Demon Children

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - Lost in the Snow

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Submitted: May 12, 2013




As the day was coming to an end and everyone went to bed the three tired to figure out how to wake Kitsune and Ruja up so they won’t have to deal with another morning like today. As morning arrived trying their new ideas to wake them up as they got the two out of bed they keep them moving and making loud sound hoping to wake Ruja up who would hopefully keep Kitsune in line as his mood wasn't improving as they had to wake up earlier than normal. As Ruja woke up annoyed at them and as he seen Kitsune annoyed he didn't like the face he had and so he punch him and said ‘the only one who can be mad is me’

‘you jerk, if I had my fire spells I would burn you to a crisp for sure I can’t wait till were home revenge will be mine’ growled Kitsune as he woke up holding his nose in pain Miles said ‘so just punching kit wakes him up, we should try that tomorrow’

‘one no and two the rules are in place you can’t hurt me and to actually wake me up fully you can’t hold back and so the only one able to do so is the teachers or Ruja as if you did it, you will probably be lock away so don’t bother’ explain Kitsune walking forward trying to keep with Ruja

‘I forget ok new mission wake Ruja up and he will wake kit up’ said Miles as he kept moving forward leaving the other two confuse as they never heard about the rules or even know why they are set. Wanting to know why, they never could get a straight answer and no matter whom they ask they could never find it even the teacher wouldn't say. Feeling like they are left out Miles told them they don’t really need to know as it not going to change anything a Kitsune will always be Kitsune and nothing could change that. As breakfast finished and they got ready, they went on the buses and headed to the next destination.

Heading to the land of the snow the one place where it always snows and said where the demon of snow lives, the only creature even humans who could create and control snow. At the inn they got their gear and were getting fitted for the right gear while everyone was busy getting ready Kitsune asks ‘hay Ruja do you know why there no snow tail?’

‘How do I know, maybe they are too stupid to figure out it just frozen water’ explain Ruja annoyed

‘Don’t you like the snow Ruja? You seem more annoyed then normal and have a very thick coat on with many layers?’ ask Kitsune looking at Ruja as he tried to get warm as he stood near heater.

‘My clan doesn't do snow plus if you don’t realize my clan held form the dark nation which don’t deal with the cold’ growled Ruja

‘I guess but the even everyone is cold, I guess even fire nation people hate the snow maybe I because we’re use to warm weather, but as for me I feel warm but my hair dose feel heavy’ said Kitsune looking around as he held his hair. As Ruja look at his hair and grab some and said surprised ‘it thicker, you really are a fox growing winter fur’

‘What? it must be a demon thing I guess maybe that why I feel so warm but it doesn't feel like the demon doing it, do you want to borrow some demon warmth, as I can’t have you die as snake need warmth to survive’ explain Kitsune

‘why would I want help form a demon’ he growled and Kitsune grab his hands and then hug him everyone confused and shock as Ruja push him away and said ‘I told you I didn't want you help’

‘But don’t you feel warmer?’ ask Kitsune smiling

‘Yes but why are you helping me when you just said this morning you wanted me gone?’ said Ruja removing his extra jacket as he was getting to hot and moving away from the heater.

‘Then where the fun of doing it myself I want to enjoy taking it’ said Kitsune as Sakura came over and ask in panic ‘why were you two hugging? Is the cold frozen you brains?’

‘No I was giving my body heat to Ruja as you know snakes aren't able to warm their own bodies, what do you think we were doing?’ he explain confused

‘Never do that again, it wired’ she said

‘Hay did you know that this place never stop snowing?’ ask Henry excited

‘I read about that it say their a snow demon who live here that cause it to snow, making grass and flower unable to grow and the lake around here are frozen so no wild life lives here’ said Sakura remembering reading it somewhere

‘Do you think it might be a tail demon?’ ask Henry

‘I don’t think so as there only ten and none of them have snow abilities’ explain Millie walking over with Jarred

‘it could be one that no one knows as where ever it goes it snows so it remind here hiding away’ explain jarred

