Demon Children

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Demons use to roam the land years ago, while some have made peace with the humans but 10 chose to reject the humans as they thought that they were gods and shouldn't have to bow to the humans, so they cause death and destruction. so powerful guardian seal the demon away into a human child.
while only six remind the strongest of demon was seal away into a baby who was sent in exiled by it own people, now the child, has return to his village. As the child tries to find his place, other villages plan to remove the demon once and for all while other plan to use them for there own personal gain. how to trust and who to hate the child must find out the truth before time run out.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Demon Children

Submitted: March 24, 2013

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Submitted: March 24, 2013



Years ago the world was attack by powerful demons that put the world in total destruction, only the powerful guardians who stood a chance, each guardian was chosen by the gods, as they each had been born with powers that was known as mana, able to case spell and summon great power, but even with these powers many of the demon still were too powerful for them. Some of the demons live in peace making a deal with the humans while others refused to join up with humans. Ten demons in particulate that couldn’t be killed or stop, so they were seal away into the body of a human child, who held the power and soul of the demon, only a few could seal a demon and it take a lot of people who give up there lives for it. When the human died the demon would be release so every time it happen they were reseal once again before their power return to normal. The most feared and powerful demon was known as the Red fox, who had unlimited mana, it was strong and fast as it could bring nations to its knees, seal by two great village his were about where unknown. One day he broke out and took revenge on the people who seal him, no one would stop him, but one man refused to let the people died by the hand of the evil fox and seal him in a new born child, alone he mange, which seem impossible. Seal away the village head grew in fear that he could break out again, the child was fear even when he was only a baby, so he was sent far away in a forest with one guardian to watch and raise the child, hoping if the child was weak the demon wont be as strong and could be taken out, but in truth they were too scared to even look at the child treating it as a monster.

Out of ten only 6 remain of the demons that are seal in the body of a human child, being outcast and monster to the others, they could never have a normal life.

Pup off the lead

Eight years after the demon fox attack the nation, the people live in peace as they had no war in the village of the flower, famous for it protection and high class guardians and the best school to train the new coming guardians. As they though the trouble were over they got word that the guardian of the demon child killed her self using her own power, this brought fear since everyone was scared to be left alone with the child, many thought to lock the child away and never let it out, take away it freedom but one stood up and refused to let a child be lock away for something he had no control over. He ask if the child could stay in his care and enter the school where he could learn to control and master his abilities and could even use the demon fox’s power to help the village. The counsels of the village protested and were scared but they soon gave in and said if the child dose anything it his head. Headed out to the house far away in the forest where the child is told to be, all alone in a house he never leaves, unaware what the world outside his door. The man was a teacher at the school and always though it was wrong to treat the child like this, since he hasn’t done anything wrong or know why he lock away or even that he has a demon inside of him. Entering the house he look around and seen the place was a mess like no one lives here, the child was left alone for three days, and it look like he was left for weeks. As he stood there looking around the place, he felt cold and like the place was closing in, even though the door was open he felt he was trap and enclosed, feeling scared and trap, his body wanted to flee but he had to push the fear away. The place was dirty and cob webs were everywhere, it like the place was a prison cold and alone he fear for the child and wonder how that child could remind here, why hasn’t he left or even tried to get away, even knowing there no one here to stop him

 Hearing noise he put his guard up and looks in every room and behind every door. He soon found a small kid climbing a book shelf. His hair was light brown; his eyes were brown and didn’t look like a demon child, like he heard about. The lady who look after him said he look like the demon itself, with glowing hazel eyes and sharp claws that could rip out once heart, but to him he look like a normal eight year old, full of life and without a single mark on his body, tall and fit he look at the man and the child shouted out, he was voice sweet and sounded very young even when he shouted it didn’t sound like it did ‘intruder, run for it’ then three other appeared next to him, clone of him self all looking the same the three ran off the man said ‘wait I’m not here to hurt you, I’m here to take you to the village I’m your new guardian’

‘With one?’ said one of the hidings behind the conch.

‘One that guards the village and held the power of mana?’ asks one that was look though the door.

