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Chapter 4 (v.1) - The Old west

Submitted: March 14, 2013

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Submitted: March 14, 2013




In a new town the four had stay in the town for only one day, as they plan to leave after saying bye to the people who help them and left them stay in their house. As they plan to leave a group of man on horses came in, looking like cowboys and one of them had a gun, unsure if it was real, he was at the front of a black horse and he looked evil and cruel as he look around he shouted ‘this town now belong to us, if anyone refuses will be killed’ some people stood up but were easily beaten and many had sward and train to defend themselves, people did fight over this and argue but it wasn’t going well for the town Crow ran off again and walk to one of the man on the chestnut horse at the edge and said ‘horse’

‘It a horse now go back home’ said the guy, he was a teen and was too young to be in a gang.

‘You’re an anime horse, like me I’m a crow, name Crow’ he said smiling and the teen said ‘get lost kid before you are seen’. Crow then ran off and join Taraki again and as they watch them takeover, it soon ended with the group of cowboys taking over which was obvious from the start since the cowboys were known for taking over and the town was defenseless. Cornelle was upset about this and complain saying someone should help them. Taraki found no point since it would only bring trouble for them; also they were leaving soon anyway. Sitting in a pub where they hope to get something to eat before going but it was cut short when the owner told them only beer was sold here and chips since the new owners don’t think soda, water or any meal should be sold at a family pub. Annoyed and dying from thirst they sat there and Taraki said annoyed ‘this town going down hill, soon it will be nothing but a tumble wheel town’

‘Well we could find help?’ said Cornelle leaning on the bar as Taraki hit his head on the bar looking like he was half dead, Ara was watching Crow as he spin on the spinning chair with chip in his hands.

‘Who would help this town? No one, were not going to for one I rather not be hunted down and kill by that boy’s family’ said Taraki sitting up straight asking for chips.

‘Well my prince charming of cause, he charming sweet and would help anyone even if he could lose his life, strong and brave, my prince’ she said dreaming away.

‘Prince? You read too many fairy tails, princes are not going to give up there life for a town that not going to last, no one like that’ explain Taraki.

‘Your cold heated and a chicken, my prince is real when I find him I’m going to marry him and where going to be happy, while you are going to die old and alone’ she growled.

‘one this town can’t even defend it self from a bunch of weirdos so to really save this town he would have to live here, because one he leave the town will just fall once again, plus how can a girl who scared of males fall for one, you wont even let that feather head give you a hug and he wont even hurt a fly’ explain Taraki as he got up and walk over to the owner of the pub seeing if he could tell, how far to the next town.

Cornelle was annoyed and storm off to their room and Crow stop and asked ‘what just happen? Did they fight again?’ Ara look at him and turn his head like saying I have no clue. Crow sigh and said ‘I guess where staying the night because it seem the new town owner won’t let anyone leave’ as he look out the window and seen some people trying to leave but not allow they fear they were going to ask for help.  As they tried to leave, but it ended with Taraki shouting and starting a fight and Ara getting involve and than almost arrested. Soon they settle for the pub again where their room was, free if the kids work and they knew that fair since they are going to be here for a long time and they also get free food, if they work around town.  The group had a hard time in the town since the group of cowboy hated them especially Taraki and were scared of Ara unless they were in group. Cornelle was getting too scared to leave her room since they were getting to violence or close which she still hasn’t gotten over her fear of men. Crow didn’t mind but though of it as a game and doge their attacks and throwing of things even darts. They got annoyed at him and tried to stop him but had a hard time since thing just flew over his head.

Back to where Crow once live the house of G Types his brothers sat around Ricky getting worried since he hasn’t heard from his brother in days, he normally calls every day but now nothing. Soon Joe said ‘maybe he gotten into trouble again or broke his phone’

‘no even in trouble he rings, I’m going to call and see what going on’ said Ricky and grab his phone and Kyle said reading his magazine ‘he fine just staying in a town where the famous town robber are now staying, they take over a town and leave it once it dead and run down, our boy can’t leave until they do’

‘What? You calm he could get hurt or expose how he is?’ panic Ricky more worried then ever.

‘Calm down, god you’re so clingy you have to let him be free and spread his wing or he never going to be independent and a better person’ said Kyle still reading while drinking his coke.