‘there no way it a tail, I mean he might be strong but there s only ten as the tail demons are rank by their tails and the strongest had ten unless it had no tail and the rumors state it does have a tail making it a normal demon’ explain Kitsune

‘You know a lot for someone who doesn't go to demonology’ said Sakura surprised

‘It common sense, if you pay attention in class you would know’ commented Ruja

‘I was wondering I heard that the red fox was living in the flower village due to it being the capital yet I never seen it so is it here?’ ask Harry

‘ Didn't it get killed?’ ask Millie

‘No remember the huge flash people said it was the red fox attacking the bear demon so it must be around plus I heard juilard people say it alive’ explain Jarred

‘It seal away, why would we let it run lose’ said Sakura

‘ Isn't it a demon child I heard they seal them within children?’ ask Jarred

‘Why do you care? It just some stupid demon, beside I’m sure the idiot in charge of it wont let it run loose’ said Ruja

‘that right but I wouldn't say he an idiot more misunderstood and has an thankless job one whom was chosen for him and never ask, but it better then on one, so who up for a day of snow and fall on our butts’ said Kitsune happy. As they left to hear the teacher explains what going to happen and split them in group so a teacher could teach them how to ski. The three were happy that they didn't figure out who the demon child was but Kitsune worried that they soon will discover who he is as they can’t keep hiding it for long and who know if Kitsune could keep his fox side a secrete. As the pieces they need keep appearing all the needed to do was put it together. As Ruja look at the worried face he didn't understand why Kitsune care so much about what would happen he knew they would and know the fate he has. As Sakura who didn't seem to notice as normal Kitsune push his worries away and enjoy the present and not worry about what is yet to come.

After spending their time learning how to ski without falling, Kitsune wanted to learn snowboarding along with Ruja as they found skiing annoying as hated holding the poles. While others didn't want to change as they found skiing already difficult. As they headed to the mountain so they could ski down and get away from the other groups whom found it fun to make Kitsune skiing experience miserable. Jarred and Henry compete with each other a lot while the other tired to enjoy Kitsune forgetting about snowboarding and was focus on the snow and started to play in the snow forgetting about everyone else. While Ruja who began to feel the cold again hung around Kitsune who was giving of heat around him making him like a moving heater. So Ruja remind close but not too close to give it away as he didn't want anyone to know what he was really doing. While Kitsune understood what he was doing and felt like just giving him some heat but knew doing that would cause more confusion and he can’t keep lying while he can’t say he using his demonic side.

‘Hay you two, are you going to join us or just be in your own world?’ ask Jarred

‘Come on Kitsune lets have a race’ said Henry fire up

‘Ok, but I don’t think I’m good at it, I keep falling over’ explain Kitsune putting the board on his feet

‘Hay Ruja let go down this path it a lot safer than the others’ called out Sakura. As they all got together Charlie asks annoyed ‘why did we bring her along?’

‘We had no choice we had to remind in our group, be grateful she came along or we would be still at the inn, luckily she love to ski’ explain Mille as Kitsune came other and said smiling ‘hay Brittany? I heard you’re good at snowboarding too, is there any tips’

‘Not for you demon, I’m going to go ahead so don’t talk to me ever’ she snarl as she left to get ready to go down the mountain. Kitsune not surprised while the other three look at her annoyed while Henry ask ‘what her deal?’

‘Don’t worry about it, I’m use to it, now let get down this mountain before we freeze to dead’ said Kitsune happy. As they all headed down the slope racing down some of them were moving slowly as they didn't want to fall over. Remanding in a group Kitsune stop as he look at the cloud and as Ruja notice and seen the cloud they both knew what was going to happen telling the other they need to hurry back. They all rush down but before they made it half way a blizzard appeared. As they headed to find shelter as it became too hard to even see. They found them self near surrounded by tree hiding behind a rock. Huddle together Miles said ‘they never said a blizzard was going to appear’

‘ Isn't it a bit strong for a blizzard, don’t they normally build up?’ ask Millie

‘You don’t think it that snow demon?’ ask Julia

‘If it is it because of that fox were in trouble’ growled Brittany

‘Blizzard appear without warning all the time’ growled Jarred

‘we need to get a single out of where we are’ said Charlie as the blizzard grew stronger it became harder to remind warm Kitsune feeling the cold come off their body as their warmth were leaving he started to spread his warmth it was only small so no one would notice but enough to keep them alive. As Kitsune sniff around trying to figure out if it was the snow demon that rumors to leave here or just a random blizzard while the others tried to figure out what to do. As Ruja look and seen a cave he told the other and as they slowly headed over trying to remind together. As they sat in the cave still cold, but now able to see where they are and away from the harsh snow.

