Demon Children

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Chapter 15 (v.1) - Shops, Dances and Demons

Submitted: September 20, 2013

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Submitted: September 20, 2013



As the next day arrived it was their time for freedom as they were allowed to shop in a huge mall which they never could have imaged. With all types of shops and theaters they couldn’t holding their joy in while no one could wait until the night when the big party is held and everyone can enjoy a huge dance with the whole year something they haven’t had in years. As the groups split as you could travel with anyone expect poor Kitsune who has to ether travel with a guardian or have on of his fellow student watch over him. Lucky for him he had some good friends so he didn’t have to hang around guardians who hate him since Kaduna didn’t want to go shopping or anything so being around him wasn’t the best idea. Traveling with Jarred and Harry Kitsune smiled away enjoying his time with them. As Miles joined at times watching over Kitsune along with other guardians making sure he didn't revile his demonic side. As Jarred watch Kitsune moves trying to pick up what is different about him. He seems normal and nothing was odd but as notice the pendent Jarred wonder why he is always wearing it, he never seen him separated from it even for a second. Normally people take them off during bath or going to bed as it would be annoying since it was on a long chain. Yet he kept it on as Jarred turn to the two as they ate some ice cream and ask ‘hay kit why do you always wear that pendent? Doesn’t it get annoying?’

‘simple my mother gave it to me, it the last thing I have of her so I thought that if I have it with me then mother will always be by my side, plus I use to always wear it as a little kid so I’m use to it, it actually feel wired without it’ explain Kitsune

‘it odd looking as I never seen something like this before it like it has something living in it’ said harry looking at it as the pendent glow and little sparking dots glow as it swims around the red inside.

‘yeah it one of a kind I think she put some mana in it or something for protection, ether way I love it and never going to be without it’ he explain as he lick his ice cream as he look and seen Ruja walking around alone, surprised Kitsune called out ‘Ruja wait up?’ as he rush over the two look and follow him as Ruja turn and seen Kitsune he look annoyed but stop anyway and ask ‘what do you want?’

‘Where is your group? Before I seen you with tons of girls what happen did you get lost?’ ask Kitsune looking around for the group of girls who were with him

‘I ditch them they were going on my last nerves’

‘That means, do you want to hang with us it more fun to travel with a group’

‘I rather no spend any more time with you losers then needed plus do you have any idea what being an enemy is? They don’t hang at the mall together’

‘Right this is a problem’

‘Just continue to be with the others and leave me be’

‘but that would be lonely wouldn’t it, no one like being alone even if you’re my enemy or someone I wish to kill I wouldn’t want them to be alone so this won’t do, let go to the movies we can sit a bit away but least you’re not alone, right guys?’

‘I don’t mind but what movie?’ ask harry

‘There an horror movie or action’ said jarred

‘Let do horror I never get to watch horror movies let go’ said Kitsune full of joy as he rush forward only to turn and drag Ruja who was about to walk away. Ruja gave up as he didn’t feel bother to argue with him at this point in time and at least he could have some quite time and not worry about hiding from his crazy fans.

As the boys watch the movies the girls shop, seeing so many styles they had never seen before and so many jewelry they never thought possible. Julia and Charlie wish they could have look around with Ruja but knew it was be impossible to find him in this big place and they felt putting some distance between them after learning about Ruja true feelings about them. As everyone enjoy their time out of relaxing and watching movies. Trying to enjoy their time before heading home where they will work and train once more.

‘That was so scary what you think?’ ask Kitsune

‘Not really you could tell what was going to happen’ explain Jarred

‘It was funny watching them scream and fall over, they always do something stupid’ said harry.

‘Hay other screams so I’m not the only one who was scared’ complain Kitsune

‘Face it kit you’re an scared cat, you probably run if you seen a demon’ said harry as he laugh

‘I’m not a scared cat, plus I seen demons all the time, as they do live in the forest outside of our village’ said Kitsune as he looks at the two serious

‘what you think Ruja?’ ask jarred as he said nothing and kept walking Kitsune said ‘if you want him to answer you, you have to get close so he has no choice but to reply watch this; as he walk over he stood close to him and said with an happy and positive voice ‘Ruja what you think of the movie?’ ignoring him Kitsune grab his arm and started to pull his shirt and kept asking him so Ruja turn and said ‘shut it and it wasn’t scary your just a wimp’

‘was that so hard, see if you want an answer keep going one day he will give up and answer all the time’ said Kitsune as Ruja push Kitsune away and said ‘stop telling people nonsense if they act like you I treat them as such and they wish they never met me’

‘That is harsh Ruja do you even want any friends?’ ask harry surprised at his response

‘Nope I’m fine being alone’

‘Just leave the kid alone, Kitsune do you even understand what it means to hate someone?’ ask jarred

‘Of cause but this is an holiday so until we return we put our that behind us, why else do you think we made it without fighting?’ explain Kitsune

‘You don’t have any mana so how can you two fight?’ ask harry

‘You can fight without any mana’ said Ruja

‘True but Kitsune can’t fight’ said Jarred

‘I can to fight just because I’m not as skill as others I can still fight’ growled Kitsune