‘That the problem, his wing, you have no idea what could happen’ shouted Ricky annoyed and frustrated and all worried

‘question how do you know where he is and who there?’ ask Joe who look at Kyle and as he put the magazine down and explain ‘when on my mission I place this tracker and microphone on crow phone without him knowing, so I can hear what going on and were he is, sadly when he got it in his bag or pocket I can’t hear a thing’

‘You seen him, why didn’t you say something to him or us?’ ask Ricky happy but still worried.

‘I was on a mission and the men call me back if I stay they would know something up and dad would know I found Crow’ he explain. Joe then picks him up by the shirt and said calm then got louder ‘you know you’re an idiot. What if you were followed? Never stray from the mission’ then throw him on the couch Kyle landed and said ‘I just was worried about my brother, beside I’m a pro spy I can get anywhere and do anything without being court or seen’

‘Any way I’m still calling, he could be hurt and also I haven’t talk to him in days’ said Ricky then started typing in Crow‘s number.

‘your too clingy you could just listen to him on my I pod’ said Kyle holding his I pod then as it rung Crow pick up and said ‘hay’

‘Hay crow? What up? Having heard from you in days’ asks Ricky.

‘were in a town rule by cowboy who being trying to catch us and are very violent well that what Cornelle say, but they fun and Taraki always shouting, one of them is a anime, a horse I been hanging with him, he nice and even giving me riding lessons’ explain Crow smiling.

‘that great but be carful and never use your anima, plus tell Taraki to calm down shouting will make it worst, also Kyle say I’m watching and listing, anyway should go dad home I can hear his voice bye’

‘bye Ricky and everyone and talk to ya when I leave the town’ said Crow and as Ricky hung up they went back to acting like nothing happen as his dad walk in with more work for them.

Back with Crow and the gang, Crow deliver the message and Taraki was on edge and looking for any sign of cameras. The gang stays at the place for ages and Taraki got into argument a lot with the men and Cornelle was getting tired and scared of all of them and normally stay with Taraki or Ara.

One night Taraki sat there taking a brake while Cornelle was stuck serving the men. Crow was talking to his horse friend name Tom, and Ara was out the back moving boxes.

‘Aren’t you going to help your friend?’ ask the pub owner clearing some cups while looking at Cornelle who was getting harassed and pick on, she was in full panic and tears coming down she tried to stay strong but it was hard.

‘What friend? Crow there and ara out back’ said Taraki lending on his arm as his rest his head on the table.

‘That girl who in the same room as you Cornelle, maybe you should help her, since your kids they wont kill ya’ he said looking at Taraki hinting to save her.

‘Not my friend, not my team mate she just a tag along’ he explain.

‘Even so, she dose need help and it a man job to help the ladies in distress’ he explain.

‘boy not men meaning I’m allowed to mess around and run away, beside getting into fight would cause trouble, plus if I help her they will put all their anger on to me, and I rather not, he a pain and not worth me saving her’ he said and got up to continue his job.

‘a boy that hate girls and a girl that hate boys, traveling together with a kid who doesn’t have a care in the word and a guy that can’t even remember what he just did, a strange group’  he said and continue working.

‘You know kid, you should stop hanging around me, your going to get both of us in trouble’ said Tom.

‘But you’re an anime and I must find all anime, it my job’ said Crow smiling and cleaning the table.

It wasn’t long till Taraki got into a fight but this was worst then normal. When an drunk cowboy called Taraki a girl and treated him like one, he snap and went to murder the man, Ara did stop him and Crow ran over and said ‘calm down Tara, it doesn’t matter if you look like a girl because I know you’re a guy and that all that matters’

‘hay Tara is that your little boyfriend’ said a drunk man and Taraki look at him with an evil stare like he was about to kill him and Crow said ‘yes he is my boyfriend and so what?’ and Crow said the wrong thing and everyone laugh and then Taraki kick Ara away and starting to fight in a full fight, Cornelle hid under a table and Crow said confused ‘he a boy and my friend, I though that what you call a friend, like Cornelle my girlfriend and Ara my boyfriend, is there another meaning’. Ara though about and soon Crow got involved as he was drag into it, Crow dodge the moves thinking about it and Ara help by knocking people out by hitting there heads.  As a man rush to Crow he jump into the air and jump on his shoulder and flip and kick him in the back and the men went flying out the window as he landed he throw more out by grabbing there arms and chuck them though the window. Taraki knock them all out with his fist and as the battle ended everyone left and Tom left too thinking it was the best thing to do.

