tough out and the girl said ‘Crow? You mean that boy that was always with you till he left and you wouldn’t stop talking about him’

‘yep see Crow and these are his friend’ said Renge and Crow smiled and said ‘hi Jay you did a great job with helping Renge, plus we ran out of jelly’ said crow and jay said ‘hasn’t change one bit I guess well they can stay as long as they get clean and change’ then she left and Taraki shouted ‘what are we lost dogs? Girls are all the same’

‘be quite Taraki I can’t believe I can wear one of her clothes’ said Cornelle full of joy it was like a dream for her meeting the girl she always look up to and love. As they get wash and put on new clothes crow as normal refuse to wear jumpers to hid his anima mark and Renge said ‘I know I made you this for you it a necklace with your mark on it so this way no one will guess you’re an anima and you can show your mark, I still wear the feather you gave me’ then she pull out a black feather that was tied around her neck by some string.

‘The feather?, thank for the necklace’ said crow and as he put it on it has his mark on a piece of wood and he wore it with pride and as a jumper went on him and a hat row asked ‘what about my feathers?’

 ‘Tie it to your belt or bag’ she said and as he did he place his two feathers on is belt, he look at his new clothes in the mirror happy with what he had. He waited to see how everyone else looks. As Taraki came out wearing a black shirt and red jacket and jeans he like his new clothes but wonder about it. Ara wore a grey shirt and jean and Cornelle wore a white dress with a black bow around under her breast. With black stocking on and small black heels shoes, she had a white jacket on and spins around and said ‘thank you Renge these clothes are awesome’

‘thank Cornelle I love fashion to day and always kept up with it, since kids normally copy my look so I try to make it a good one’ she explain getting up.

‘Girls hay Crow what with this girl? How did you meet?’ ask Taraki.

‘it happen two year ago but it not my place to tell her story, because talking about our meeting would bring into her past and how she became an anime and no one like talking about that, all I can say is I call her rabbit and she my best friend like you are’ he said smiling and ran over to Renge and she hug him and Taraki was worried he knew something was odd about this girl Ara was fine with her he normally is as if Crow like someone he normally dose as well, but she was hiding something so was Crow.

As it reaches the after noon and they came back from dinner, they sat around talking and acting like children and Renge told them all about the life of a pop star, Cornelle was hook on every word while Crow was just happy to be with renege again. Soon Taraki asked ‘how did you met, I want to know, Crow wont tell me because of your past, but I want to know  because I thought crow was Ricky’s brother but he knew you before then’

‘Silly Ricky not my real brother but adoptive brother I was adopted for a year, I know that but even so he like a brother to me and there my family and always will be, I met renge before Ricky’ explain crow smiling happy.

‘I see so you do know’ said Taraki surprise since Ricky made it sound like crow didn’t.

‘to explain our meeting is to explain my past, see I was a noble girl who wasn’t an anima and had a boyfriend who love me with all his heart but my parent didn’t accept it and send him away and force me to be with some rich kid, my real name is Alice and like every anima I had a near death experience that changes your life for good’ she explain and crow said ‘yeah she had a tragic story one which is worst then many anima story I heard’

‘three year ago when I was out with Arthur my future husband I fell of a cliff close to dead I became a rabbit, with the ears and tail I jump off a rock and landed back on the land he and my parent were shock. Even so they hid my anima side from the world and my parent soon sold me to Arthur and his family, lock up and unable to leave I started training to be his wife, instead of being treated like family I was a slave, they said I will be like a wife but it was more of being a slave, to do what I’m told and don’t complain if I did I was hit, treated like nothing and my parent didn’t care they just left took my sister away, I soon got away and found my old love but Arthur family hunted me down, saying I belong to them but they were afraid, if I left their nobility would go, since they needed my family name, so as he tried to save me they kill him’ Renge said and stop and Cornelle said ‘how sad what kind of family would do this just to stay on top, that just wrong’

‘That wasn’t the worst part, she was force back and was lock into the house and unable to leave the place’ explain Crow.

‘Arthur didn’t care for me, use me and went out with other girls I complain and refused to do anything and sat there, he got violent and try to rap me I kick him and broke out and ran away I soon found Crow and he help me get away from the family and hide, at first I was scared of him since he was a guy, and also of him getting kill but he never left my side and turn into a Crow many time to save me, if it wasn’t for him I would be back there, he then help me enter an audition to became a singer, I dye my hair and change my name, I won and me and Crow went up into the world but as I got famous and the family stop looking for me, Crow soon left, without a word’ she explain and look down and Cornelle shouted ‘how could you, you were like her knight you save her from an evil family and made her dream come true and left?’

‘I couldn’t stay around, I help her and she reach her dream, she was so scared and sad and when she was happy and had her dream come true I couldn’t stay, since I too hadn’t finish my mission and I still had to reach my dream’ said Crow trying to explained and Taraki ask ‘what are you on about?’

‘have no idea, all I know is that I follow my wings and they took flight and I left’ he said trying to think about it but he had no idea why he left, Cornelle kept shouting at him for it even though he had no idea or memory of what happen the day he left. Why those two argue Taraki left to explore the place he seen everyone room but one as he open the door and walk in, it was pitch black and there was no light coming in, he look everywhere for the light but trip over something, so as he got up, he found the light switch as he push boxes away he soon seen something he never thought he would find.

Right in front of him was an shrine of Crow, unsure what to say or even respond Renge enter and seen him, as she drag Taraki out and close the door and lock it and said begging ‘please don’t tell Crow, I know it a bit wired’

‘Wired? you’re a starker, I knew there was something off about you’ shouted Taraki annoyed and piss off.

‘it not that, I knew I swore to never love again but Crow was so nice and after he left I was mad but I couldn’t stop thinking about him and soon this was made, I was getting rid of it, it not my fault’ she begged.

‘why do we always find the crazy one, look I wont say anything but knowing Crow he wouldn’t even understand, but you should get over him, he has no idea about love and see you as a friend plus he not one to stay in one place for long’ said Taraki and he walk off scared and traumatized at this and as he sat next to Crow he ask ‘have you met anyone else before seeing Ricky?’

‘Not really, after meeting rabbit I found Ricky’ he said thinking about it.

‘That good, anyway why did you leave?’ he asked

‘Why stay? I have no idea what happen when I left but I do know, if I hadn’t I wouldn’t of met Ricky and his family or you’ he said smiling and Taraki smile back and said ‘I guess it was fate by the way tomorrow we are so leaving this city and getting far away from any girl every time we met one they turn up crazy’

‘What about Cornelle?’ ask crow.

‘She not as crazy but we are going to ditch her’ said Taraki with a serious face, he didn’t want her here and everyone knew it he tries many way to lose her but failed due to Crow and Ara.

The next day the four left with Taraki failed plan on ditching her as she clung tight to Crow having a feeling he was leaving. With their new clothes it was basically the same but different colors like Cornelle dress is now black and white. Leaving another friend behind Taraki hope to find a boy next time, while Crow hoped to find as many as he could, another town off the map and only a lot more to go. 

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