‘Right, so who looking forward to the dance?’ ask jarred

‘I can’t wait there going to be dancing and sweets I can show off my mad skills’ said harry excited

‘I can’t wait hay Ruja you have a date? I heard some are taking a date’ ask Kitsune

‘No’ said Ruja straight away

‘Really I thought mister popular would have one, but I guess not what about you two?’ ask Kitsune

‘No, I just want to enjoy it and not worry about someone else’ said harry

‘There no one I want to go with what about you kit?’ ask jarred

‘Me? Am nope I’m happy I get to go to such a fun event’ said Kitsune as he panic he never asked nor does anyone would go anywhere with him. He kept forgetting that the two don’t know at times and lets his guard down so when they ask such question he freak out. Ruja look and notice that Jarred is catching on and will soon figure it out as he not someone you can hard thing from for long. While Harry knew something was up but didn’t see it as anything bad. He wasn’t worry about them finding out he just wonder what would happen if they do. As Kitsune grew older the demon grew stronger and anything could set it off and no one was ready to have the fox demon out just yet.


As the day reaches an end and the night just began everyone enjoy the party and their final night away from home. As Kitsune remind in the watchful eyes of the guardians he tried to stay away from other as he didn’t want people to freak out. Most avoid him or ignore him so he was push a lot but he just ignore it and tried to enjoy it as best he could. When he found Ruja leaning on the wall, like normal being a wall flower rejecting everyone and yet many refuse to give up, not getting the hint that Ruja rather be anywhere but here. He not a party person and actually hate parties and if can avoid them like a plague. As Kitsune walk over and ask ‘why aren’t you dancing?’

‘I hate dancing’

‘I want to dance but people aren’t making it easy’ explain Kitsune as his smile. he was the opposite of Ruja he love parties and love to dance but due to being a demon child he normally not invited and when he is people don’t talk or let him do anything he just stand around and watches.

‘Hay Ruja I think you should dance or better yet a dance off, I always wanted to know if you can even dance’ said Kitsune excited about his new idea

‘I can I just hate it, and why should I dance let alone with you?’ he asked

‘it an dance off who ever the loser has to buy the meals for the winner for a week this way I can see your horrible dancing and actually for the first time see you pay for something’ said Kitsune as he smile with joy

‘So how are you even going to actually dance if no one will even let you on the floor?’ ask Ruja

‘simple I’m a demon child just do a simple growl and people back away I could clear a room or even make the town seem empty if I want to’ explain Kitsune

‘You are one strange kid’ said Ruja giving up. He knew Kitsune wasn’t going to give up as all he wanted to do was dance but was scared to dance alone. Ruja gave in and though least this way he get a week of free meals and it will get Kitsune of his back for the rest of the night. Plus he misses beating Kitsune and making him feels useless and disappointed. He still hated the feeling of losing to him in horse riding he had to get the edge back and beat him.

As the new song started of an upbeat song the two started surprising to many they both could actually dance even if they rarely dance. As people back away and watch unsure why they are even dancing them all just began to cheer. They miss the two fighting and competitions and seeing it happening again made it seem more like home. Watching the two, Harry cheered for Kitsune as he wanted someone to beat Ruja at something. Using everything they knew about dancing while trying to dance with the music. It was difficult for them as they have no idea how to really dance only that it involve moving the body you couldn’t tell they actually were just guessing as they way they move it was like they were pros. In the end Ruja won but Kitsune didn’t seem as upset as he normally would in losing agent him but was happy to get to dance even once. He felt like a normal kid. Ruja look and seen everyone watching and cheering from him and some even approach him. Annoyed he slowly snuck away without any of them noticing hoping to hide away once again. Kitsune rush over to harry and Jarred who said he should have won and they were actually surprise they could dance so well. As the party continue and everyone enjoy the night Kitsune walk around looking for something new to do, that didn’t involve others as he felt he didn’t have to dance anymore that once was enough. While walking he started to fell strange as he felt like something in him was moving confused. He though it was hunger and look for food. Even eating solves nothing. Wondering if he sick he started to feel strange as he want to find a guardian he ran into Julia and the others who were surprised to see him and miles ask worried ‘kit why is your  ears and tail out?’ as he touch his head and felt his ears and seeing his tail moving in the wind. He began to freak out as he looks at his hands and notice his nails slowly turning into claws he started to freak. Wondering why they rush to Kaduna in hope he would know as he look and started to worry as this shouldn’t happen even with the hat it didn’t seem to stop his tail form trun an even darker red or getting rid of his claws, was it time for the fox to brake free. As Kitsune felt his chest and said surprised and scared ‘my pendant it gone, the fox is trying to get out’

‘What? Did the chain brake maybe when you where dancing?’ ask Charlie

‘No I don’t know but I never notice it come off’ cried Kitsune worried as he felt a sudden pain he held his side and started to breathe havey it felt like he was being attacked form the inside as the fox move trying to break out of his human shell.

‘go and try and find it quick I will tell the others and we will try and get him out of here and somehow keep the demon at by go’ commanded Kaduna and he pull Kitsune away from the party. Telling the others, some guardians remind behind watching Kitsune while the other search. Furious at what had happen and wish they never brought him. Kitsune felt tears fall and tried to hold back the intense power and remind in control.