‘Or one that watches and protect someone?’ said one under a table.

‘both I’m a guardian of mana but I’m also your new watcher you living we me now and also get to go to school with other kids like you’ he explain the kids look at him, he seem nice and look reasonable, not scary he had a scar on his face but which guardian would have one somewhere, the clones disappear and the one in the other room walk out and said ‘ok, so what your name guardian?’

‘I’m Lars but since I’m going to be your teacher call me sensei’ he said.

‘Lars is better, I will go and get my stuff just wait here, I also have a question it one my mother wouldn’t tell me’ he said and ran off as he look at him ran off, he was a trusting kid even though he live alone with a guardian who he think was his mother but he doesn’t seem sad that she gone. He began to wonder what she told him, as he ran down with a suitcase and as he stood in fount of Lars he pull out a pendant around his neck, and as you look at it was red and had gold inside that sparkle and move around he then ask ‘what is this? My mother told me I can never take it off but what is it?’

‘It a pendant, she must of gave it to you so you would have something of her around you, so when you do leave she will always be with you so what did she call you any way?’ he explain.

‘Kitsune that my name’ he said, Lars though about that name, it means fox spirit it suited him well but also made everyone know who he really is. As he pick up his suit case and walk out the house the kid look at him confused and scared, he did know if he ever left but the kid held his necklace that had his pendant and walk out then started to run around. He watch him ran and the pendant, it wasn’t something to remember his mother by but to hold the demon in more, many have some seal mark on them but since the demon was too powerful and if the child was in rage or even a bit mad, or even try to use the demon power he would brake out so the pendant was made to ensure it held back. Heading back as they enter the town the place was quite word spread the child was coming and the people hid in the their home walking the streets Kitsune was confuse the place was quite and seem more like a ghost town at most, as there was no word or even a whisper only the sound of his breathing, holding onto Lars arm he felt an unwelcome feelings, unsafe and he didn’t understand even though he couldn’t see anyone he still felt cold eyes watching him full of hate and disgust. Kitsune soon decide that he might ask, as he never been to a town before so as he look at Lars and ask ‘is it always so quite mum said the village was full of people and children running around a happy place full of smiles’

 ‘yes I guess everyone inside cleaning, come Kitsune let head home’ said Lars and Kitsune look at him and smiled, as they head to the house it was clean and look like most of the houses. Two stories the houses were modem like and none were fancy, since everyone was treated equal no one had the bigger houses, most were the same. Strong houses even though they were the same they look different from within and outside.

 As Kitsune walk around, looking out the window and asks ‘so what school like?’

‘Well it fun and has a lot of kids around your age and they too have mana, so what do you know anyway?’ explain Lars taking him to his room up stairs.

‘I can clone my self even though mum say it not quite right, I’m fast and a great jumper, can change my appearances and that it, mum didn’t want me to learn many things, just these I can use to hid since bad people are triyng to get me, I don’t know why’ he explain.

‘What do you mean, you live in a forest hidden no one knew you where there but the counsel why would they go after you?’ he asked concerned.

‘don’t know, for the past two years some night or morning a person would come, I can’t remember a face, so she train me some skill so if attacked I could get away they always after my pendant she said’ he explain and then ran into his room, it wasn’t big but it had a clear view of the town, sunset and the main building were the leader sleep and work, the best people are there. The strongest guardians to became one it hard and being one is a honor mostly heroes there only been 5 since the town started, they were the true leaders that rule all even the counsel members.

During that night Lars told them what he found out form the kid and also found out he dose know his mother dead but when he said he hasn’t cried they judge him, Lars wanted to know why he didn’t cry. As he return home and look around he couldn’t find Kitsune anywhere and hope he didn’t run away, looking around calling his name he heard a loud thump he ran to the kitchen and see flour everywhere and as he seen Kitsune cover in it he then notice something more disturbing, something he never could though he have, he seen the demon part that scared all the guardian, he had the ears and tail of the fox, red as blood the same ears and tail of the demon fox, he look at Lars and said with a grin ‘your home, sorry about the mess’ Lars was scared and Kitsune was confused as got up, Lars didn’t want to insult him and ask trying to be brave and not scared or run out the room ‘you have ears and tails?’