As the place close Taraki got his hand banged and ices on his bruises and they were red form the hit and Ara had a cut on his head. While Crow was fine but he was on edge and still confused about it and ask as everyone tension was up ‘Tara are you my boyfriend or what?’ they look at him confused but Crow was dead serious

‘What the hell, No! Why would I? I’m not gay’ shouted Taraki who then turn his back to Crow and Crow started crying and Cornelle said ‘Taraki that was mean, he showing how he feel and you turn him down, you cruel you may of not hurt him physically but mentally is much worst’

‘So you want me to be gay, get lost and Crow if you like boys so be it but there no way in hell I’m going to turn’ shouted Taraki.

‘here a question how dose a guy who hate girls ever going to fall in love so being with men is your only option unless you get over it like you Cornelle’ said the owner.

‘You twisted old men and I’m not ever going to be your boyfriend Crow so stop crying’ growled Taraki.

‘so your not my friend but only acting it so my sibling wont kill you, I’m nothing but something you force to be with fine then, I will leave you and everyone behind and find a new friend who would happy to be my boyfriend’ said Crow and he jump of the table and started to walk and Taraki was confused and soon got it and ask ‘Crow what is a boyfriend to you?’

‘A friend, who a guy what else would it mean, same with girlfriend, that why is called boy..friend’ explain Crow looking at them serious and they felt like laughing but hold it back and Taraki said ‘I’m your friend but that not what it means idiot, it mean the person you love and want to be with them forever’

‘But I do love you Taraki and want to be with you forever, my friends were going to travel all the time and be together forever’ said Crow happy. They knew it was pointless to explain it to him, so Taraki smiled agree but he must not say it to anyone ever, Cornelle laugh and he told her he was his girlfriend and that when she started to get annoyed so Crow was unable to tell anyone but he still didn’t understand while Ara didn’t care what he was called by Crow, he was happy if he happy no matter what crow dose and say. He would let him get away with murder, as long as Crow smiles.

In the cowboy’s building where the leader stay, he was told about it by Tom and some other men and when he ask why Tom didn’t help he said ‘well if I join I wouldn’t be able to say what happen, unlike them who can’t even speak’.

‘they starting to became a pest, we need to bring them down, if the word get out our men were beating by a bunch of kids they will raise up and we will fall, find those kids and bring them here’ said the boss. He was a fearful man and everyone was scared of him, when they see him.

The next day the three head out as Crow stay with the owner till he left on his brake to find Tom and hope to get a riding lesson. The three were carrying mail for everyone as they took a job at the post office, as a group of man from the gang came and surrounded them Cornelle hide behind Ara who growled as he knew trouble was coming there way.

‘What do you loser want?’ ask Taraki trying to be polite.

‘Our boss wants to see you, right away it great importance’ said one of the men.

‘if we don’t are you going to bash us up and bring us to him where he hope we will beg for forgiveness, well that never going to happen’ said Taraki then they pull out sward and one had a gun and shot it at there feet and they seen it was a tranquilizer gun and one hit will knock them out. They knew there no way they can get out, fighting yes but if hit they will be knock out cold. They gave up in hope to find a better way to get out.

While they where there, Crow was with Tom and his horse, Crow snuck up on him and asking question soon Tom told him about what his boss plan was and Crow smiled and said his friend will be fine they are tough and Tom explain how mean the boss could really be.  He told him that most of the men here are here by force, as the boss has lock up there family and friends and if they disobey they will be killed, where they are is unknown and that how he stuck here, his family traps and if he doesn’t do what he told they will die. Soon word spread that they were court and Crow ask Tom to take him to his boss because he knew they he has to save them and he had a plan which wasn’t normal for him.

At the building the three were force to work and where chain up anytime they fought back they were shock  and even hit, treated like slave they all had enough and Taraki kept getting called girl and has been shock so many time anymore he would pass out and never wake. Soon Tom came in with Crow who was smiling away like it a game, the two called out Crow and Ara turn and smiled and said Crow happy, he had no idea what situation they were in. He didn’t remember what was going on.  As the boss smiled and said ‘good work Tom, so this is the last kid, he has no mark on him like the other from the fight yesterday, why?’