As the others look around trying not to let anyone figure out what going on worried that everyone would freak out and causing panic and word will spread of the demon fox on the loose. While Kaduna look trying to figure out how it was remove. It couldn’t’ just fall off just by dancing as Kitsune always fights and dose even worst thing and it reminds, the only reason if someone had remove it but to do that without him noticing is even harder to understand. Maybe when people walk pass and push into him. No matter how hard he tried to understand what he needed to know was where it had gone.  

Outside Kitsune started to lose it as the pain was too intense that he couldn’t control what he was doing he just wanted it to stop. As he scream and his eyes change to blood red, the guardians tried to hold him back with spells but Kitsune would only fight back in time they just had to leave him be hoping they find it in time as they watch him in pain fighting for his life as his body slowly started to change into a fox.

Inside Ruja notice a group of teens at the front of the building, he felt something was up but wasn’t bother to deal with it as he continue to walk he overheard them saying the words of kit and pendent looking he seen a glow and notice it was Kitsune’s pendent and knew straight away the danger that will happen if it remind away from it owner. Walking over the others seen him and he said ‘that not yours’

‘And it just that stupid fox’s necklace who cares’ said one of them Ruja knew they had no idea what the pendent means but felt piss off at how they risk everyone life just out of spite. As he let out all his penned up frustration out on the teens, who had no chance of fighting back or even getting away. He stole the pendent back and rushes off to find Kitsune before he turns into the fox demon.

As Kitsune scream his skin began to turn red, as Mille heard the scream rushes over and seen Kitsune changing as she scream in fear jarred and harry rush over and ask what was going on, only to see an red skin demon at first they had no idea who it was until they seen his face and knew it was Kitsune. Scared they back away and as the guardians tried to seal the demon back in Kitsune stomp on the ground and a fire wall appear pushing them back as he look at the three and roar in pain calling for help.

‘Is that Kitsune? That mean he the demon child’ ask Harry confused and scared they never felt so scared. This person they been with was a demon child, in their mind they had question to way they let him roam, why lie and why didn’t anyone tell them. As Kitsune look at them and his hair turning red he was about to release an powerful blast of power when Ruja jump in and shouted ‘hay fox I got something of yours’ as he show the pendent Kitsune wanted to rush over but the pain was too painful for him to concentrate so his body move on it on and want to attack Ruja. As he doge and use everything he learn to not get hit as the fox’s mana were coming off the skin burning anything it touches.

‘Kit stop moving’ growled Ruja tired of it he decides to break the rules and use his mana shocking Kitsune and trapping him in a thunder net. As he quickly put it on the net broke and Ruja was hit by Kitsune’s claw and slash across the chest. As he fell and felt the heat and sting he collapse on the ground and held his chest as Kitsune screaming in pain as the power and fox were force back into him. As he return to normal he fell on the ground with tears coming down his face. His body burn and cover in blood as his breathing was heavy he cough up blood and collapse. You could see the marks on his body from the attack he went under. He looks close to be dying his body was too weak to do anything as the pendent glowed trying keep the fox inside. As Kitsune look and seen Ruja injured he force himself up and said a spell as he touch Ruja’s arm he began to heal Ruja wounds as he finish he said ‘sorry’ as he move back and vomited, his whole body went under a sudden change so it felt like he had broken everything in his body. He wanted to sleep but the pain wouldn’t let him so he tried to stay awake and act as if he was fine but in truth he should be dead due to what his body underwent but since he grew with the demon he able to survive in situation normal people would die in. As Kitsune seen the other three he wanted to walk over but stop. As Ruja look at him and seen how upset he growled ‘hay keep an better eye on that thing idiot’

‘sorry, and thank I think I need to have an shower’ said Kitsune as he stood up you could see some of his burns and wounds starting to heal as everything inside had heal and return to normal, so he could start to heal on the outside. As the guardians grab Kitsune and took him away Ruja told them what had happen and that it not all Kitsune fault. Telling them that they should have been told to never take things of him blaming them for what had happen.

As everyone was gather in one place the guardians went off at them all telling them off and those how comment the crime were punished and later have to be dealt with back home. Everyone surprised and scared they hate for Kitsune grew and blame him instead of those who committed the crime. As mille, Jarred and harry now know why he hated and rejected and has to be watch, as they confronted the others they told them why they said nothing after that no one seen Kitsune and the rest of the trip was silent as everyone was too scared to speak. The trip that once was fun now ended in fear as with just the lost of the pendent and the demon could easily escape. One thing is keeping them safe and Kitsune alive. The horror in which they seen couldn’t be erase they couldn’t see Kitsune as an kind and loving boy anymore but a monster, the image of that boy cover in red with glowing eyes and long claws who could knock out a group of guardian with just one stomp. The happy days have come to an end and now Kitsune life will change as now it will spread that the demon broke loose and harm many top guardians the student now fear him more than ever and this could be the end of Kitsune’s freedom and his school life and he could start his new life in a cage isolated from the world and to live in the darkness.

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