‘yep, mum hated them and every time she seen them she would scream and say I’m a monster, so I put them away, but I like them and they only come out when I’m scared, shock or really excited’ he explain and Lars look into the boys eyes, his eyes water he knew Lars was scared of them like his mother and Lars bend down to his high and hug him saying ‘I’m not scared but shock, I never see someone as unique as you, don’t you miss your mother?’

‘sometimes, but I guess she happy now, when she died she had a smile, one I never see before, she never smile, she use to till my ears came out then she got moody and always left me alone, at home where I could never leave. She said she love me and left to make sure no one will take me away that why we were hiding because I’m special and she wanted no one to see me, she did love me and I do miss her but she said when one dies they return as something else so I guess she would be happy in her new life’ he explain then smiled and ran off as his tail move side to side happy, if you didn’t know that was a demon you would think it cute, they suited him which made it worst for him. As Lars though about to what the real one look like, he knew that more tails might come out he didn’t want to tell the counsel and leader that he has fox parts since they would lock him away, it was odd but he seem to have it under control but tomorrow would be the test how he would act with lots of people around and if the people can treat him like a human then a monster.


The next day Kitsune slept in so they were late which was bad for Lars since he was a teacher carrying Kitsune and running as Kitsune was trying to wake up, he wasn’t use to waking up early he normally got to sleep when ever he wanted but now he had to wake at 6am which was too early for him. Arriving Lars took his class and told them about the new kid as he called Kitsune in he never came, worried he ran off he was about to head out the door to check when he arrive with bread in his mouth, he was in uniform like everyone, white shirt and gray pants but he was a bit mess up and not button up right as he was rush out the door no one seem to care and Kitsune never notice he was in a room full of kids and just said ‘sorry’

‘You left, I told you to stay’ said Lars annoyed.

‘well I miss breakfast and mum said never skip breakfast, lunch nor dinner or the demons will come and get me’ he explain and Lars worried about that as Kitsune turn and look at his class, there wasn’t many, this was his whole year, with table of three in three rows he could tell who was popular and the loner, as Lars introduce him and Kitsune walk to his sit, Lars soon left after he was call out of class by the head of the village, which could be about the fox kid.

Left alone Kitsune look around as everyone move he sat at the same table as one kid who everyone seem to talk too and the girls the most. To a girl point of view he was the hottest guy there, and he had a lot of mana too, he was the number one student in the year. As Kitsune ask ‘what so great about him?’

‘You mean Ruja, he number one in both study and skills, he also popular among the girls, he cold and doesn’t talk much’ said a kid sitting behind him, he was reading and didn’t look up he had short blonde hair and hazel eyes he was the first boy he see close up and was surprise by how different people could look Kitsune then said ‘I see, hi my name Kitsune yours?’

‘miles, look kid if you want to make it though school don’t get on his bad side, also no one ever sit at the same row as him’ he explain

‘I’m not scared of some kid, I’m sure he not that bad’ said Kitsune and move near Ruja and said ‘so your name Ruja I heard you the best in the years, since I’m new do you think you can help me catch up’. Ruja didn’t look and everyone seem shock, Kitsune look at him annoyed his hair was black and his eyes blue, he didn’t seem to pay attention to Kitsune so he said again ‘you know this act doesn’t work on me, I know you can hear and until I get an answer I wont stop talking, I can talk for days’

‘so your Kitsune the kid who live in the forest, how did you mange to get in our class instead of a baby class were you belong’ he said, he seem cold and also mad so Kitsune just said ‘maybe because I’m at the same level as you guys, I do have some skills’

‘I doubt that, just go back to your forest were you belong brat’

‘I heard of people like you, but you remind me of a pet that I once had, evil, cold and didn’t like anyone, he was a snake I guess I should call you snake since Ruja doesn’t seem to suit you at all’ said Kitsune and everyone look at him in shock and Ruja look at him and said ‘well your name dose suit you well but I think fox is better, if you really do have skill prove it, we have meant to show of our cloning spell, can you clone your self?’

