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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Unwanted village

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As the weeks flew by the group continue to travel as Crow heal quick and was able to travel he was denied his flying abilities which cause him to be miserable and more annoying as he couldn’t fly around, he felt like he wasn’t a crow and his name was meaningless. The others were thankful he made it as he was close to death and if it wasn’t for the first aid kit and their knowledge of first aid and Cornelle sowing skills, he wouldn’t have made it to the next town where they found help. Crow was able to move and had some bandages and Band-Aid on him, he couldn’t get his wings out without it causing pain and they were useless. They move his dislocated bone back but he couldn’t use it for awhile. They say that anima can heal faster as they have the animal DNA in them but Crow’s injures heal fast only the serious ones were left. Walking around they look out for the government men as they been around looking for them, well for the anima, so they kept on guard because it unknown if they know what Crow really look like since he is there boss’s son even if he was adopted. Sneaking around, they grew tired of it. Soon they lost them and they were aloud to wonder around freely without hiding in the bush, now on the path way walking around Cornelle walk with Ara as she watch Taraki reading that book once again not taking his eyes of it, Crow was no where to be seen, but this was normal he would normally return after while. Ether cover in twigs or wet, which show he was trying to fly but it hasn’t gone though his head that he can’t fly since his wings haven’t recovered, even so Crow was determined to prove them wrong that he can fly even with broken and injured wings even though it hurt him to move them which is one reason why he can’t fly.

‘why is he reading that book?, he read that whole book twice already’ complained Cornelle Ara look at her and said nothing like he had no idea then she called out ‘Taraki stop reading that book already, we lost Crow and have no idea where we are going?’ he didn’t say anything just kept reading as she was about to storm over a boy fell from the sky and landed on Taraki. His face in the book as he hit the floor, Crow sitting on his back look around confused and said ‘again, I will fly or my name not Crow’ he soon relies he was on Taraki and ask ‘are you ok?’ then got off him and call out to him but he didn’t move or say anything they all began to worry was he dead or knock out. Crow started to panic his wings flap around and each time hurt, but he didn’t care and he soon scream ‘Tara get up!’ then a gust of wing came and push them and as they fought to stay up feather soon came out and hit taraki and as crow stop screaming and open his eyes he look and hear an voice and Taraki got up but had feather stab in him, it wasn’t deep and didn’t hurt much, it was like a needle pain and as he pull the feather out he shouted ‘what the hell are you doing?, landing on me then hitting me with your feathers you have a problem’ crow jump into Taraki arms and as he fell down again crow smiled and said ‘you ok, I though you were dead’

‘Crow get off me! Stop trying to fly and stop wondering off and never ever hit me with your stupid black feathers again, it hurts’ he shouted as he push him off and got up and got rid of the last feather that stuck into him. Crow look at him sad but happy and said ‘I’m a bird I’m meant to fly, and I will try everyday till I can fly once more, and my feather aren’t stupid they are a powerful weapon that can do anything like acupuncture, knock someone over, get them stuck to the wall even a good knife, my feather are more useful then that stupid book you read’

‘my book doesn’t hurt anyone and tell me about every town, what to look out for in which areas and just because you can’t read, doesn’t make it useless’ said Taraki and walk off after picking the book up and Crow shouted back ‘well reading stupid and so is that book and next time I will make sure my feather hurt like hell’ then he took a breathe and sit down and started complaining about his hunger. Ara had to carry him since he refuse to walk, they walk and walk till they seen an open area that had no life, with rocks and holes in the ground, it was like a battle field.  Walking on the ground that was hard and dead and nothing grew as Taraki said ‘this is the battle ground of dragon heart and lion heart’

‘they are what?’ ask Cornelle confused, she never heard of the great battle between dragon heart and lion heart since she was raise in a forest away from people and the world. Taraki explain to her that dragon heart and lion heart are two kingdoms that are at war with each other, it unknown when it started but they hated each other for years. But because of a law they couldn’t start a war by there own hand so they turn their people who live in the kingdom agents them, so the people started the war and the kings help. The two are very powerful and own most of the land in the world, along with them is the two other kingdoms standing Dark anion and Silverman, there use to be seven kingdoms but after the Great War they fell. Taraki was going to explain how they came to be seven but stop and said this is the last battle ground and is also the border line between both kingdoms and stuck between both side is a town that nether dragon or lion heart.