‘Because I’m a quick healer, it a kid thing, I have a game for you, if I win you free this town and the people and everyone you force to be here or held captive and if I lose me and my friends will be your slave and help you take over the other towns’ he said full of confidence.

‘You think you can beat me kid, I’m not the boss for my leader skills’ he said.

‘No Crow, don’t be stupid’ shouted out Taraki

‘It the only way to free everyone and ourselves, it the only way’ said Crow smiling at Taraki trying to tell him he fine and everything will be ok.

‘then I will take the place, you can’t fight a guy like that’ said Taraki putting him self in the fighting line and Crow said ‘no, you can’t win not because your not strong you can’t fly’ everyone look at him shock and the boss smiled ‘he an anime like me a bird, a hawk you can’t win it a better chance for me winning, beside I have been train in combat’ he said smiling

‘You should know I wont hold back and if you die there nothing that could be done’ said the boss

‘Understood, I maybe a kid and like to be crazy but unlike most children I know when to give it my all, I wont easily die I have a mission and I don’t plan on dying’ said Crow sure of himself the boss laugh and was surprise he knew he was an anima and what he was. The duel was on and despite his friend pled even Tom he refused to listen and outside the town the battle began. As the boss’s men watch and the three force to watch their young friend fight both with sward in hand as they brought had their anima soul out, crow wings came out and the boss hawk wings and claws. As they flew into the air and attack with sward smashing, Crow had the upper hand in speed and his skill with a sward but lack in strength.  The battle was harsh and strong and everyone cheer and the three cheer for Crow but Cornelle hid her face when ever it look back,  when Crow was hit in the arm as he dodge a move. He lost the sward and he as move and things look bad when Crow was getting bash and knock to the ground as he smash on the ground, the boss landed and said ‘he not so tough, all bark and no bite’ the three called his name and Crow lay there looking dead but soon his wings grew and spread and as it lift him up he look and smile, it was an evil smile and his hair cover his eyes then he said with his head still down like he couldn’t lift it and said ‘you could knock me down a thousand time, but I wont stop till my mission is compete’  then gust of wind blew around him and as it push agents the other they held there ground and Crow lift his head up and his eyes shown, they look different from his childish eyes, they were dark and serious he didn’t blink as the wind blew by them as his wings got straight out, he pointed at the hawk boss and black feather shot form his wings and went like arrows straight and strong, as everyone dodge them that were like knife when they hit or scratch as they flew by, when he stop his wings look normal like no feather left, the hawk boss had a cut under his eye and on his arm that kill like he was stab, he growled and ask surprise ‘how can he do that?’ Crow stood there still and as his arm when down he flew up and attack the man and as he dodge it they went into the air where no one could see them. As they all look up and watch the feather fall it soon turn from black feather to brown, hawk feather. As they began to worry the men smiled knowing there boss will win and soon a body fell from the sky fast and as it landed it back show it was the boss, the hawk had fell and soon the wings turn to glitter, and the boss’s mark on his neck disappeared, and around him was blood as Crow landed on the ground with blood on his hand he look and said ‘I won, free the people and if I ever hear you guys are taking over towns, I will return, see your boss wouldn’t stop till it became a kill or be kill match if you catch my drift and he knew it’ than his wings went back and that darkness in his eyes faded and he fell to the ground, knock out, the three ran over to Crow who lay soulless and wouldn’t wake up for anything.  The people were free and the group broke up many where thankful to Crow but also fear him, the three didn’t care about that he did what had to be done, it seem it was the only way, they knew Crow wouldn’t hurt anyone without a reason.

Week past and as Crow finally woke form his slumber Taraki explain to him the people were free and that he been asleep for weeks.

‘Did the boss learn his lesson? Did he end the group? I hope he become a better man’ asked Crow as he woke up then he jump off Ara back and ran off to call Ricky and Taraki and Cornelle relies he doesn’t remember the fight and that he kill him because Crow was acting like he beat the boss and he gave up happily and didn’t try to kill him. They felt it was better to hide this form him. They continue the mission to find anima and Taraki mission to lose Cornelle, which he had many fails and it seem he would never lose her, Taraki soon found the chip in crow phone and got rid of it after getting mad at Kyle and shouting at him in the phone, Crow put it on speaker so everyone could hear it and it was both side arguing and talking that least half a day. 

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