‘I learn that years ago and I can make ten, sometime more, what about you’ said Kitsune and the kid look at him with an evil glair and had a smile grin like he was laughing at Kitsune and everyone though something was about to start and Kitsune just said ‘I guess you made more or something, well let see today who can make the most clones snake’. He then turn away and Kitsune move a seat away and was annoyed the first time he had a argument with someone one his own age and miles said ‘your going to die’

‘No I won’t’

Then Lars came in and started teaching Kitsune was already lost and didn’t understand a word or a move they were going on about, soon the test started and everyone got ready to show off there cloning skills. Some failed and other could make one, it was a hard thing to do and take a lot of concentrated and making one take a lot out of you, when you’re still learning. As Ruja went out and  he made about 13, all look just like him and acted like him, clones don’t do what you do at the same time they act like you and have a mind of there own. As Kitsune went up he wanted to show of his clone skills, Lars knew he would pass as he made one that look just like him, they were perfect, Ruja had many but some didn’t have a mind of there own like there meant to have. Unlike Kitsune’s clone they move and did what they wanted and acted like him. as he stood at the front he though about it and made ten which was normal but as he look and said ‘ten I was trying 15’ they all walk around and some left and Lars said ‘put them back’ they all disappeared one at a time but one was left and that one return with a drink of hot chocolate and as the real one grab it and the clone disappeared he started drinking and said to Ruja ‘your one didn’t bring you a drink, check and mate mine have a mind of there own only half of your did, I won’

‘yet you still lose, the match was who could make the most nothing about perfection’ he said with his eyes close and Kitsune annoyed he never felt this annoyed before or anger trying to understand these feeling he found himself more confused. It soon was brake time, Kitsune wonder around he couldn’t see Ruja around, since that kid known to eat alone, no one can find him he found miles who was reading a book while in a tree, the kids in his year weren’t very friendly to him, they have a competitive side to them and many didn’t talk to him, he felt it was because he had a fight with Ruja he never guess it was because he was a demon child. As he walks over to miles he asks ‘hay I’m new to this but are me and that snake enemies?’

‘can’t tell it seem more of being a rival, you both out to beat each other, Ruja never had someone who can out beat him, but once he find out you lack skill he wont be and return to being an enemy’ he explain.

‘I see, so what have I miss in school?’ ask Kitsune.

‘We learn some study and some combat training which I guess you don’t know’ he said.

‘I know some’ said Kitsune at defense.

‘well then prove it, here a person wanting to challenge you, good luck’ said miles and Kitsune turn and some kid look at him, he seem annoyed and wanted to challenge him, Kitsune was confused about the way of a fight, it true he doesn’t know how to fight and only know how to hid and get away. As the kid charge he made clones and the man took them out fast and Kitsune was hit, using his speed he got away and dodge the hits but fighting back was hard since he was told to avoid fight, in the end the fight stop and Ruja came as Kitsune was annoyed he came and everyone went quite and he said ‘so I miss combat, no big deal’

‘said the kid who lost, are they for real your nothing but a kid who can’t do anything’ he said in a harsh tone and Kitsune said ‘it better then being a spoiled kid who think he all that when he not, I may not know how to fight if I did I wouldn’t use to prove I’m better, snake’ said Kitsune getting up there stared at each other and as the bell went for class everyone move as the other teacher told them to head to class. Kitsune wasn’t injured but he felt a fight was going to happen. In class a few have return as many like to come late. Kitsune sitting there everyone still avoiding him, he think it because of the fight but only the girls care about that but the guys didn’t as he was the first to ever stand up to Ruja. Miles felt if they got over the fact he is a demon child he could have many friends. Because the demon half is the main reason Ruja hasn’t fought him yet, since no one know if he can handle the beast and know how to use his power. In class Ruja was coming over when Kitsune discover there was a bug near him, with his fear of bugs he jump out his sit and began to flee, running righting into Ruja knocking him over. Both falling as he woke and see Ruja underneath him he jump back and Ruja was mad holding his mouth everyone was surprise and as Kitsune was agents the window surprise as Lars just enter, Kitsune’s ears and tail come out in his shock and surprise. Everyone was surprise and scared, he looks around and notices his ears and tail out, the thing was they were redder then normal. Blood red and the tip of his tail glow and look like blood was coming off the tail, but it wasn’t actual blood but his mana come out. Everyone scared he could scene it and he jumps on the table as he ran out the class room form table to table, like a fox on all fours, he ran off and didn’t come back. He doesn’t know why he ran off but something in him told him to run. He felt insulted. Back in the room miles said ‘so that the tail and ears of the red fox, what you know’