‘So why are they called dragon heart and lion heart and why the war?’ she asked and Crow jump in and said ‘because after the end of the world, seven people took control and form their own kingdom, the people who took control use their last names, lion heart and dragon heart’s kings hate each other and want the other to be destroyed, when the two started an war the other kingdoms got involve trying to end it which started the great war, but after the war only five kingdom remind, now there only four’ as he explain he had an smiled even though it was serious and sad, Crow didn’t seem bother, but it shown he knew a lot about the history as he was going to continued but stop, it seem he knew more then what he was letting on. Taraki didn’t care much about the past as it didn’t involve him while Cornelle was sad and angry about it and shouted ‘how could they pin people agents each other, that wrong were alike why did they cause this war, what about the town in the middle they must have been scared and the kingdoms’ she look like she was going to cry and Taraki stop and sigh he knew it was bad to tell her about it and Crow ask ‘what her problem, it the past it over, we can’t change it beside the dragon king has no heir he banish his son and lion heart chosen prince disappeared now he got some other kids but wont pick them because none of them have the skill to real, so they will fall without the right heir dark anion will take over and Silverman will fall without the support of dark anion who wont need silver man anymore since the enemies are gone and the whole world will be under one king’ he look at them like he knew what was going to happen and smiled and Taraki shouted ‘how do you know about the princes when you never been in the kingdom?’

‘for a year I live with a family who works for the government, so I know all plus Kyle told me about lion heart and the other kingdoms, that brother of mine can find out anything about anyone even in another kingdom without being seen’ he explain and jump on Ara shoulder and look around and Cornelle said ‘it still wrong to have a war, but I guess we can’t do anything since none of us are the next heirs’ then she walk off and Taraki thought about it and was surprise to what crow found out and that Kyle could find this out without being court. As they walk they soon found the town that was rule by no kingdom which would be a nice thing but they had no support and no town would help them, since the war, people have stay with there own kingdom and without anyone they are left alone without help, medicine was hard and they didn’t know how to hunt or make anything for them selves, they made it this long by their crops but that failing as the water has stop flowing. Stuck between the wars both kingdom refused to help them because they have the other kingdom as well. Walking over the people hid afraid if it the guards coming they would attack checking if they are spies or working for the other kingdom, they never welcome strangers walking around the place was destroy and look like a war zone how people survive it was a mystery. As they stop and some men came out and ask with a strong voice ready to fight if needed ‘what do you want?’

‘Were travelers exploring the lands’ explain Taraki

‘Sure you are, look we don’t need stanger like you, what kingdom are you?’ ask the man getting defensive and ready.

‘we traveling all lands so we have no kingdom like you guys, but are welcome everywhere since no one knows’ said Taraki and as they stared Cornelle said ‘please sir we like to help, I just found out about the history and what you’re town must have gone though, I can’t change the past but the future I can, we will help you restore your town and wont leave till this place can make it alone, we can make it by but I can’t stand to see people suffer and the kings wont help because of there selfishness’

‘Cornelle you can’t volunteer us to help, if we are seen helping we will be call traitor and have a life worst then their’ said Crow looking as he rested his head on Ara.

‘That boy specks true, it better to leave and never return’ said the man.

‘we are going to help I never said we weren’t beside if they come, let them because the only way they are taken me out is by force and I seen my far share fight and I won’t lost to some solders’ said Taraki determined, he wanted to fix what the kings broke and felt like if he didn’t then he couldn’t call himself human. Crow smiled and said ‘I’m with your Tara but you have to know what will happen if were court, if I’m discovered and my family will be also in the cross fire as they have been holding an anime, so there an chance my siblings will also be in a lot of trouble, as you can be killed for holding an anime, but if there not found out they might hunt you down and kill you’ then Ara started walking to the other man and too see what they can do and Taraki turn from confident to fear and grew scared, as he never thought what would happen if Crow was found.

‘What are you scared of more the king or Crow’s family I’m sure they won’t be killed as they could say they didn’t know but’ said Cornelle worried

 ‘The king I can handle, but his siblings’ explain Taraki worried.

‘I’m thankful for what you doing but, I worried who are you? And why are you scared of that boy’s family?’ ask the man.

‘We do this became we can and it the right thing to do’ said Cornelle.

‘right and we can’t leave and his real families is a mystery but his adoptive one, well telling you will make you worry but along as our work stay quite we should be alright, don’t worry he not an prince or royalty’ said Taraki.  The two headed off to see what needed to be done. As the four change clothes to suit the style here and hid their dragon heart style clothes. Crow’s clothes didn’t fit him well as they didn’t have his size so his clothes were a bit baggy. While Ara stuck with the dark clothes and Cornelle stuck with her Lottie dresses like always with some pants, with her hair up so it wouldn’t get in the way. As everyone stuck with their old style Taraki was the only one who tried to change, wearing school like clothes and a dark jacket and tie. He also had his hair cut so his fringe wasn’t in his eye anymore. As he got giving near headphone he listen to music as he work to block everyone out as he was annoyed at everyone as they keep bugging him. Taraki was in charge of fixing the roofs, while Ara help move things around and build things as even though he forget everything his body remember which allow him to remember how to cook and build things.  Crow help with moving stuff and braking wood, Cornelle help make clothes and blankets using her sewing and fashion skill she help make anything with random object but nothing mechanical. With her skill of survival in the forest without other help she taught the people a lot and Taraki and Ara help them learn to hunt and gather food. Crow help were he could but he had a life away from hunting  so he couldn’t help, but he did help them learn to defend them self’s and use a weapon they had, since Taraki only knew sward and how to fight with the body. Spending weeks there, helping out each day they had to learn knew way to help them but without water the town will fall, so Taraki had a plan to help them quicker so they could leave and not worry about being seen by the kingdom’s guards.