 ‘What now? Were off track and it because of the idiot I knew I shouldn't have come with you’ growled Brittany

‘it not anyone fault  it just a blizzard they will notice were gone and search for us, but for now we need to remind warm, we have no mana and we can’t waste out energy on pointless argument’ growled Jarred

‘Who said you could boss us around’ growled Brittany

‘how are they going to find us, that snow is thick and no one fire is strong enough to fight it if it is the snow demon?’ ask Mille worried

‘We could set out a sign or a trail’ suggest Miles as everyone agree and fought as they began to argue about how to let everyone know they are here and how to get out. While Kitsune look outside and said ‘it is a normal blizzard but it also added with snow demons, they aren't strong but they don’t want us here’

‘So were in unwelcome territories, can you get us out?’ said Ruja calm as he found no point arguing.

‘I can’t, I can keep everyone warm but that it, if we had our mana we could make it’ explain Kitsune

‘great, and were trap with idiots, by the way it going we won’t last an hour and if we keep using your demonic mana the chance of you losing it will grow but we would last longer’ said Ruja trying to figure it out

‘don’t worry if anything I’m sending the warmth I’m getting to you guys so at to moment were all cold but warm enough to survive for an hour but least when we do die none of us have to be kill by the angry fox’ said Kitsune trying to make a joke

‘Tsk I rather not die so easy’ growled Ruja as they notice the two staring they wonder what they were talking about Miles called out ‘hay you two, have any idea or are you just look outs?’

‘just thinking of a way to stay alive that all’ said Kitsune as he look and notice an shadow he began to feel something wired, holding his stomach he growled and Ruja look and ask ‘are you ok?’ as Kitsune walk out into the snow he went on all fours and as the blizzard knock off his hat his ears and tails appear. Growling the others step back as Ruja unsure what going on told everyone to get as far away as they could as he finished a pure light came off Kitsune body that push Ruja back, as the light vanished all the snow around them melted and the blizzard ended. As they look out and see the grass growing and sun shining through. In a place that always snow and grass that never grew, grass appeared as Kitsune turn and his fox side vanish he grab his hat and walk over as he walk over to Ruja who was pass out he said ‘hay Ruja time to wake up, Ruja?’ as the other walk over and Miles bend down he said ‘he knock out that blast you made knock him out he fine but what just happen?’

‘I have no idea, I seen something then I felt sick then I seen Ruja out cold so what did happen?’ ask Kitsune confused.

‘You set off a huge light and melted the snow while stopping the blizzard I thought we couldn't use our mana?’ ask Henry freaking out as he didn't know what had happen

‘I don’t have mana, but we don’t have time we should get back before the snow come back plus Ruja is pass out’ said Kitsune as he look outside as they headed back, Kitsune still felt wired and begin to think someone was watching him. As they return they all explain what happen as everyone was unsure what did happen as Kitsune told them he didn't feel the fox do anything as it felt more like something else cause it. Telling them he seen a shadow they began to think that it could have been the snow demons that didn't want the fox in the land and tired to kill him but instead as Kitsune body grew cold the fox’s power came out in order warm him up. As many theory were said, they couldn't figure it out and Kitsune shown no sign of changing. Thinking it was just the fox’s power in effect in order to save itself. Just leaving it an unsolved mystery they left it unsolved while thankful nothing happen even though the group were annoyed as it could have been avoided if they were able to use their mana in the first place.

As it was forgotten they hope tomorrow would be less stressful while Kitsune hope he doesn't have to use his demonic side again as he wishes for one day to be a normal kid.

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