‘Don’t joke he could have kill us’ said a girl in the class and Ruja said ‘if he could he would have already, but he is the demon’.

As he ran, he left the village to the outside forest. He sat there with tears coming down as he wonder and he realize why Ruja call him a fox even though he never show his fox side, so why then he wonder why everyone got scared when they see his ears and tail. As he tail move to in fount of him he held it and look at the tip and wonder ‘what this, it not blood  maybe mana?’ he then heard noise he look around and one of the counsel member came out and he was the one who came before Lars as he look at Kitsune and ask ‘are you ok? You’re meant to be in school?’

‘Aren’t you scared or going to run like everyone else?’ he asked.

‘Why would I, even if you’re the red fox demon it not your fault right?’ he asked.

‘The red fox demon? I’m not that demon he was lock away mum told me’ said Kitsune.

‘sorry kid but she was right lock away inside a human, yourself, that why you were sent far away in that house, that why everyone scared, inside you the demon who kill many and destroy nations they never told you?’ said the man and he walk over as Kitsune thinking and then said ‘but mum told me my fox side were a power I had, unique, also the demon can’t be seal in a human for long since it too powerful’

‘true you have the seal mark on you and that pendant dose hold back the demon, when off he might get out, you know I though Lars would have told you, saying you need to be free, even when the counsel said to lock you away, I guess not look kid I wont lie you are the demon fox that why everyone scared, the people in the school knew, that why many avoid you’

‘They didn’t, not all of them, I’m not, mum told me she said this necklace was a gift so did Lars of our love’ said Kitsune hoping it to be fake.

‘What do you think love is? she never love you but feared, why do you think she died she couldn’t handle living with someone like you, I’m surprise she made it this far. Face it kid you’re a demon and no one want you, but I can help I know a way to remove that demon from you’ said the guy, Kitsune with tears down his face, now relies it make sense, he got in a fight because that kid wanted to beat him up because of what inside him, why everyone avoid him and why Ruja seen him as an enemy. Why he never see people in the village why Lars was so scared to see his fox side or his mother always check for the pendant and kept him lock inside. Kitsune accept his idea and wanted it out, he heard about the stories and couldn’t live with knowing he held the thing everyone hate and want dead. For him who likes his ears and tail yet now he knows it part of the demon and every time they were out made everyone think of the horrible demon that hurt their family and kill so many.

Back at the village Lars ran out look for Kitsune checking the house and even his old home he called his name and look, no one else wanting to find him, thinking it better for him to leave and never return, but he knew Kitsune was just a kid who knew nothing about anything and that he a sweet kid. He only knew him for two days but in that time he learn so much, that he a sweet kid who wouldn’t hurt anyone and just want to live life to the fullest and have fun, sure he messy and always brake stuff and never dose what he told but he tries his best and has a huge heart. He the first to find his fox half cool and as he though about it, his ears and tail were cute and not that scary, even when the tail change it was still ok. He had full control of his demon half. Lars didn’t want him to be alone or ever find out who he really is.

Looking he look found his trail as he found some red fur, calling the guardian dog who can find anything to help, the dog sniff out the fox; the dog was small yet was the best tracker.

In a cave which had a circle with strange writing that was around the circle and as Kitsune stood in the middle the man then said ‘now just stay there, it might hurt but once it over you will be a normal boy’

‘What going to happen to the fox?’ ask Kitsune.