‘ok Ara and me will teach them to hunt better and find the animals, while Cornelle look for where the water has gone and free it, I would ask Crow but he can’t fly and flying would make it faster, and Crow will teach them how to be better look out and what to do when guard comes, the town know how to make it on fruit and how to defend, after this they should be able to make it without us and our help’ explain Taraki

‘what about medicine?, my herbal one can only work on some sickness and injures not everything that medicine can do in other places’ ask Cornelle.

‘We can’t do much about that Elle, we taught them everything we know, let just do this final mission then leave, we push our luck already and who know when the solider would came’ said crow.

‘I agree with Crow for once, if we stay and are found they will be in trouble since, we were born in a kingdom, even though none of us are saying what side, let just get this done’ explain Taraki and Cornelle agree then they notice Crow disappeared and then he fell and they knew he was flying again and Cornelle said ‘give it up, you will fly when you fly, broken bone don’t heal that fast’

‘my name is Crow, if I can’t fly I’m not a Crow and that mean my name mean nothing I need to fly again I need to teach myself to fly again’ complain Crow and Ara stood there thinking and pick him up and throw Crow fast in the air and Crow was screaming and the two look in shock and ran after Crow and they found him in a tree as he was hanging on, but he had no way down.

‘Jump Crow we will catch you’ shouted Taraki.

‘I could fly up there’ said Cornelle.

‘He would cling onto you and you will fall’ he said and Crow let go and fell and Ara court him. When he touches the ground again and said shock ‘you threw me into the air’

‘Mum... Push, Baby… flies’ explains Ara trying to speck more than one word. They thought about it and seen why he did it and Crow said ‘I know how to fly, but my wings wont, and throwing me wont help me fly’ the two felt like laughing but didn’t as they knew Ara was just trying to help in his own odd way, they walk away to finish their job.

As Cornelle found where the water stop, a huge rock was blocking the water from coming from the lake, that pass though to the town. She landed and looks at the rock and try to move it then break it but was unable. She tries every idea she had but it was stuck and she spends all day trying to move it or even break it.

At the town Crow finish his training and walk around looking at the town, it look more livelier than before, last time the people look half dead and hungry. Everyone was now happy and the place look like a normal town, but something was off Crow felt uneasy and like he shouldn’t be here, there wasn’t any anima or genius and Crow felt that if he doesn’t go something bad would happen.  The man return with Ara and Taraki who look tired and the men drag a dead animal for their dinner and Taraki ask if they are ready but Ara notice Cornelle wasn’t here and told Taraki and they soon headed out to find her, making sure she is not dead or injured. They found her laying on the rock and Taraki shouted ‘hay, the first time I give you a job you slack of woman useless’

‘hay I been trying to move or brake this rock all day, I’m tired so back off’ she shouted as she jump off and Crow walk over and jump in the air and karate chop it and it broke in half and Taraki look at her like he was saying your so weak and Cornelle shouted ‘well if I was a genius of fight and stronger then the normal human I could brake that also’

‘You’re a vampire their meant to be stronger’ he said.

‘Vampire bat, not vampire have I drunk any blood no’ she shouted

‘That why your weak, anyway, tomorrow were leaving they have water, food and medicine and can look after there selves and we have a mission’ said Taraki.

‘to find all the anime in the world’ said Crow happy as he sat on half the rock, as it move side to side like a ride and Ara pick up the other one looking at it.

‘That will take years’ she complained.

‘That why we need to go, let head back before all the good meat gone’ said Taraki and started walking as they follow the water back to the town where everyone chatting and was happy to see their heroes back. A huge feast was held and party as the town was back and to thanks their new heroes and as they told them they were leaving it soon turns to a farewell dinner. They felt love and respected there but still they couldn’t stay Cornelle was thinking it but felt she was needed with the group, even if one of them doesn’t think so. That night they rest at ease and had a long sleep knowing that they will have a long road ahead and might not sleep in a bed for ages.

The next day as they were getting ready to head out word got to the that solider of dragon heart was coming and the four headed out fast but they didn’t know is that the soldiers weren’t far behind or who was leading them, their old friend Sean, the cheetah boy who rule the army and swore to get Crow back for destroy his army and turning back on his word. 

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