‘be seal in that wall, unable to get out, you ready’ said the man and Kitsune nodded the man smiled an evil one and said some strange words and as he close his eyes and his palms push agents each other the mark on the floor glow and Kitsune felt a strange pain in his body as he started to scream and his tail glowed red and his ears, he soon held his head and bend down, he body felt like he was being rip apart, beginning to glow red and wind came as the cave shock. Lars soon arrives and he sent the dog to go get help saying someone taken the boy and trying to take it out. Running in the cave he shouted out ‘Kitsune!’

Kitsune didn’t look his eye watering and in great pain, he body couldn’t take it and he soon jumps in the air and got out the circle and smash agents the wall. As the wind stop Lars could see who it was, it was his partner Carlos.

‘What are you doing?’ ask Lars.

‘Doing what we should have done, take out the demon and place it into the wall that could hold it off forever’ he explains still with his evil grin.

‘While killing the child, we didn’t because the demon could brake out or someone could release it, it not safe in there, many thing could go wrong’ explain Lars.

‘So the child could die so what? Many want him dead now; he knows about the curse and was happy to give it up’

‘You told him, we agree to never tell him of who he was to save him the pain in knowing’ explain Lars.

‘you and the child, ever since his mother died you being treating him like a human being, everyone knows he a monster, even take it out he will still be known as the monster as he held that in him. Face it you want him gone too’ said Carlos.

‘he not a monster, just because someone place a demon in him doesn’t make him one, the time I known him he was great child and could even be a great guardian, maybe you should open your eyes to what he is and not what you think he is’ he said.

‘even so by the time they come you will be dead and I just I will blame it on the child this way everyone wins, he wont be a monster and you don’t have to watch the child be in pain’ he said and then caste a spell and sharp knifes came flying, Lars dodge them but they kept coming and as one almost hit him, Kitsune jump in front and stop it with his hand and then throw it away and as they seen him glowing red and had a second tail, it wasn’t a real tail like the other but an outline one made form mana. He look at him and more came and as the two dodge it, Kitsune was faster then before and able to tell where they were coming and uses his tail to knock the knife away soon Lars made a huge fire ball and throw it, the two had a full one fight with fire and knife as Kitsune dodge them and kept any knife away from Lars. He had full control over his new powers but it was fading fast. As help arrive and they ending the fight Kitsune’s tails faded before he was seen along with his ears, as they were sent to see the leader, who was a old man, he look at Lars and Kitsune and talk about his future Kitsune  knew what he was and they were wondering if they should kept him here. Many other village kept there demon child but kept them away from other, but should they kept him at school, Kitsune wanted to go to school but didn’t know if he was welcome they tried another day at school, and if the children accept him and the staff he can stay if not he would have to return to his house where he would leave alone and food would get deliver to him by Lars, it was that or lock away. Ether way he would be alone his future depend on his class mate who see his tail and ears. Lars told them that he knew about what he is and still getting use it the idea and that if anyone doesn’t want him here can speak up no one will judge them. As Kitsune enter the school and everyone look at him he walk up and older kids look at him like they wanted to bash him Kitsune scared he tried to hold back his ears and miles who was in crowd at the front said ‘so you’re a demon, who has ears and a tail, who can’t fight’

‘Right I have the red fox demon inside of me but I’m not it, it maybe a part of me but doesn’t mean I’m a killer even if I was I can’t even fight’ he explain

‘so what you saying is our demon is a useless little fox’ said a voice and Kitsune look and seen Ruja and he said annoyed’ I’m not useless and when I learn to fight you bet I will be better then you, but instead of killing I will became the best guardian and change the way people see me, I will became the best guardian even better then you snake’

‘I like to see that fox’ said Ruja and he left as Kitsune was annoyed and everyone seen to be alright with him. Later that day many more talk to him but still feared his powers. When ever his ears and tail came out everyone was on there guard and they normally only came out when he was arguing or fighting agents Ruja or a bug would come near him. As he slowly got use to the outside world and being around other, he was yet to fully understand what it means to be an demon child and what would happen to him in the near future. 

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